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  1. Hi All, just found a reply in my Spam Folder from the DVLA Customer Complaints Resolution team advising the following: I am sorry that you had to write to us about this matter. Having reviewed the details of your case, based on the available information, I have exceptionally closed the enforcement case against you, and you will hear no more about the matter. So common sense won in the end (once I got to someone with some!), thanks to everyone for your help with this - im very grateful for all your time and effort
  2. Hi, I just checked out the complaints procedure on the DVLA website and sent a complaint off, i kept it simple and pointed out the facts I feel are relevant without any reference to the interpretation act etc, it says they can take two weeks to reply! That puts me past the date they have requested payment by so hopefully they turn it around quickly (doubt they will as im sure they must be swamped ). I have kept a full copy of the text i filled in on their online form and screenshots etc too - as pointed out before I should keep copies of everything for my own records. If that doesnt change t
  3. Thanks for the further comments guys, i have definitely had no tax reminder since i sold the bike and I would have expected one whether the bike was taxed or untaxed when I sold it as if the DVLA have had me as the recorded keeper all this time then they have had a contactable address for me and not used it - this may suggest they did receive the green slip and update their records but somehow this has fell off their system. I do intend to stick to my guns and fight this and just need to find time to write a complaint letter to the DVLA, highlighting the main points of contention as I see
  4. Nobody needs to apologise to me lol, im grateful for everyones help I get your point about keeping everything on the forum thread and will do so... I didnt mean any offence to anyone with my last post, just Gick seems to have a good grasp of the legal side and im really struggling there, hence my comment. Please continue to add your thoughts as I go through this, as I said a few times now im a bit lost and value all the help I can get, certainly didnt intend to get stuck in the middle of anything and **** people off
  5. Id like to thank everyone for their help on this - appreciate there has been some conflicting information but its all being given with the same purpose in mind - to help me out in a situation where I have no knowledge or real understanding of the legalities. As everyone is trying to help im grateful to everyone whether any of the info they provided is correct or not. I had a chat with my parents last night and they are also sure I sold the bike before i left home - having since changed banks though i cant show any financial transaction that could be attributed to the sale - i think i wa
  6. Cool, thanks for your advice, simple is good for me Nick
  7. Fair point, ill get something put together tonight, is it worth posting it here for opinions or is that a bad idea?
  8. Thanks for the reply unclebulgaria I think someone must recently have tried to register the bike which is whats kicked this all off. I agree, why have i heard nothing for 15 years - if they have had me down all that time im sure they would have chased me up for road tax etc etc. As i mentioned the bike was registered to my parents as I stayed there at the time and my parents still stay at the same address so I would have had any mail passed on to me (it couldnt have been binned by anyone else as I can still be reached through the same address). I think my first port of call is to gi
  9. Hi Boo, im still in agreement about fighting it as I too use common sense to live my life, its a shame the DVLA dont seem to (or dont care enough to apply it instead of sending standard response letters). I appreciate the points Gick has made about not thinking it'll be a walk in the park or that the outcome is in any way guaranteed as they help me not take it lightly. I know everything you have said and referred to is being given to help me and while i dont pretend to understand it, you have a much better grasp of these things than I do lol... I fully intend to continue to argue my poin
  10. Hi Gick, appreciate you posting your thoughts and keeping my feet on the ground I had noticed that while some people did get off, some people didnt on the interpretation act alone so was aware that wasnt a certainty based on that. I need to read through your points properly when i have a bit more time (sorry, skimmed them for now as at work!) but my immediate thoughts are that im going to struggle to provide any evidence of when I sold the bike, im pretty sure i wont have any record of when I bought the bike either so im unsure if I bought it before/after 24th March 1997. Im pretty sure my
  11. Wow, just checked out both those links Bazooka Boo, its like its written in another language I'll have to try again tomorrow as I cant figure out if it helps or not, why didnt i go to legal school lol... Haha love Private eye's response, if the DVLA person asks what my defence will be should I try that
  12. Thanks for the link Bazooka Boo, unfortunately im in Scotland and that says its only applicable in England and Wales. I wonder if there is a Scottish version - how do you guys know where to find all this stuff, i have no idea where to even begin except to copy and paste things i find on threads like this - I'd love to know what laws and acts etc would be of use to me? Thanks for the reply anyway Nick
  13. Thanks for checking that Ericsbrother, I have a copy of the interpretation act and think that will help along with the timescale. Im wondering at what point they will see common sense here or will i just get auto responses right up until i go to court, this is such a waste of their time and money chasing this (and mine!!), surely its common sense to see on this occasion they should let it go - fighting so desperately for £35 seems crazy when i bet its costing them more to keep chasing it...
  14. Hi Tony, since selling the bike 15 years ago I have received no correspondence at all about anything until the failure to notify arrived... The FTN went to my parents house where i stayed when i owned the bike so if anything had came in my name to do with the bike it would have went there and obviously would have been passed on to me... Should I be calling them to register a complaint about the whole thing or should I just wait till i receive whatever comes next in the process. So far i have had 3 letters, i wrote back to the first one saying i couldnt provide details after this time, i
  15. Thanks unzippy, my searching last night led to quite a few threads on pistonheads and on one there was a template letter which looked very useful so i have copied that and saved it as i'll probably need to use it later - do you know if I could share the link here (im guessing so as you have above ) as i dont want to fall foul of any forum rules? The template was created and put on a public forum so i think it would be ok - lots of people commented afterwards that once they sent that off their cases were dropped God, 15 years of road tax, i didnt think of that lol, let them bloody try!!
  16. Unzippy - im guessing that the motorbike sat in a garage/shed for years and was sold recently hence a new keeper finally attempting to register it as there own? As this is the first contact i have had in 15 years about the bike, I think i can safely assume that no speeding tickets or parking fines have ever occurred as they would have written to me to tell me - therefore, no actual offences have taken place other than the fact they did not receive the slip i posted off. I have owned several cars in my 22 years driving and have followed the same procedure every time I
  17. Im in exactly the same boat just now, i know i returned the slip so wont pay the £35/£55 but im worried if it does go all the way ill end up paying out a lot more. I think ill fight them all the way but one thing i have on my side is theres a 15 year gap in my case which im hoping any judge will agree is unreasonable to chase me now... Good luck Marc, do your research on here (thats what im doing now when i saw your thread )
  18. Thanks guys, i had read a few threads on here around this issue but will spend a bit time reading some more, the ones i read were mixed in results. Im hoping the time factor involved will put any judge on my side, well actually im hoping the DVLA show some common sense and dont actually take it that far but my current thoughts are to take it all the way. Not sure if thats brave or stupid yet
  19. Hi dx, thanks for the reply - its the DVLA themselves (letter shows from the DVLA - Enforcement Centre signed off at the bottom by the "Enforcement Officer"). Id like to think i could argue my side in court but am a bit concerned i could end up with a much bigger outlay!
  20. Hi, im looking for some advice. Approx 15 years ago I sold my motorbike to a guy through a newspaper advert and sent off the green slip. I hadnt heard anything since then until I received a Failure to Notify letter a month or so ago. I wrote back saying i did return the slip (which I would have done) and that i didnt have the person I sold it to's details but they wrote again saying I had to pay £55 to avoid court action (or £35 if I pay promptly). I filled in the dispute form and wrote a letter explaining I couldnt provide the persons details as i dont keep my
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