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  1. I paid for a TV license for many years by direct debit without actually ever watching TV. There was a short period when my ex lived here where she occasionally watched TV, but that was that. Haven't required a TV license for over 12 months, I cancelled my direct debit and wrote to the Licensing dept telling them I no longer required a license and would they refund me. N They refused to refund me without me giving them one of their reasons for cancelling (no longer needing one was not on the list). in the end I gave up - I think it was only a matter of £20 or so anyway i had to claim. Now I get a letter from them threatening a visit from an enforcement officer who can apply to court for a search warrant!! On what grounds can a search warrant be issued? The mere fact that I no longer pay for a TV License? If an "inspector" turns up, can I simply tell him to [removed] as I already told BBC Licensing I no longer need a license? Is the onus on me to PROVE i don't need a license? Or is this simply bully tactics?
  2. The package was the basic TV, phone and broadband. It was installed by Sky - I have the order sheet. Viewing Card?? I presume the thing that is put in the SKy Box? The engineer must have put that in for her, because I know my mum wouldn't have. As for "how to request a paper statement" - as I said at no point was it explained to my mother that she wouldn't get them (bear in mind here that she is 70 years of age). She asked for and was told that the installation of all services was FOC. Do you think an elderly woman would order a broadband service she'd have to install herself? Regardless, the issue with the non-installation of the broadband service is immaterial here - as is the non-connection of the Sky TV Box to the phone line which would have enabled her to access her bills through the TV. The main thing is that she agreed one price, a different one has been charged and afaik there is no time period within which a complaint for this must be lodged (in law). That Sky insist that it is too late now for her to reclaim any money is frankly insulting. I've emailed jeremy darroch with details of this complaint, giving them 8 weeks to deal, otherwise I'll take it to the Ombudsman - hoping no need for court here, assuming the Ombudsman Service is actually impartial.
  3. So my 72 year old mother orders a Sky package. She signs a contract stipulating 25.50 for the first 6 months and 35.50 thereafter. The installation occurred in May 2012 - the installer doesn't connect the TV to the phone line, telling my mother to do this herself. He doesn't check the broadband works, leaving her with the box and telling her to plug it in herself. In fact it was a further 8 months before we had a working broadband connection.... and despite failing to test or connect this service, my mum was charged for it and told that it would be £75 if she wanted one that actually worked. lol Anyway - that's not the real crime here. The initial amount of 25.50 was collected for the first 5 months - then the charge was raised to 43.50/month instead of 35.50/month. Furthermore, no mention at any time was made of the fact that to view her bills she'd need to use the TV (which she couldn't because it had never been connected) or use the internet, which she didn't have the technical skills to do at the time, leaving her unable to easily query the amount going out of her account. Sky are now refusing to refund or even contemplate refunding the excess charged because no complaint was lodged in the first 12 months. Has anybody had any success in small claims court against Sky in this kind of scenario?
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