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  1. Cheers, a good spot and will refer to it in my POPLA appeal.
  2. Please read on They have been hounding me following a PCN they issued, for parking at Aire Street car park, Leeds. The day in question was Sunday 24/11/13, parking between 15:00 and 23:00. The driver paid the published "all day" rate of £3.50 and displayed the ticket properly. PE are suggesting that the driver overstayed their welcome, and would like the driver to pay over £100 !!! I appealed strongly, with photographic evidence of the signage at Aire Street. There are two very large signs stating "Sat & Sun - £3.50 all day". Now, unless I have been the on
  3. Good advice, thanks for the replies. I will check the car park terms re: breach code 01. The number on the front and back of my ticket is presumably a sequential number spewed out by the ticket machine, and hence as I have the ticket and it matches to their photo, this proves I paid. I challenged on this basis but Vinci rejected with the following: Thank you for your letter regarding the above mentioned Parking Notice which was issued to your vehicle on the 17th January 2014 whilst parked at the Adam Street Car Park. The Adam Street car park is managed by Vinci Park Services Ltd o
  4. Hi, I'm hoping for some sound advice please regarding a parking notice (PCN) issued on my vehicle at Adam Street car park, Cardiff. On 17th Jan, the required amount was paid and the ticket left on the dashboard as usual. On return, there was a PCN notice stuck to the car with breach code 01 "parked without displaying valid payment", asking for £100, reduced to £50 for early payment within 14 days. Unfortunately the ticket was face down on the dashboard. I appealed the notice with Vinci, who rejected as expected, and they provided me with photo evidence of the reve
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