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  1. Hi there. Wondering if anyone can help. I moved into a flatshare living with landlady 6 months ago. I paid £400 deposit and £400 per month rent by standing order into her bank account. Several months ago there was an accident with a pan and the workbench that caused 3 tiny blisters next to the sink. I have offered to replace the segment of bench. The work top is from ikea and it is a small segment. However Ikea do not make the Hi Gloss Black worktop anymore. However I am sure many other suppliers do. Anyway she is keeping the deposit (I am moving out) as she does not want to be "rushed" into choosing a new work bench!!!!!!!!!I have offered to replace it but I know for a fact it will not come to £400. I do not have a tenancy agreement however can prove that money went from my bank accoount to hers on a monthly basis. Can anyone advise?
  2. I have sent the In Dispute letter kindly given by Cebarusalert. I will keep everyone posted as to how this turns out as it seems there is a lot of us in the Crapbot boat!
  3. Interesting thread. I think the point I was trying to make was that I wouldn't send payment until they had agreed to the terms of the F&F offer. We all know how honest and law abiding and trust worthy DCAs and banks are!!!! It is a grey area though and interesting thread.
  4. I am worried about my credit file as its beginnning to look ok!! I have had two defaults removed due to legalites. Should I send a Subject Access Request to AK and ask them to prove that this payment was made my me?
  5. I agree with wayoutneeded. They are the ones who need to offer you a F&F settlement before you send any payment. I really don't know what you can do know other than claim for a refund of the charges that they applied to the account. Good luck
  6. The only thing is it was due to be stat barred and come off my credit file in 2 years. If they applied a payment that 6 years starts again doesn't it?
  7. To briefly summerise. In June of 2008 I recieved a letter from AK saying I owed money. I sent a CCA with a postal order for a £1 and never heard anything back. I have had letters from a number of debt collection companies regarding the debt. On the 13th May I received this from AK Firstly I have never received CCA request I made in June 2008 and they transferred my details to 3 different agencies. Secondly I have never made any payment to AK or anyone. I did send a £1 postal order and I am thinking they applied this to the debt however the balance on all the letters is the same. They can't do this can they? Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this?
  8. Just to update. I have received two letters from Cabot one on the 11th May and one on the 14th May. I am without a scanner at the moment so will briefly type the contents. Does anyone have any advice on what to do or any personal experience with these letters themselves. I will send the In Dispute letter. However does this mean in theory if they can't obtain the information from the original lender they should remove the default? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. That has happened to me too! Three times! All history of Bank of Scotland Accounts have vanished and they had 3 years left to go before they dropped off. Its funny as Wescot were chasing me and I cca'd them and they sent me a wonderful apology regarding the BOS accounts and telling me that they had sent them back to BOS and now the defaults have disappeared!
  10. I was wondering if anyone had managed to get a default removed from their credit file when negotiating a F&F with debt collectors. I have CCAd Cabot for a debt of £1500 and very much doubt they will come up with a CCA as this is the 3rd Debt Collector onto this debt. I just want them off my back but also want to improve my credit file. I was thinking of offering them 10% and removal of default for starters. Has anyone had any experience of this and do you have any template letters? any advice greatly appreciated.
  11. I haven't sent the in Dispute letter as 12 + 2 days hasn't elapsed yet.
  12. Thanks for your help I have uploaded larger images of the files. Took a while for me to work it out! I am off nightshift and havent been to bed yet!!
  13. Hi there I have been receving telephone calls from Cabot in realtion to the above debt that is 5 years old. I have been receiving as many as 4 calls a day. So I sent the telephone harrassment letter that is on this site to them. I also sent a request for a CCA and enclosed my £1 P.O. Which they have returned today. Today I received two letters and have some questions. Firstly why does Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act not apply to them. Secondly- in one letter they say they have taken over the debt from Argos and are responsible and in the next letter they state that they are not obliged to provide the CCA information request. If they are responsible for the debt surly they should provide the CCA Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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