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  1. in 2002 we moved into a converted flat (3 flats in a house) on the top floor. we stayed there until 2012 then we moved to a 3 bedroom house. to our shock we got a water bill yesterday for 400 quid sent to our new house,for our old flat. now we have never paid water in the old flat and never were told to pay water by anyone. neither the landlord or the water company. we were under the impression it was included in the rent as no one asked us to pay it. i rang the water company and they said that the landlord never told the water company the flat existed until 2008. then when we left in 2012 they told them who used to occupy it. now surely something funny going on here? i wasnt asked to pay water bills in 10 years and all of a sudden when i leave im told to pay 400 quid a year later? i need to know my rights here please because something isn't right. if i was asked to pay the water bill from 2002 till 2012 then i would have done. but no one ever did. im totally confused here as it seems something dodgy is going on. any help appreciated please.
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