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  1. I recently purchased a memory card for a samsung galaxy s4. When the card arrived I put it in my phone and tried taking some photos to see if they would save to it. They wouldnt save to it, so I emailed the business that I bought it off and they stated I needed to format the card first via a laptop or computer. I formatted the card and popped it back into my phone and the card was letting me save pictures to it. So I then moved all my 800 personal and family photos and videos to it as my device memory was full. I then had all of the pictures and videos on the memory so I looked through them to make sure they were all there. And I had lost about 500 of them as they wouldn't show up. I was relieved that I still had some but That's not the point I did everything the seller instructed me to do, and all them photos and videos I will never be able to get back again. Ive emailed the seller and they just apologise and say I wont be able to get the pictures back. Is there anything else I can do?
  2. Didn't sign any documents. Did it on a computer and just ticked a box stating that I agree to terms and conditions.
  3. I was thinking of asking them to accept payment for the first months membership and thats it. But should I have to even pay that as I didnt sign anything or enter a legal binding contract.
  4. So I may as well just pay the one month membership and the admin fee as it works out about the same as 2 months membership
  5. What do I do now then just forget about it and leave it for the costs to build up and it gets passed to a collection agency? I just don't know what to do and can't be bothered with hassle
  6. We're can I get that advice from? And what shall I do now then?
  7. They state on letter that a cheque must reach them by no later than tomorrow. So does this mean latest I can make a payment is tomorrow? And shall I make payment.
  8. Just wondering we're we stand. Do we just pay to save any hassle?
  9. Me and my partner joined I-motion gym on the 4th January 2014. On a non contract rolling month by month membership. We went to the gym a couple of times and decided it wasn't for us so we cancelled befor our 1st direct debit came out which was due on the 19th January 2014. On the 25th we received a letter each which reads... Your bank has advised us that your final instalment has been returned unpaid "instruction cancelled". We have therefore added a £25 administration charge which means there is a balance due of £62.98. To bring your agreement to an end call the Harland's helpline immediately on 08712502423 as we can collect the £62.98 by debit/credit card please ensure you have your card details to hand. Alternatively you may send in a cheque which must reach us by no later than 28 jan 2014 to ensure that no further administration charges are incurred. We have assumed that you do not wish to renew your membership. If this is not the case and you do want to retain your membership at I-motion gym please discuss this with one of our customer services team when you call to make payment. Yours sincerely Harland's Just wanting abit of advice were do we stand as I don't want to incur more charges or get bad credit. Thanks
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