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  1. Not yet. My hearing is in two weeks. What was the deficiency in the PCN. Thank you
  2. Thank you. Do i have a chance of getting my pcn cancelled, if people have won there appeals through Patas. This is my first time and am not entirely sure what my changes of success are
  3. I have just got a pcn for driving on Hawtrey Avenue. Could someone please help me. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know another way to post a link to Dropbox for the pictures/pcn. It's saying i need to post stuff 8 more times before i can add links
  5. Hey guys, new to the forum, so hopefully posted in the right place. Was driving down early morning on 23 Jan and got a PCN from Ealing Council for driving down a road between 8-9. 52JM Failing to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle (motor vehicles) I looked on google maps and the signs are not clearly visible until you approach the road. Plus no warnings before the turning. I also found these two Patas appeals by looking online 2130323895 & 2130110351 Hope you guys can help.
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