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  1. Suprise suprise ive just got to london from weat midlands and the cars broke down! Thanks carcraft, not even had the car a month yet!
  2. Hi linzi yes it was finally sorted about 730 last nite Thanks for your help
  3. Hi linzi I arrived at carcraft west midlands, they hadnt got any of the documents or anything ready for me to sign, told me I need to write another letter out to confirm my request, told me they had not recieved any information that I was coming and that they didnt know of you, I arrived at 6.15pm where I said id be here at 6.30, im currently sitting here waiting and the guy said they might be able to get the paperwork ready tonight
  4. Thats fine linzi thanks so much, Ill be over at 630 tomorrow night then, Thanks for your help
  5. Hi linzi can I just turn up at carcraft to sign the documents to cancel the drive happy package?
  6. Linzi, could you please contact carcraft west mids, think the finance guys name is kulli, he called me friday and was giving excuses about the 5 year drive happy package why I should have it and that it covers certain things, please inform him that I do not want the package at all, I want a refund so I can pay the finance for it off so I have no ties with carcraft at all, id rather pay for any work out of my own pocket and not pay 2000 for a package that when I come to make a claim ill get the reply "ohhhh sorry it doesnt cover that, oh or that, or that either!" Would appreciate If you c
  7. Sent a letter confirming i wish to cancel the warranty, sent by recorded delivery, i dont hold my breath on getting my money back due to what ive read on here about them. They disgust me, they are repulsive, how they are still trading ill never know, they need shutting down! The finance companies should stay clear [edit]
  8. They did this to me, i read the invoice for the car i purchased off them, the salesman told me with my part ex and my £100 deposit, my total deposit was £1000 Im reading the invoice now and it says: Vehicle £12999 Discount -£1000 Tax disk. £100.83 Part ex. -£100 Cash paid. -£100 Shocking
  9. Forgot to mention that the 5 year package bumped my monthly payments to £353! When I said my limit was £250, they had all my payslips and bankstatements, saw what was going in and out, im a home owner with a mortgage and they still put me over budget and frankly I can only afford it if I work overtime Im calling them today to try and cancel it, I dont want any ties at all with this place, buying the car was bad enough and when I look back to how I was treated I never want to go anywhere near there again!
  10. Purchased a 2010 vw passat cc on 17/01/14 from carcraft west midlands, Pushy salesmen left right and centre! On arrival was asked my budget, to which i said "£250 a month maximum" Found the car i liked and the salesman said "this could be in budget" Sat down and went threw the figures and total to pay each month as £285 which i could stretch to as i love the car. 1 hour later a different salesman ( im guessing was the finance guy) told me that there was a condition of getting finance which was they want the car serviced for the duration of the finance so there fore i need the "dri
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