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  1. Hi


    Please can someone help me im a little confused regarding the form EX160 section 3 do I need to fill this in and how ?


    I am on benefit EMA which means I can get help with the fee (not pay) I believe.


    I am also confused regarding section 6, I gather it is a no to section 7 ??


    I gather I send all the forms in together to the Bailiff in the court, he said this the other day but just wanted to make sure Im right cause Im a day late and worried he night turn up.



    Many thanks again to all of you for helping.

  2. Hi,




    I have already spoke to him a few times he is not understanding and has just threatened to come around for my stuff thats why im worried I don't have much but what I have got I dont want to loose which including equipment for work. I have a chronic widespread pain condition along with other health conditions but went back to college and university and now have my degree.


    Its took me a few years but slowly I have some equipment for work im trying to find a way around my health and back into work some how but its a struggle. Im a film maker.


    Thank you to everyone who's tried to help.


    I have to say some of this is all very confusing and I cant get my head around this, the way im feeling is that it sounds like I don't have much of choice in fighting this regarding the charges etc because I don't know really where to start to fight it myself or evidence.?


    So it sounds like I will need to fill in the form N245 but I will also do a SAR regarding the SAR who do I send it to the original owners or the solicitors now or bailiffs now??


    The other issue I have that whilst filling this form in now n245 my money is one thing but end of august I will loosing over £83 of my income due to my son turning 20 and im not sure how to show this in the form except a separate note??


    and in section 4 of the same form they want me to fill in bank and saving statements im not sure how this will look because I have about 3 savings accounts and a current account but I separate the money so main account has dd going out.


    Another account is savings for xmas .


    Another for work equipment and so on.. but don't actually have savings just a way to cope with what I need to pay out etc


    They in the form are asking for my credit?? I might have a £100.00 in today as an example which sounds like I have credit but by the end of the week or month it will go out and pay all the bills.


    Will they understand this and take it in to account.? Do I just take my bank balance and put it in this section?


    Many thanks to every one who has helped me.

    Sorry about not understanding everything this is all new to me but also I suffer with dyslexia and being in pain so much doesn't help with concentration.




  3. Hi




    The problem is I feel its not all my fault and due to other people and problems it got me into debt with this account,



    BT took dd out of £300.00 at a time out while my step dad was dying .



    The benefits people also stopped paying me for months and when I found the time to start looking at the account everyone was on my back.



    I became ill and my disabled mother . And had lots of problems I am still now sorting these out.


    But I know santander will say its my fault but I feel I wasn't listened to or supported.


    I told santander a number of times I was a student and they didn't change my account when they should of so had lots of charges too.


    Thats why im confused about which one to do, and know that its other people I will have deal with to try and get the other things sorted out such as BT and the benefits people.


    The SAR is something I would like to do so I can check all my statements I haven't got.

    but because I didn't know about the claim court form and now the bailiffs are threatening me etc I know I have to get this form back and I am struggling a bit.


    I can only hope he understands and at least gives me till tomorrow to try and finish it.


    So regarding the SAR how can I get him to wait while I send the SAR off etc.??


    Supporting my evidence is not easy because they did not change my student status so I had no charges, I could prove over that period I was in university but not much else.??


    Sorry whats EA??


    Thank you all again for all your help.

  4. Hi


    Just to let you know whats happening, i spoke to a court that was on a previous on a letter just for more information and also the bailiff again, he is giving me till today to fill in the form which im gathering together and trying to fill in.

    But i was also told about another form i could do "to set it aside" judgement aside- possibly called a n2244 .


    Before i continue to fill in the forms i just needed to release which one was best for me to fill in?


    Like i said previously i feel i cant go through all my statements because i dont have them. but what i have got i feel somethings were unfair especially the fact they ignored me a couple of times regarding me being a student and should of had no interest charges yet they kept piling them on.


    I would like to be heard and if poss get the charges dropped is there any way to do this.?


