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  1. The crack became visible some 8 months ago. I was informed by someone at CAB that because I had the door installed in January 2006 and that as this was more than 6 years ago that there was no obligation on the supplying company to replace/satisfactorily repair the door even though they had issued a 10 year Warranty in 2006. Hence my query about the value of a 10 year Warranty if a 6 year rule applies.
  2. I had a composite door fitted in 2006 and was given a 10 year Warranty. The Door is now cracked and whilst the supplier claims to have put a protective seal over the cracks, the cracks remain and look ugly so in my view the door is no longer fit for purpose. I have been told that because the door was installed in 2006 there is a 6 year legal limit on getting the supplier to replace the offending door panel so I cannot make a claim on the supplier in the Small Claims Court. Is this true? If so what is the point of a 10 year Warranty. The Insurance company concerned will not help because th
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