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  1. Hi there. Thanks for your reply. I checked - the date of the CCJ starts from January 2012. But I moved to the Netherlands in December 2011 - I think that a CCJ can't be issued to a non-UK resident, is that right?
  2. Hi everyone, I have been living in the Netherlands since December 2011. I recently accepted a new job here, with a financial services auditing company. The company has global reach but my role will be based here in Netherlands. My credit here is perfect as far as I know - I have credit cards and mobile phone and an overdraft, and always pay / have paid on time. I also now have a mortgage. But I think I have o/s defaults and CCJs in UK that I have not yet got around to paying - I mean to pay them when I am settled and more secure. I know my employer has to conduct a background check on me. What I'm worried about is... can they conduct a Netherlands and a UK credit check? I am worried that if they do conduct a UK check, I may be adversely affected, and my offer withdrawn, due to the CCJ/ defaults, even though I have been an exemplary credit payer here. I'm from Ireland originally but lived for a long time in Shrewsbury where I think the CCJ/ default are registered. I'd love to know the rules around global credit checks and the likelihood of them being conducted, if anyone knows? Thanks SO much in advance - this forum has been so useful for browsing in the past, and I hope to be able to reciprocate the help to people in time. Thanks DC78
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