    Thanks again for all your help



  5. Thank you all, I'm just scared I don't want to loose what iv got.

    Could he contact the police and make me open the door ? And last thing I want my neighbours seeing .


    I can try and fill form in as soon as I can and get it off but what if he's not happy about me doing the form.? And demands for my stuff ?


    He says if I contact the solicitor I can arrange a payment plan with them it would save me £50.00 I haven't got. .


    Can I get help from some where for the £50.00 being on low income ?


    But then iv got the issues with the original account santander . Do you know if I can get help with the problems like the charges etc full details in last couple of messages of mine .







    I recently spoke to the bailiff again and he wasent very nice this time I tried to explain I needed a little time to work out my paperwork and he wasent happy just wanted me to first ring the solisiters who was dealing with the case to create a payment plan then got nasty threatening me.


    He then demanded I was to set a payment plan with him self now!! or else!!


    I don't know what to do ?? Iv managed to be given a little extra time till monday 8am But what should I do iv mentioned in last couple of messages there are worries regarding issues with the account but do I have a leg to stand on to try get some of these things sorted out or am I liable??


    At other times they have even said I could pay a discount offer to clear it, I don't really have the money myself but my mum has offered to try and help . But then again how can I get them to give me the discount offer again. ? I just want to sort this out iv tried so hard to get back on track.


    Please help it explains more information in my last couple of texts but I cant leave it any longer I need to give him an answer by either set up a plan to make payments with him 8am monday morning or fill in the court form.??


    Plz can some one help me im really frightened now cause he has become nasty and threatening and I cant afford to loose the little I do have.


    Please help me, many thanks




  7. Hi, Just to let you know, after speaking to the telephone number on the court letter today (Bailiff) he seamed nice enough.


    I said what you have all told me to say, he seams to think I can do this (form N245) or I could just call him back between 8-10 tomorrow and he will have their solicitors telephone number for me to call.


    I can call them and arrange payment methods with theses instead of the court.


    Is this the right thing to do?


    He says if I do this he wont come out friday 17th July 2015 to collect my stuff.


    Like iv said previously I really need to get more information I.E. Statements from them some how??


    To work out what has happened because I believe I have paid 2x 1000,00 to pay this debt off but it went back up.?


    There are some reasons why I can see it did go up.




    BT= Were taking £300.00 a go out of my account by DD in which i had no idea was happening (probs with them in which I have to deal with as another case)


    Abbey national= Hadn't kept me on a students bank account so there should of been no charges being added.??

    (Instead I got a lot of charges added)

    Even though I had reminded them regarding this a number of times and I was promised it would be dealt with and put as a student account.??


    And the benefit people stopped paying me money when they shouldn't of ??

    (I need to deal with this as a separate case another time)


    These are just a few issues in which I need to be checking out.??


    I was told if i agree to payments etc I am agreeing to the debt I owe as well but with some of these issues I feel I dont agree with and not happy with.


    Someone also said I can ask for something in which I can get all my itemised statements requested because i dont have them all.


    And also Something I can do to see if they will lower the amount down? and also the charges taken off because I shouldn't have had them on in the first place being a student etc


    What should I do ???


    Its pretty urgent due to myself having to ring early tomorrow regarding this, plz help many thanks again .



  8. Hi, lookinforinfo


    Iv worked out My last activity on my account using some statements i still have was approx 20th sept 2010 last payment in from DWP= Except for one more who i forgot to tell them that i moved over to another account so i could try and sort out my difficulties but using a new bank account for everything and just try to make payments in to the abbey/santander account. which was 7th dec 2010.


    I dont have any payments as such that i made in to this this account was still active, and also a last dd was taking with out me knowing but tried to sort it out later by talk talk on the 26th oct 2010 . after this no more activity unless i am missing statements which could be a possibility. May be on other statements i dont have.


    I moved over to another bank account on the 25/6/2010 I set the account up in the hope to transfer my usual monies and just make payments to santander.


    I believe its approx 5 years..


