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  1. Update on this ancient thread. A week after the SB date passed (end of April 2017), they wrote to me closing the account.
  2. I sent the prove it letter and they came back with quiet a strange response. They gave me the details of when the account was opened and close A list of transactions And the following statement: "Due to the time that has passed since this account came to Lowell in 2012, we are unable to request any documentation and would recommend contacting Vanquis directly should you require any additional information" And that they will cease any further collections for 30 days.
  3. Yes that is correct, but that long ago i had no idea of anything like that. Prior to that i was with a debt management company that was charging me 25%, once again i had no idea whatsoever. I ceased payments around April 09 and it was defaulted in September 09.
  4. I'm feeling the prove it letter is most applicable as no payment was ever made IIRC.
  5. I will expect a letter from them tomorrow as they now seem to come every 2 weeks. The credit application they sent, was for a loan that i've settled many years ago. Do i let them know this? I wrote to them in 2014 and let them know that the paperwork they sent had no relevance. They went quiet for 18 months til now.
  6. I ignored one CC with Lowells and i ended up with a claim pack. The CC didn't even have one payment made to it IIRC. I had planned to ignore it til the letters started getting a bit more serious, but figured you guys have more experience and would know better than me
  7. Think this is the 4th letter that they've sent me. So i shouldn't ignore it no further, but CCA them?
  8. I updated my new address on my credit file a few weeks back. A week or so later i receive a letter from Cabot chasing an old Egg CC that ive not heard from, and not paid since mid 2009. Does the credit file update that fast? I forgot to reply and they sent another letter a week later. Ive fired off the SB letter as i'm virtually 100% sure no money was ever paid to it again. I stopped paying it as Payplan said that i should stop paying it whilst i was with them as "you can't pay one credit card and not others". Surely thats not true? Payplan wanted £80 a month minimum and theres no way i could of afforded that. Just keeping you informed to what they come back with
  9. Ive been having Lowell send me letters a week before xmas 2015 and they've been coming in every 2 weeks now on the dot. They are for a credit card i took out with Vanquis back in 2011. Circumstances changed and i couldn't pay it. Hey ho, i shouldn't of took it out in the first place. Younger and stupider me strikes again. I'm not in a position to pay it back and Lowell are chasing me for 3 other debts (have threads for these). The letters just consist of: we want to help you, and i recall a discount being offered a few weeks back. What to do? Ignore or respond?
  10. I had several loans with them over the years (all repaid) however the final loan i couldn't repay due to loss of job. Each of the the loans were the same account numbers as the current account plus 2 extra numbers.
  11. The address on my actual credit file is out of date from when i opened the Noddle account. The address that showed on the Halifax debt is about 4 addresses ago. But Halifax themselves wrote to me stating they'd sold the debt to Lowells. Last Payment was made in May.
  12. Thats correct. The statements they sent match the account number they want the money for, inc the 2 extra digits. The credit agreement they sent however, the 2 extra numbers are different.
  13. Its passed the anniversary of the default do its no longer on my credit file. I printed off my entire credit file before the defaults started to drop off last year. But no, the address isn't registered a my new address. But both Lowell and Halifax know where i am as they both started writing to me 2/3 weeks ago.
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