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  1. Thanks Brig, I will send the letter in the next couple of days. Is it right not to sign the letter at the end?
  2. Thanks Brig, I haven't applied to anyone for credit in over 15 years! All utility bills are handled by my partner and are in her name only and have been before I even met her. I have no credit cards or any kind of credit arrangements with anyone. So I still don't understand where they would have obtained my permission! What can I do about this? More importantly, regarding current situation with CCS Collect, would you advise sitting tight or sending the letter? Thanks.
  3. I just researched the GB Group and it appears they are a very sophisticated tracing company which has developed a comprehensive digital format for clients wishing to do a trace on anybody! BIG BROTHER has most certainly arrived! Now that they done a trace on me on behalf of CCS Collect/Aktiv Kapital and have established only that I have nothing on my credit file etc what can they do now? They have obviously been looking for me regarding old debts, which happened more than 12 years ago, can they resurrect these old debts now? Can they raise Court orders CCJ's etc?
  4. Yes it would. Do they need authority to do this? I thought any company could do a credit search on you without permission from anyone?
  5. Is this usual practice Brig? And does it give CCS collect any more of an advantage to put pressure on me?
  6. Hi CitezenB, No, I didn't make any contact with them, I thought I would wait and see what came next, but it did take them 3 weeks or more before they sent this recent letter!
  7. Thanks Brig, Before I send anything to them, I thought I would check my Credit report once again using " Checkmyfile " and it was clear. The only thing that showed was 2 searches: 1. By Gb Group Plc ( ID ) ( Allen Leslie Associates Ltd ) on 5th December 2013 as an Enquiry through Call Credit. 2. Misc on 10th April 2013 as an Audit through EQ I don't know who Gb group are! But they obviously found nothing as far as I can see! I still feel reluctant having any contact with CCS Collect unless I really have to! Based on my clean credit report, should I sit tight and see what develops
  8. Hi All, I received a letter from CCS Collect today after not hearing anything from them in 3 weeks or more! They say in the letter " Failure to respond letter " That their client Aktiv Kapital AS Zug Branch, has advised them that they are unaware of any reason why this debt has remained unpaid. CCS have been instructed to take further action if the matter cannot be resolved amicably. What should I do? Should I continue to ignore them or should I send the Statute Barred letter? Thanks
  9. It's been two weeks since CCS first contacted me by letter! I haven't heard any more from them so far! Should I be happy or worried about it?
  10. Yeah I thought it wouldn't be a problem, its never been a problem with anything before. I've had this card from my bank for years. I tried the site again and it gave me the same message again! So I don't know what the problem is! I am a registered voter to my address so that shouldn't be the problem.
  11. Thanks again Brig. A couple of things relating to your draft, CCS don't refer to any value of debt or anyone they are representing in their letter to me! Also I went on to Noddle and tried to register but they said they couldn't verify who I was. I gave the correct address, and time living here, although they asked for a credit card number which I don't have. but I have a Visa Debit card from my bank which I used, could that be the problem....Debit instead of credit card? They only gave two selections to choose from....Visa/Mastercard
  12. Thanks Brig, you have been a great help. So I get on the call credit site and find their Noddle credit rating file and have a look, I guess. Should I stick to just referring to my current address where I have been living the last 14 years?
  13. Is it possible they could be chasing on behalf of the CSA which I had contact with about 15 years ago? I've never heard anything form the CSA since I've been living here, even though I have had to claim Jobseekers allowance ( contribution based ) a couple of times for short periods. My kids have all grown up now and my youngest is 33. During the years where I was Separated/Divorced from my wife I was paying her direct every month, an amount we both agreed on. But the CSA wanted to get involved against our wishes, but I left the property before they made any financial decision that I was aware
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