    I believe i had difficulties with a few debts, with Bt. trying to take £300.00 at time from me by dd and not knowing and benefits stopped money i havent had back and a number of other issues .


    i paid back the overdraft x2 with the help of my mum only for it to go out of control and not able to deal with it due to my personal issues and ill health. but i kept trying. I have also released that most of the years i was a student and should have no interest charges yet they were piling on charges i feel was unfair after telling them a number of times i was a student etc.


    My first letter from santander collections and recovieries 7th sept 2010 exceeding my agreed overdraft.


    i had a few more after that then 23rd of febuary 2011 moorcroft debt recovery limited bought my debt.

    26th sept 2011 cap quest debr recovery confirm they bought debt

    27th feb 2012 Robinson way limited bought debt

    23rd april 2012 farrelly solicitors

    25th july 2012 Robinson way ltd

    no date H L legal Solicitors - Capquest debt

    22nd November 2014 Hoist Portfolio holding 2 limited bought debt

    23rd November 2014 Robinson way


    31st Claimform from County court

    27th April 2015 - Judgement for the claimant from court letter . i am ordered to pay £1,230.44

    8th May 2015 Howard Cohen and c0.Solicitors- Judgement has been entered against me, you are required to make payments as set.

    7th July 2015 Letter from court - Notice of issue of warrent of control- sending in baliffs


    On my credit report there is an opening balance of £400.00 which is confussing me? I thought this should be last payment i owed?

    But ideally i need all my statements from santander to check all this out better




    Baliff advice


    To answer your questions. Iam not happy with paying the full amount because i believe the bank let me down in a number of matters such as i was a student yet still paying interest charges .. im not happy with the hudge charges given..and other things iv mentioned above.


    I am also on a very low income and dont have £50.00 to pay the court???




    I hate the baliffs


    No this is not a business case just personal me


    not sure what you mean on how you suggest to deal with the court sorry??






    I have lived at the same address for 20 years so not sure about this?


    Do i be honest and tell them that I havent opened the letters due to my problems or just tell them i havent received the letter?


    Thanks again everyone for all your help

  9. DX100UK




    Iv lived in this address for 20 years , I did receive the court letter but I dident know I had it due to all the problems and stress I have in my life, iv given an example in the beginning of my letter above.


    My mums beens really ill and shes bed ridden after a car accident I am the only one who looks after her and I have chronic serve pain condition along with other health issues and many other problems to add to these so I can get really behind some times with my paperwork when I have to put other things first.


    So this weekend I opened all my mail to find these in my post. I really try to keep up to date with things as much as I can but been struggling coping with everything and not been well.


    Many thanks




    I hate Baliffs




    Im not sure I understand?





    Hi, I originally opened my account first with abby nation many years ago when I was a teenager I am now 44 years old.



    Many thanks to everyone for all your help, some of these questions are something I now release I need to work out to give you answers to, so I will have to work out stuff with the paperwork iv got and get back to you all soon as I can .


    I hope to get back to you this evening but if I dont it might be cause its taking longer than I want.

    But will be in touch by morning at the latest.


    Thanks everyone again for all your help.



    P.S. I think I have worked out why it wont let me add the letter I wanted when I go to add the file I believe my quoter of files space has all been taken already, but I cant find any where it says delete the files ?? if anyone can help would be appreciated . Thanks.

  10. Hi yes citizenb


    I am using the write link the attachment. Iv used it before and has worked in the past ok??


    Not sure how to know if its a large file??


    and if so how to reduce the size?? sorry


    do you mean other documents I am loading at the same time or from months ago?





    Hi I hate the baliffs – cagger


    residential address what does this mean? Sorry to sound stupid. I live in a council house renting.


    I wouldn't know what to do to stop them?? and im scarred


    What is the vulnerable category ?? what should I do??


    I don't have much items but I do have a tv camera and computer through presents of family which im using to try and start a business so scared of loosing them. Its took me years to get what I have and its not much.


