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  1. Thanks everyone. It looks like Time to Pay is the way forward. I really appreciate your advice x
  2. yes it's actually in three names, mine, my partners ( correct surname) and a relative.
  3. Oh and also the account is in joint names with my partner but they have the wrong surname for him. How would this affect possible sequestration?
  4. Hiya, Thanks for the replies. Yep summary warrants have been raised on each years council tax. I'm afraid I've been completely ignoring it until now. I have in the past set up payment plans with Scott and co but theyve always bullied me into paying more than i can afford and hence i have let them lapse. They have emailed back this morning again rejecting my prior offer. It's the sequestration threat that really worries me. Id get the balance under 3000 if that could prevent that possibility. In any case I will read through the time to pay link, thanks.
  5. Oh it would have been helpful if i had said that, yes council tax! thankyou
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone knowledgeable in the field could offer some advice Scott and co have recently sent me a letter stating that due to the length of time I have owed and the size of the debt they will apply for sequestration. No specific dates. I emailed them (as previous experience has put me off phoning) and firstly asked them to break the debt down. They let me know there is some from 2008-2009, some from 2009- 2010 and some from 2010-2011. The total amount due is £3400 I then emailed back asking if they would accept repayment in
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