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  1. Guys thank you for all your help but this thread is really worrying me for some reason. please please could you get rid of it. It's somehow really affecting me
  2. What do you mean as "any recording"? Do you mean just microphone recording or CCTV recording also?
  3. Guys do they have CCTV or microphone in the back room? Why I ask is that the security guards were very rude. They were using the f*** word and were very abusive
  4. Guys this forum really helped so thank you for that. But for some some reason it has has caused a certain fear in me, so I request please can you get rid of this thread as it is really affecting me and my health and mental stability. Please it is my humble request
  5. Thanks for that. Would the retailer or RLP have any kind of info about me now. RLP do say they keep info for 3 years on some kind of database
  6. Probably because I'm a women that's why I'm a bit more worried about this and my future. Guys should the RLP letter go to the bin or should I keep it for problems which may arise in the future if there is any?
  7. I just wanted to know if the police can be informed besides from the retailer and end up at my residence like through this forum
  8. Guys I wanted to know if the police still may come to my residence regarding this incident...really stressed out please help
  9. Guys do the retailers get rid of shoplifters info after sometime or do they keep it permanently? Please help
  10. Guys i don't know why but after creating this thread I can't get my head around the incident. It's affecting my health and my mind please can you get rid of this thread.
  11. Can the court give me a court fine or anything through the post or anything? Please help guys can't get this out of my mind
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