    What do you mean post 11 contact the court?? sorry






    Bazooka boo








    hi, I think your right iv spent most of evening trying to collect and gather most of my paperwork together to try and sort out, I think your right this has gone from santander then sold on to many different debt buyers before reaching here. Im trying to create a chronological event but goes back to approx 2006 or 2008.




    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Many thanks to everyone for all your help, I will try and look over the work again tomorrow morning and will try again to attach this letter.


    I really don't know what to do or how to go about what I should do?? I would appreciate any guidance.

    The only thing I can think is to phone the number on the letter and be honest and hope they will understand for now cause I don't want any of my stuff taken but I don't have a lot of money and by september I loose more benefits and don't know how I will survive.


    Thank you everyone. Will be back on tomorrow.


    p.s. had a quick go at sending again another way but no joy


    one file i was sending a j peg was 1.96mb

    and another pdf 364.3km?? if anyone can help me with this it would help thanks


    i do have other documents in my platform been added on here a while ago with something else


    says File Upload Manager - Manage all files that you have uploaded 92.41 MB of 47.68 MB Used



    many thanks again everyone

  11. No, like i said before with everything going on today is the first day iv had the chance to go through all my letters and iv had a lot to open.


    friday i opened the letter iv been trying to send you, because its been the first chance to start getting on with things due to my health and having a lot to deal with, so i have managed to sit down to day and concentrate on the rest of the letters i need to do.

  12. The letter i have got is called notice of issue of warrant of control ..


    i owe them £1,302.69 but i believe this a lot of charges and I only owe a couple of hundred pounds but theres a lot more to it as iv said before with charges etc due to i was believed to have cleared this account.


    has a stamp from the court and says


    To the Debtor


    You have not made payment under the judgment as you were ordered. The creditor has therefore asked for a warrant to be issued to the bailiff to seize and sell your goods. Unless you pay the amount due to the county court before 17-7-15 the bailiff will

    call and may remove your goods for sale at public action.


    This may mean that you will have to pay further costs.


    Total to pay £


    and a section for myself to fill in to make a payment

  13. Hi dx100uk


    I have been trying to download the document/letter but it wont let me I have done most of what it says on the link you sent me except dpi was 300

    but everything else was spot on iv turned it into a j peg and pdf tryed to attach using attachments

    but when it starts to download on to the plate form you have it just shows an !



    sign at the end and doesn't seam to have downloaded not sure what to do??

  14. 12 july 2015




    Please can someone help me, its urgent and I am very worried.


    Just to give you a brief background

    I am a single mother and was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition at a young age and Iv had for many years

    other health issues have now made me worse like diabetes, Ibs, arthritis and more.


    Iv also had to be there for my mother who is bed ridden after a car accident and my step father

    who for many years had liver disease and was very ill before he died a couple of years ago.


    I have tried to go back to college and university where I now have a degree but its been really difficult

    iv also had battles with neighbours, bullying with the children in school etc as well as problems with debt people.


    Iv been trying so hard to get my life back on track and my credit report and feel that I cant win

    because there is not enough hours in the day or my health is constantly giving me problems or looking after everyone else is over whelming.


    I also have dyslexia also so paperwork is a struggle the last few months my mum has been very ill

    after a suspected stroke, heart was checked out and now she has lost the feeling down one whole side of the body.


    Due to this and all my other issues including being forced back to work which I was trying to do

    but I was trying to do it in my time due to my health, my paperwork has had to take a back seat.


    Recently iv gone through some letters I didn't know that santandar were trying to take me to court and missed the dates etc.


    I have now received this letter that I have enclosed it on your site for you to see and I am very frightened

    I don't have a lot but what I do have I cant afford to loose especially when Im trying so hard to get work

    and start a business if I can, but due to me struggling with everything and feeling very over whelmed and I don't know what to do.


    Please can some one help me to sort this out quickly, so I don't loose anything.


    I do have other debts but I feel I need to just work one debt at a time at the moment due to trying to cope with everything and my dyslexia.


