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  1. would I not be netitled to `Income Support' in this situation....thanks!
  2. Antone is the expert on this and thank goodness! I had a compliance interview and the person was quite friendly but it had been because someone had reported me. I think if you are reported for something and there is no concrete evidence, the `compliance interview' is all they can really do unless you give them a reason for further investigation in the interview.
  3. Yes, thanks, will do. I would love a temporary post but would have to go through the whole thing of getting references etc, but yes and you are right. When I got the job I kept thinking "surely it will start next week" but that was 7 weeks ago now ...... turn out my CRB check is gathering dust on a police officers desk somewhere and nothing anyone can do until March....what a joke
  4. Hi, It's not for `no particular reason', the benefits advisors themselves are having their `performance' monitored by their managers. A jobcentre advisor told me about it. They HAVE to match a certain number of people with jobs on Universal Jobsearch every day (and save it on the system) and they have to sign people up to these courses. If they don't do it, they are in trouble! The advisor is not your enemy, they are just covering their own back. The best thing you can do is go along with it, it can't hurt even if it is a waste of time. You have to regularly use Universal Jobmatch and save a record of all your activity on it and at least apply for jobs you don't want and go on daft courses if you want to be left alone.
  5. Hi guys, I have been on JSA for about 4 months but got a job (thank god) last december. However my CRB check is taking ages to come back (my job involves working with vulnerable people). In the meantime, I am technically NOT entitled to JSA but literally can't live without the money. So I'm trying to stall them at the jobcentre, but I've been in to sign two times now saying "I won't be in again, my job will start any day now" but I have to go in to sign again this week. Any advice please? Do I now just pretend I am still looking for a job? I hate lying but can't eat without the JSA let alone travel to my new job when it starts.....
  6. Do you own your own home or have any savings....if you do, and collect any benefits, you just need to declare it
  7. if it's showing as going in from Paddypower Etc, you have no problem and well done on your winnings, but when or if you get any cash, If I was you, I would stash your cash under the mattress in future.....and why let your friend use your bank account, that may look a bit odd. tell them to stash theirs under their mattress
  8. oh, ok thanks. My boyfriend (who I don't live with for goodness sake!) wants to pay £20 into my account to cover my internet subscription as I am fully over-drawn even after receiving my JSA, but I'm too scared in case they are monitoring my account ...so frustrating....I guess even after compliance interview, the `decision maker' may have decided to access my account :S
  9. I recently had a compliance interview and was asked to bring bank statements. However the officer didn't really look at them or take them, but I'm sure she was looking at some paperwork that I'm convinced was her own copy...... can I find out from my bank if the DWP or any third party has accessed my bank statements ........... thanks!
  10. UJM is how they monitor your work search activity and that activity is something you agree to in order to claim JSA. I recommend using UJM and recording ALL your job search activity on there so that they can't question that you are doing your bit to look for work and also to help you keep track of all the jobs you apply for. The people in the jobcentre are themselves monitored and they HAVE to look on your UJM account to see what you have been doing and they HAVE to personally recommend jobs for you on there or they get in trouble. UJM is a great thing in my opnion, I found loads of jobs on there and just got my dream job via UJM>
  11. Thanks. The funny thing is I recently got a job but haven't got a start date yet as as they are awaiting my CRB check. I told the officer that and think that may help my case. If that was just info gathering, doesn't that mean I may well be getting monitored? and will they search the house etc? Will they interview my boyfriends neighbours to ask how often they see me etc? Also, the officer didn't look at my bank statements but was looking at some paperwork herself, would they have accessed my bank account already?
  12. I think Universal Jobmatch is a great website. It is irritating when you end up on a 3rd party website and have to go through all the nonsense, but the fact is that is why we get JSA, we are paid to look for a job, it's that simple. As we are out of work, we are supposed to spend all our time looking for a job, it's fair enough! It done my head in spending hours filling out applicationf forms and then not even getting an interview but you have to keep doing it. The people in the jobcentre HAVE to view your activity on Universal Jobmatch and they HAVE to reccommend jobs for you on there otherwise THEY get in trouble. You need to record ALL your job search activity on Universal Jobsearch even if your activity has involved other websites etc, it isn't a big deal and it help YOU see what jobs you've applied for and keep track of everything, plus they can't stop your benefit if you have a lot of activity recorded. After 3 months on JSA I finally got a job, my dream job, via U.J so maybe I am biased!
  13. I just went in for a compliance interview baffled, and was shocked that someone has accused me simply for having a boyfriend. In this day and age they actually think if you are seeing someone then they are financially responsible for you whilst you are looking for a job!!! I am actually living with my dad but stay over with my boyfriend a few times a week which apparenhtly means I am breaking the law. I know it's my dad's ex girlfriend who has a grudge against me, she promised to ruin my life and has tried all sorts. In the interview, out of the blue, the officer told me I should be spending my benfit money helping my dad more with his bills not spending it on myself. Are they allowed to tell you how you spend your JSA? The fact she said that suggests for sure it is my dads ex making the allegation as its what she would mention. I was also asked if me and my boyfriend ever go on holiday, what right do they have to ask that? As it happend we haven't been since I have been looking for a job but we used to a lot, another thing my dads ex would have brought up. Does anyone know......will they now follow me or `monitor' my boyfriends house to see how often I go there? Will they come and search the premises? I'm a newly qualified social worker so I desperately can't afford to get a criminal record. I am adamant that I do not actually `live with' my boyfriend, the fact is, all the bills are in his name, the tenancy agreement, all my post goes to my dads and I have a dog who is not allowed at my boyfriends and is on the tenancy agreement for my dads place. My boyfriend doesn't provide for me even one penny, so as far as I am concerned I am innocent but will they see it like that? I'm worried sick.
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