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  1. i wil give a short outline to see if its worth going into more detail. i had a loan with HFC bank who sold the Debit on to TBI financial services. due to ill health (mental health) of which TBI is aware i am no longer able to work. i took out 2 loans with HFC one as a personal loan and one as a sales agreement trough PC World in 1998 and 1999 both unsecured. when TBI brought the loan they started off ok then because i was unable to pay the amount they wanted citizens advice negotiated a payment of a pound a month which they at first they took then they took court action to get a charging order at first in reading county court this was refused and they were awarded £20 a month. they then got a redetermination order in my local county court and was granted the charging order. since then several things have happened firstly i found out i had PPI on the loans and HFC now HSBC agreed to pay me the amount back. but instead paid it to TBI Financial Services i took this mater to the financial ombudsman and he agreed that this was wrong and now HSBC have agreed with him at the last second . they have said they will pay me back still waiting but they have 4 weeks left to pay. so the amount they took me to court for was wrong ? the other thing is on further looking at the loan agreement for the personal loan i have seen that it looks like i signed the agreement on the 30/8/1998 but the person who signed on behalf of HFC has dated it as 30/5/1998 is this valid as his date is 3 months be for my date. TBI have informed me since the charging order that they are charging 15% apr and even if i pay this off they may be other charges palaces on the account but do not say what charges they are or how much. any more detail please ask Albert: mad2:
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