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  1. Hi SB I tried to pm you but your message box is full as I wanted to know how your court case I read about in another thread with MBNA went. I have a card from 1997 with similar anomalies on the terms and conditions so it would be helpful to me. regards Fallman
  2. I will get some paper work together when I can get the use of a scanner and post them up here. Very quickly, I had a MBNA card from 1997, which after getting into difficulty in 2009 I stopped paying, and havent paid anything since. Debt was sold to Aktiv Kapital/Experto and after doing CCA/SAR requests I have had quite large discounts offered. They went quiet some time ago, but recently I've been contacted by Buchanan Clark and Wells. CCA before didn't contain prescribed terms, but BCW have sent me copy of application form plus some terms supposedly from when I took out the card, w
  3. Hi, the link to the application forms is in the stickies in this section of the forum. Thanks Fallman
  4. Hi, new user here. I have an ongoing dispute with Aktiv Kapital over an MBNA card and would like to check the application form they sent me, but I can't access them in the library. Is there any reason for this. Thanks Fallman
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