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  1. It's interesting isn't it, the PM is implicit in tax fraud and avoidance and it's the hard working people seeking to protect their own terms and conditions of employment against changes which are by the government's own admission discriminatory against women, who incidentally account for 60% of the junior doctor workforce, who are selfish and uncaring. Inflammatory nonsense.
  2. What evidence do you have that it was the council that moved the sign and not a third party, perhaps even someone else whose inattention led to a PCN of their own?
  3. But lots rostered for three... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/junior-doctors-furious-after-new-example-rotas-show-them-working-three-weekends-in-a-row-a6882541.html Interestingly also - a 'rest day' is preceded with working from 00:00 to 09:00 but because in Jeremy's little bubble everything is too compicated before 09:00 ( ) those nine hours don't count as working on that day...
  4. Interesting that the government's own analysis of the contract says: "there are features of the new contract that impact disproportionately on women" and the equality assessment said that “certain features of the new contract will adversely impact on those who work part time”—most of whom would be women. And some aspects of the new contract “have certain adverse impacts regarding maternity” and “will potentially adversely impact on those who have responsibilities as carers,” most of whom are also women. But, no - selfish and uncaring... You keep your Daily Mail subscription...
  5. I can't say I'm surprised, in the last five years we've seen a massive increase in the number of people coming forward with regards to historic sex abuse claims, some of which would affect anyone who'd heard them. The expectations placed on the police force are growing every day with dwindling resources and yet they still find themselves dealing with the most dangerous and aggressive as well as the most vulnerable. They still help pick up the pieces after sudden deaths and murders, they shove the brush around after horiffic road accidents and all the time are subject to intense scrutiny.
  6. Is religion important to me? Personally, yes. I'm not overtly faithful myself but I've found comfort during very difficult times from hospital chaplains who have been there as it's happening and caring enough to take time with people. I also take time to explain christianity to my son, not to force him into anything but to help him see the values that the stories try to engender and to enable him to make an informed choice about his faith when he's mature enough to do so. It's worth adding that more time is probably spent explaining the sciences to him. Do I attend Church regularly? No.
  7. Given that the DVLA's last public experience of someone telling lies was this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-30580114 I'm not surprised they're holding on to your licence.
  8. Spot on, it's the reason we've countless posters encouraging people to 'Choose Well', that the NHS website is littered with advice on how to treat the undoubtedly unpleasant things like coughs/colds/upset stomachs without having to wait to see a GP. I've been loaded with a cold for 6 weeks now, still don't need to see a doctor... (incidentally, for those who might be wondering; our GP's won't treat anything other than emergencies in staff - it's inappropriate unless in a rural area there are no alternative practices nearby. So, we wait just as long to see our own GP's...) Working in
  9. Why? Because people clog the appointments with self-limiting viral illnesses / coughs and colds / upset tummy for 24 hours because it's an 'emergency' and if the receptionist dare ask the reason for the appointment so that the GP/Nurse who's triaging the appointments can assign them properly then they're labelled dragons. When, the people we need to see, like the little girl with an infection waits behind someone who's feeling better today but didn't want to cancel their appointment. It's funny really, this reluctance to divulge; seeing as in every other healthcare setting people seem happy to
  10. Places that take forever to make decisions and leave folks hanging... People who go into a blind panic when their GP surgery closes over a long weekend (use Out of Hours if it's urgent folks...) People with next to no spatial awareness when driving - if it's confusing when there's another car on the road, please give your licence back to a local friendly police officer.
  11. Bazza, I'll leave the clinical diagnoses to those qualified to make them. It just saddened me to read that a difference in opinions led to the op becoming derisive and using playground tactics to illustrate his assumed 'win' over the evil that is freely given advice.
  12. But wait, I didn't sign a naughty step contract and Think About It is just a legal fiction of a straw man of a fraudulently created legal name whose birth certificate is now worth £tens of thousands, but only costs £10 to get a new one who is also a human being and a person. I refute the existence of your naughty step, the berber carpet that covers it and its legal place in the universe under marine law. So there...
  13. Not my definition: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1990/43/section/87 nor do I see any provision for the biodegradability of the item in the legislation. Interestingly following that logic I could dump my lawn clippings outside a supermarket and not expect to be convicted and fined. Madness indeed.
  14. So they ought to wear flashing lights on their heads and ask people nicely not to break the law? Perhaps sandwich boards with a pre-printed apology for 'victimising' criminals? Sorry, couldn't be further from harrassment. As someone said earlier, it's not like there's a defence of ignorance 'Oh, sorry - I didn't know it was against the law...' so if caught then it's a fair cop. Perhaps in future we'll all be more aware of our surroundings and not allow our receipts to flutter off into the distance every time we go shopping...
  15. I'll be honest - I don't see the 'harrassment' angle of this at all - it's like saying that I was being harrassed by the police officer that happened to be in the same carpark as me this morning and because I did something illegal he/she stopped me. Likewise I would imagine places that are 'easy targets' are those with the highest level of offending - makes perfect sense really to have an enforcement officer there; just like you'd position a speed camera where people are likely to drive at excessive speed...
  16. With our little one we've always just removed ourselves from the situation. It's very challenging to deal with a child who is 'going nuclear' but just like everyone else has said, you have to remember that you're the parent and that you're the one in control. (this is obviously different in cases where the child is autistic - but that's not what this thread is about, it's about a toddler who was having a tantrum) It certainly wouldn't be the first time that one of us has taken the little one out of the situation, used distraction and a few firm words to bring things back under some s
  17. We don't have the 18 week rule in Wales but there's an excellent guide to it here: http://www.nhs.uk/choiceintheNHS/Rightsandpledges/Waitingtimes/Pages/Guide%20to%20waiting%20times.aspx In my own experience contacting the consultant's secretary and making sure they know you're happy to be seen on short notice usually works well. I recently got the 'call' on the Tuesday afternoon and was in theatre on Friday morning after someone cancelled.
  18. I think the PDM's are looking at this from a quite personal standpoint, if they're seen to be facilitating a reduction in the targets then it's their neck on the line. In some respects it would seem there's been a slight reduction in targets since my time there, only by one per month though - we were expected to get 8 people into a job each month.
  19. This doesn't surprise me sadly, but the targets were nigh on impossible to attain and totally inappropriate for dealing with people rather than sales targets.
  20. Thanks Martin, I'll look into the company option a little deeper and give the HMRC a shout.
  21. I’ve just been offered and agreed to take on some consultancy work by a local consortium. I’m currently working full-time in the NHS and this work, whilst linked, will be done in my own time (evenings / weekends). I’m wondering about the best way to separate and deal with the additional income which could be perhaps an additional £10k per year. I’ve looked, albeit very briefly, into creating a sole-trader company so that I can have a separate bank account and entity from my otherwise full-time PAYE income. So, what’s the best way to ensure I don’t get myself into a mire with
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