    I have years of this actually going on and my mum helped me pay off this account so that I thought

    and I moved over to another bank for a new start only to find out latter that I had a debt,



    I need to go through years of statements which I don't have all of them because I believe at the time

    they were giving me charges for anything and everything and at one point I was in college/uni

    and was supposed to be a student and not get any charges at all because I was a student.

    So I feel let down by this company.

    Since I have gone over to a new bank iv never had such problems or charges etc ever again.


    Thanks in advance to everyone.



  15. Hi


    I have an issue with e bay and an one line store recently and wondered if some some could help me ?


    I ordered an item for halloween and paid extra to get the item for next day delivery after checking they were able to do so. I waited patiently to discover halloween came and still no outfit, i had struggled to find their telephone number to contact them and was still waiting on the reply to an e mail regarding this.

    I hadn’t been out in 2o years so this was a very special occasion to me and I love halloween so spent far to much on this so I could have a great time.


    In pure desperation I was trying the internet and any where to see if I could find their telephone number but still could not find them? In desperation I called one of the 118 numbers to see if they could help not knowing latter I would find out for this one call and they still didn’t have the number

    it would end up costing me £15.oo and being on a benefit its all a real struggle for me.


    When I finally found their number out of pure luck and (I have no idea) I phoned them and they seamed nice and did try to help, but they told me that some one had left the parcel bag some where and its probably been stolen. When I asked why didn’t they e mail or call to let me know I was given excuses of were not sure who’s have gone.


    The only thing he was able to do was to ring his people who he gets these orders from direct so I could get it their, but it was approx 1 /2 hours away one way in Halifax.


    Out of pure desperation I said I would collect checking with his first that the order was correct and the size I didn’t want to go all that way and find I couldn’t get it. He said it was correct so I drove to halifax knowing I would have to be quick because tonight I was due out, it wasn’t easily either because I have a condition that leaves me in a lot of pain.


    When I got their I was told the size I wanted 24 wasn’t available the item only went up to size 22 and this is stated on the from of the package which was very upsetting I only went for this item because the size was 24 but it was also an extra £25.00 because of this.


    I didn’t know what to do so all I could do was bring it home and try it, but when I did it didn’t fit I was very angry and upset and didn’t go out due to the journey took me far longer than I wanted leaving me late in a lot of pain and the out fit didn’t fit so my whole day was ruined.


    I feel very cheated and lied to about the size etc.. the out fit is no good to me really halloween is gone and it cost me £65.00 with out delivery etc I paid £72.00.


    It has just cost me a lot of upset and money instead of the night I was looking forward too.


    I was going to keep it in the hope of loosing weight by next year and having it here already, because I bought lots of other items to go with it. But feel very cheated and hurt by the company.


    I have sent them a e mail.. which is below along with a reply but not sure my rights etc and how to handle the situation from here on in.. Can some one one help me and give me some advise.


    Many thanks




    This is a copy of the actual letter sent to the company.


    I am writing due to buying this above order from your company recently, After struggling to to find your telephone number I had no choice but to check directory which latter I found cost me £15.00 to do so.


    But after speaking to you I discovered that my parcel was one that had probably been stolen and there was no way I could receive it on time for that night. Even though I ordered it with plenty of time and checked this would be ok and paid extra for delivery.


    You did try and help me but to get this order I had to drive to Halifax over 2 hours to get their then back. Costing me £17.00 in Petrol money one way only £34.00 in total, which you promised to reimburse.


    Before I left for Halifax I double checked that the order was correct especially the size and I was promise everything was correct, yet when I got their it clearly stated that these makes only went up to size 22 not 24 as promised In the advert. Which is the only reason I payed £25.00 extra with your self rather than others so I got the bigger size so I feel very cheated, and the clothes did not fit.


    By now I was very upset and annoyed being so put out and having to drive such a long way and pay well above the odds for an item that I did not receive and spent far to much on.


