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    Argos letter

    Send them a copy of the letter from DWP stating you are getting SSP and do not send cheques but send a postal order each month by recorded delivery and keep the PO stub with all details to prove you have kept faith and paid the minimum you promised.
  2. You can specify how far back you are willing to allow them your medical records, simply specify it on the forms and keep a photocopy and then put it in writing to your doctor.
  3. Do not stop paying anything, send each one as much as you can afford as a token payment then if you apply for bankrupcy you have broken no laws.
  4. fondaroc3

    Argos default

    I was granted a DRO in 2010 although four or five companies i owed money to have marked my credit file as settled, Argos continues to record my account as in default even though the courts have said that this should not be done if the debt is considered to be unrecoverable (which it is). Should this default be removed. Also as a help to the many people on here struggling with debt and credit ratings, 'Noddle' will supply you with a monthly credit report free of charge if you register with them. Hope this helps some of you, good luck to all.
  5. Several hundred years ago we were ruled by one man who called himself KING and he took whatever he wanted from the serfs. Now we are ruled by over six hundred people who think they are kings and can take anything they want as they still see the rest of us as serfs, they are elected to serve us not the other way round but when do they ever serve us. MP's with their expenses and continual fiddling and lying are the biggest parasites in the country.
  6. Rubbish people travel all over the world and spend a fortune to look at ruins.
  7. Make a reasonable offer of repayment, if they accept and she keeps to the agreement it is unlikely they will prosecute, as she is already in financial difficulty there would be no point in adding to it it would just be more difficult for them to get their money back, which after all is what they want.
  8. They may also have found a private pension that you started years ago and forgot about after moving on to another job.
  9. I thin k you will find that the 3 and four refer to your credit rating which goes 1 to 5. the more you miss the greater your score.
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