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  1. An extra 100 to £250 quid a year rather than a quote without Telemetics running at an original £1950 and an agreed amount of £300 pounds when she passed her test this has gone from £1580 a year with tele then jumped up to what would be over 4k is that right !!!!
  2. :mad2:Ok where to start before taking this out for my daughter we phioned hasting to see how much her insurance would go up once she passed her test as the quote was for £158 whilst she was learning We were told around £100 - 250 for the year depending on her driving feed back - Fair eneough i thought so understand that she did not use her car much for 6 months as she was learning in the drivers instructers car and did not do a lot of other driving infact the car stayed in the garage for nearly 3 months Whjen she passed her test in Dec the insurance jumped to £376 A MONTH when i finally got up off the floor and called the insurance company they said that was correct and e-mails since sent have had no reply asking them to justify this cost My daughter at most will drive 60 miles a week in a radius of 9 miles this has got to be a rip off, its a fiat panda 1.2 no mods basic car low mileage
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