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  1. Hi Just call them and any contact you make is noted before the deadline Good luck
  2. Hi Baz I gave them the original policy number, they then did there own search based on usual details and located the policies The link was a telephone number to santander the claim is by post
  3. Hi baz Just contacted Cardiff Pinnacle in relation to ppi taken out on a policy with First National Bank in 1995 They located the policy and told me that Santander is dealing with these claims by post they provided a link Hopes this helps
  4. hi Bankfodder I am struggling to up load information you asked for. scanned to computer pictures but cannot convert scans to PDF. can you advise please.
  5. Hi bank fodder the solicitors are TLT will post up the details Thanks
  6. Hi Im trying to claim mortgage charges on a mortgage taken out in1984 and redeemed in November 2004 initially with Alliance&leicester the initial period was 25 years and the total of the charges is£1,555.00 plus compound interest total £2,527.69 This claim ia now in the small claims court and Santander solicitors has submitted a application notice to get the claim struck out and the hearing is on May 3.In a letter received yesterday they mentioned section 5 of the limitations act and said the sums claimed were irrecoverable. They say i can withdraw the claim and pay santande
  7. hi poppy This has been coming quite a while,i sent the paper work back in december but have still not had a reply,and agree there should be a consultation period I would be concerned with your statement about missing 3 payments is this a fact or just hot air.
  8. HI Just had a reply from SKY loans witch says they are unable to refund any extra interest charged prior to black horse credit and refuse to recalculate the account. Sky loans say this is there final response and can esculate to FOS The credit was paid 15 months after point of sale the amount of interest is around £175.. What can i do next Thanks
  9. Hi I have a secured loan previously owned by black Horse but sold to Sky Loans in 2015 .what a nightmare At point of sale sky loans told me there were arrears despite the account being in dispute In 2016 Black horse made me a credit which more than cleared any arrears and Sky Loans have added various charges extra interest but refused to reimburse me The loan is almost paid any advice Please
  10. Try this Future Mortgages Limited PO BOX 49944 London SE5 7YG we would suggest checking that the correct interest rate has been applied as they applied the wrong interest rate to our mortgage for seven years
  11. Hi Could there be any mileage in pursuing this further,could try for charges but would need small claims route. thanks
  12. Hi dx Thanks for reply in the original offer from capital one in 2013 it states we sold your debt to lowell in august 2009.It goes on to say that under the terms and conditions they could buy it back under right of off sett While it is clear lowells owned the account at point of offsett i am not sure about about sett off.I have no terms and conditions the account was opened around 2000 any advice would be appreciated sw
  13. HI all Just wondered where we are with offsetting ppi redress to cover a balance made up of charges and compound interest. I had a credit card with capital one which was in default and was bought by lowell, In 2013 i received a ppi reddress payment from capital one and this was paid to lowell to cover a balance made up entirely of charges and compound interest, despite challenging them since they are just giving me the runaround and being deflective in their letters. I have done the spreadsheet and can see it is over £3000 for the charges and over £5000 if ppi was
  14. Hi guys had a historic secured loan with welcome (1995-2001) loan is paid but loaded with PPI and plenty of charges. just need advice in sending for SAR and a up to date address for welcome Thanks in advance.
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