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  1. Case closed! I just oaid Collectica the money! I couldn't be asked!
  2. For me I have found out that such is not the case! Which is why I would like to finger the file!
  3. I never pleaded.. I was asked about my means with the when the court date was issued! I was suffering from other problems.. A spurt of anxiety attacks and work problems. Which is why I will deal with TV license later. My main concern is Collectica right now! Just wanted to see if I could argue that I was taken to court for mis guided information...
  4. My main concern is Collectica right now.. I feel I can handle TVL and their oxymoron; legitimate, fraud!
  5. Are you saying because I admitted to owning a TV therefore guilt lies?
  6. I am not a cruel person... But I am learning that this is a cruel world.
  7. Even if we came to an agreement? I tried to pay the courts but they said it was no longer in their hands and it had been passed onto enforcement!
  8. The TV was bought off of a family member it has in housing free view. No I don't own one. It has no ariel! No transmission.
  9. I thank you for your response. If only I knew then, what I know now! I just really don't like NOTICE OF ATTENDANCE. I am up to date. I am being slapped with more money because I have paid earlier??
  10. Hi all this is my first time writing in a forum, so i am a bit nervous. Early last year a TVL officer gave me a visit. I have a TV but I haven't watched TV for about 7 years. My understanding was that you had to pay TVL if you owned a TV. Was taken to court but never attended as it was on my birthday and that is depressing. I was fined £310. I called the court to pay, but they said it had gone to the enforcement. I called them up and made an arrangement to pay £80 a month. before or on 28th I made 28th October payment. Then paid 29th October for november payment. Then 29th N
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