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  1. I'm no expert but I think I might be borderline. Just worries me it's unlikely I'll be able to meet the requirements of being in the WRAG eg Work Programme, voluntary work, training courses etc and I'll no doubt end up losing most of my benefit through sanctions because of that.
  2. Just wondering whether it's worth getting further medical evidence together and asking for a MR to be moved to the Support group? I wonder as I'm getting the feeling all DWP care about is the outcome of your WCA, specifically the number of points you got allocated.
  3. I thought I sent quite good evidence with my last ESA50 but they still insisted on a F2F. Beats me how they decide whether a F2F is required. I really don't know though whether sending that evidence helped my case in other ways.
  4. I'm no expert and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be along in a bit to clarify but I have a feeling the WFI won't be mandatory as the outcome of your WCA is not known yet and it could only become mandatory if you were placed in the WRAG as a result of your WCA.
  5. This is brilliant news alongside the U-turn on tax credit cuts.
  6. In a similar situation. I'm sure the HCP said their report would be sent to DWP the same day the WCA was completed but DWP insist they haven't received it yet which is really odd. I thought ATOS/Maximus and the DWP communicated electronically on this. DWP's basically saying I just need to stew until they get back to me with their decision.
  7. Well that's weird. Now I have a copy of my claim which mentions 'Rapid Reclaim' along with an award notice that mentions 'it has been confirmed you have limited capability for work' and saying I go straight back on the original benefit amount I was on when my claim was closed. I wonder now whether the ESA50 was automatically spat out by the system because of my reclaim or whether it is just my time to be reviewed? I returned the ESA50 with supporting documentation anyway along with a fit note as was originally requested. I assume I don't need to supply any further fit notes now?
  8. So I got an ESA50 yesterday. Have been told to start providing fit notes again. I did mention my claim had only been closed for a few weeks when I reapplied but I remember the person I spoke to really was not interested in that. Are they just going to ignore linking my claim maybe to ensure that I don't get the WRAG element if I were to be placed in the WRAG? I assume I'm heading for a WCA medical. It doesn't seem to add up.
  9. I had to do this in the end but after only a few weeks (much less than 12) of the claim being closed they took me through a fresh application, medical certificate requested, talk of medical etc. Is it possible they don't link claims anymore?
  10. Thanks for the information Antone.
  11. Was just wondering if you've been on ESA for a few years and close your claim to move to a job you've been offered as it would pay more than the Permitted Work rules allow but then find you can't cope as the pressure of the job quickly starts to exacerbate your medical condition are you able to do a rapid reclaim and go back to where you were or would you be looking at going through the ESA system from day 1 again?
  12. Hopefully they will best placed to help you. Mine's also the DEA at my Jobcentre so he's well versed in this area. Maybe I'm just lucky on that, I'm not sure. Good luck with your endeavours anyhow.
  13. Have you spoken to your ESA Jobcoach at your local Jobcentre? They should be able to help you with any paperwork you need to do for your Permitted Work. I do a little self-employed online work from home under the scheme. The form I needed to complete and send to my local BDC was a PW1. My Jobcoach put one in the post to me and I filled it in and returned it to my BDC. Hope that helps.
  14. Mine was in a private room at the back of my local Jobcentre.
  15. I remember getting one of these and having big anxiety problems the letter really stirred me up. It all turned out to be over an old abandoned savings account that had come out on an HMRC report or something. They just needed a copy of the closing statement for the account confirming it was empty and that was basically it. The guy saw me much earlier than the appointment on the letter when I told him about my anxiety problems and he was nothing but nice and constantly tried to put me at ease throughout the appointment/interview. Glad you got it all squared away parislove00
  16. I wondered that. Employers can't magically find the extra money to give everyone a payrise just because the government says so so surely it will lead to job losses in the end?
  17. So does that mean that existing claimants will have the WRAG element removed from April 2017? I've never understood the WRAG. You go to a state medical and are found unfit for work but then pretty soon after you are advised of the outcome of your medical you find yourself infront of your local JCP for a 'Work Related Interview' and then enter into a situation of trying to manage your health condition but at the same time being hounded to find work even though you're unfit for work. I always thought the extra WRAG allowance was to fund the frequent medical appointments you needed to manage your health condition over the top of trying to find work (the JSA element) so with that removed to me the WRAG becomes pretty much redundant and they may as well say anyone that doesn't meet the descriptors for the support group (very few claimants) are magically 'fit for work' and just face a life of misery on JSA constantly being pressured into getting jobs they have no realistic chance of getting with their health condition, although still very real, there and in need of management, pretty much dismissed.
  18. ESA WRAG allowance removed for new claims but not existing ones.
  19. Has anyone seen this? http://a.msn.com/r/2/AAcDNVw?a=1&m=EN-GB Particularly the bit about changes to ESA and some being moved onto JSA.
  20. I'm wondering what abolishing the WRAG would mean? Abolish it completely and throw anyone in it onto JSA in effect meaning only those meeting the descriptors for the Support group could be on ESA or whatever it becomes along with knocking the amount of ESA Support group benefit down to that of JSA or just knocking the amount of ESA benefit down to that of JSA?
  21. I heard somewhere this might happen before and it wouldn't surprise me at all if it did. It kind of goes with the current political climate that to me demonises the long term sick/disabled and pushes the ideology that they should not get any kind of dispensation for their situation. I also agree with sadone above that those sharing this belief might feel differently if their circumstances change. I went from prince to pauper in a very short space of time and so a reversal of fortune can happen to anyone very quickly.
  22. Thanks for the info. I was looking at some self employed freelance work I might be able to do remotely which would suit my disability well being remote and wondering whether WTC might help me through any low times in work supply e.g.. sometimes there would be a high amount of work, sometimes a medium amount and sometimes a low amount but looking at the information I don't think the WTC system would support that now. I'll have to get my thinking cap on again.
  23. Just wondered if I've read the current guidelines correctly that to qualify for WTC on a self-employed basis you have to make a consistent profit of the number of hours you work X National Minimum Wage? So say you claimed WTC with Disability Element you would need to turn a consistent weekly profit of 16 X £6.50 = £104 to qualify?
  24. Very interesting info, thanks. When I looked at voluntary work a year or so back I don't remember anything like this and was pretty much told volunteering could not be done from home which made it a no go for me.
  25. From what I've been reading the WTC Disability Element is abolished under Universal Credit? but Universal Credit talks of 'transitional protection' until you have more coming in than you would have had under WTC with Disability Element. I just wondered how this would pan out for eg. someone self employed on a low income working 16 hours/week claiming WTC with Disability Element before Universal Credit comes to their region? In order to continue to receive the financial assistance would they maybe have to agree to a jobseeker's commitment and be classed as unemployed until they could grow their business to the equivalent of 35 hours x NMW at which point they will no longer require assistance? I ask as I have been doing some online work under ESA Permitted Work rules (which I believe is also going to be abolished under Universal Credit?) which although pays less than the NMW as it's a global market place it is most likely possible to pick up 16 hours + a week of the work if you wanted and it's ultimately flexible for those with health issues as it can be done from home with hours to suit your situation day to day.
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