    I drove home which made me very late and was upset that the item did not fit and I had no costume to wear. As I explained via phone this was going to be my first halloween party (or just going out) in over 20 years. So I was very excited and looking forward to my favourite day of the year.




    Instead I have suffered a lot of upset and had to stay in.


    Not receiving my item.

    £15.00 on directory phone call for your number.

    Cost me extra in delivery £6.00. That didn’t turn up.

    Spent nearly 6 hours traveling to Halifax, also made me late. Costing me £34.00 in petrol.

    To collect a costume that did not fit, even though I checked the sizes again and again.

    I could of got this costume £25.00 cheaper If I hadn’t been lied to. (false advertising)

    Only to have to stay in and not go out on Halloween which was very upsetting.


    I was upset and angry after all I had been through, I am writing to collect the petrol money you promised me but also to let you know how upset I am I believe you let me down a lot and think you should rectify the situation on what I have lost out on.



    Yours Faithfully,










    Our contact number is on the shop.


    We have responded to your most recent message and we will honour the promise made to you on the phone that day.






    First of all if you read the packaging make sure you are not reading the American size as you have received the correct size as we stated in one of the messages to you.


    The costume is a American brand and the size on the packet is American. If you doubt this fact check the manufacturers website.


    We also do not understand why it has took you so long to discuss this situation with us.


    You have also gone over the 14 day return period and you do realise that all costumes would be checked by quality control to test if they had been used or not.


    We have responded appropriately and honestly to your latest message.


    We will honour our promise made to you on the phone that day.


    We pulled the stops out to rescue a situation that was outside of our control.


    We have never lied to you about anything, our contact number is listed on the shop and we responded to your messages and sorted you a replacement costume with one of our contacts.


    Our price is what it is and you are free to choose to buy from us or not.


    Your claim of "False Advertising" is unfounded so be careful what you say, we will not take this matter up with e bay on this occasion due to the circumstances and we do feel that you was inconvenienced with this transaction but the issue was outside of our control and we did find a solution for you. The size of the costume is as stated and that is beyond doubt and can be confirmed by the warehouse.


    We have already lost the first costume in the post and we have paid for your replacement.


    We do except that this is not your fault and as per all previous communication clearly states you were very glad that we helped you and you leave it until now to contact us over 2 weeks after your event.


    So please do not now create problems as we rectified the situation in the only way we could and you agreed to collect the item. We did promise to cover you for the fuel cost and we will honour that promise.


    We can not refund you for that through e bay but we will refund you direct to your PayPal Account.


    If you wish to discuss the matter sensibly please ring us on …....... or …......... and we will gladly resolve the issue with you but we will compensate you for the fuel and the £6.00 delivery charge which will be £40.00. We are not obliged to do this but we will do as we feel that you made the effort of driving to collect a costume same day that we organised for you and we did promise to help out with the cost of doing so but do not take advantage with the claim for the other cost items.


    We appreciate the situation as we did at the time but we have done everything possible to rectify the situation.



  16. Thank you all so much, im just reading over what you require and will sort it now.. Many thanks DX100UK i really dont know what to do and sorry, have you sent me an e mail to my e mail account? Where will you send the email ad?? Will i then just have to post the original scans in this? thanks you so much for all your help.



    CITiZENB ..Where is post 66?? im a little confused can you explain plz...Do you mean my attachment letter/evidence.. ??


    if so yes its the only letter i have was hoping that the S.A.R. Would fill in the gaps but as iv stated in my recent post 62 they have not supplied certain things and though by law they had to? is there anything i can do?


    What is the hearing on the 29th for ? I was told it is a hearing but because the mediation dates have not been sorted yet only provisionally booked. i would have to attend tried to talk to the court regarding this but not a lot of help. But lowells will not be there are sending in one of the letters i was attaching to here instead..


    I will ring again tomoz and try and find out about a duty solicitor. thanks for all your help... if you can help answering any of the questions i have in post 62 i would be very greatful, ill be on here till late checking it now and again. THANKS EVERY ONE

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