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  1. I have just checked what forms I have filled in and cannot find a copy of a N1. I have filled in a, N9, N009, N180, N9B and N24.
  2. no, Before district judge Woodhead sitting at 'local court'. (court address given but for security I have left out) Of the courts own motion.
  3. The case is between myself and Santander. I am arguing that. My original credit agreement was not with Santander and that I have not been issued a new one. This was both of my defences. I have requested a CPR 31.14 Request, on the 24th October 2013 (faxed and confirmed) to Howard Cohen and Lewis debt recovery to which Howard Cohen has responded on the 1st of November, received on the 2nd of November. Unfortunately neither parties have given me the information I require to make my defence within the 14 days deadline. Due to my 28 days allowed to file my defence. I do so without the full evidence. So therefore have no defence to rely on. However this information was requested from Santander prior to this being passed down the line. On the 20th of February 2013. They have also failed to provide me with the proof of debt. Therefore I believe this should not have been passed on without sufficient evidence. I also believe there is a clear breach of data protection. Having now received only part of the requested documentation I am amending my defence. The CCA received clearly shows an agreement between GE Money and Mrs Gardner, however contrary to the agreements own terms it is not signed by a rep of GE Money nor is dated for the agreement to start as clearly laid down. The solicitor as brought to my attention that Santander took over GE Money in 2009, but no new agreement has been signed nor applied. They continued to take payments under the direct debit that was not re-issued nor was I informed that Santander had taken over the company. They changed interest rates and are no longer trading under 'ASDA' Credit cards. So on four counts have breached the agreement and are no longer providing the service I signed up to dating back to 2004. I must bring to the courts attention the signature on the 'Claimants' form, as not signed correctly under the CPR Practice Direction 22 as I am lead to believe it should be a person. I also take it the acting solicitor is employed by Santander under the solicitor’s code of practice. I can only provide part evidence as the requested documentation has still not been provided but I believe I have retained.
  4. Hi mjt, thank you for explaining it for me. There was no mention of 'set aside' or vary the order. The exact wording is: IT IS ORDERED THAT The defence discloses no reasonable grounds for defending the claim and is struck out. Judgement for the claimant in the sum of £-- plus £50.00 costs and court fees of £30.00 plus the directions questionnaire fee of £40.00. Why I am being charged for a questionnaire. I have filed a counterclaim, which has cost me £95.00 as well.
  5. I have a small claim logged in court. But I have just had a response back from the judge saying, 'The defence discloses no reasonable grounds for defending the claim and is struck out.' Is this the judge basically saying you have given a crap defence so get on and pay up? I have submitted a counterclaim but nothing has been acknowledge about this.
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