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  1. Hi DD Many thanks for your interest and for reading my post carefully, and also for your welcome to CAG. As you can see from my post to ericsbrother hopefully my issue with Topps is looking like it will be resolved. I am not in the habit of piling up trolleys and hoping for the best, I always hope that people are genuine enough to give real help and not make you feel stupid when you realise you have been taken in. The one thing I do know is the shame is with them and not me. M
  2. ericsbrother in reply to your post.....if you had read my post carefully you would see that I knew how many tiles I needed for the job and relied on the assistants to help me with the rest of the stuff ( ie...grout and adhesive ). I am not in the habit of piling up a trolley and hoping for the best. Besides if I had done that I wouldn't have a leg to stand on and the fault would be entirely mine. I have since been contacted by Topps to say that my money will be refunded in about ten working days as Head Office have a history of dragging things out.......I don't think your idea of contact
  3. [beware ladies going into Topps without a man present and ordering tiles-adhesive-grout etc. Because I didn't know how much of anything I needed (except the tiles ) they managed to sell me £93 worth of goods I didn't need. I know that had there been a man present this would never have happened. How unscrupulous is that ?? The tiler who did my kitchen said " By golly they saw you coming didn't they " --or words to that effect. Getting money refunded is not so easy as just the till receipt won't do. Not going to give up-----watch this space.
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