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  1. Have a look on eBay - the full units are on there for less than £50.00 and they're normally pretty easy to swap out.
  2. Wait, the police 'broke in'? Or do you mean executed a search warrant? As another road user, yes. They can and they should continue to test. Bear in mind also that while smoking at the wheel in its own right isn't an offence, driving without due care and attention is, fiddling around for your fags is no better than texting and given time will result in someone wedged into another car/wall/pedestrian.
  3. It's 2016 for heaven's sake - what are they scared of? We're on the cusp of a female president (heaven forbid that Trump wins), it's just over entitled stuffy old men in plaid trousers thinking they're the chosen ones. Hitting a ball with a stick and paying £10's of thousands a year for the pleasure isn't the sole domain of men...
  4. Sorry for creating the need for an edit - I didn't fore 'see' an issue.
  5. In other words Jeremy Edited Hunt was told to wind his neck in so the spin team can concentrate on lying to us all about Europe.
  6. and the Proctologist shoved the contract right up Jeremy's ar....
  7. My mistake, you're absolutely right. Good job I'm trading it in...
  8. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?460525-Legal-Name-Fraud
  9. just like a horse she's been ridden in a field too: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2761124/Katie-Hopkins-FINALLY-admits-caught-camera-outdoor-romp-husband-Celebrity-Juice.html
  10. Actually works very well for me as the owner of an older high performance car. Currently my VED is almost £500 a year, it'll fall to £140 under these changes.
  11. It doesn't seem unreasonable that you ought to pay for a session that you booked and failed to arrive for or cancel with sufficient notice. Unfortunately how you planned to travel there is only your own responsibility and if this were say, a dentist appointment you'd be charged. Just as you didn't have your lesson, the tutor didn't either, yet they had assigned 3 hours of their Saturday morning to you and then to not be paid for this when they could have booked another student in, gone shopping or out with their family. That time was wasted and it ought to be paid for.
  12. I was referring to our own personal circumstances, not attempting to speak for all medics like the clown in the DM. Simple really "the only thing that kept US in the UK."
  13. Better off, in which respect? Financially - yes, massively so - better pay/cheaper housing as a starter. Professionally - yes, the same development and training is needed Free time - yes, rotas are built on the need for a work/life balance Family life - perhaps not, this was the only thing that kept us in the UK
  14. The funniest bit by far is the assumption of greed, if Dr's were truly greedy they'd openly push the privatisation agenda. Our household income would at least double overnight if the NHS were to be privatised but instead, the JD's are out to keep the status quo, to maintain services which are already woefully underfunded and stretched - I see it day in day out and yet we're told by Jeremy that a 7 day NHS is required. Funny I've never seen opening hours posted outside our local DGH, funny that when after a 12 hour day we lock up our practice that people's calls are automatically diverted to an
  15. Well, given that much of it is hinged on the 'fact' they've taken a Hippocratic Oath so it's reasonable to assume that the rest of it is rubbish too. Which, being in the DM, an impeccable source of balanced and well written news is highly likely. https://tompride.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/mail-timeline-of-shame1.png
  16. Err, sorry to burst the Daily Fail devotee's bubble but doctors don't take the Hippocratic Oath. The Declaration of Geneva is used. Bearing in mind that they can't even get the simple stuff right it leaves you wondering about the rest of the 'facts' they use.
  17. Don't need a sicknote for a one/two day absence - I think it was Chicago where teachers were prohibited from striking and a mystery illness struck them on the same day and there was nothing that 'city hall' could do about it... But, far be it from that the most 'dangerous' thing JD's could possibly do is work to rule. I see, everyday, medical staff going above and beyond; missing out on family time, meals, breaks, trips to the toilet etc etc just to stay and help. For JD's to say 'Oh look, it's finishing-oclock, I'm going bye...' day in day out would be disasterous. It's astonishing
  18. No, this is a little like going to the airport for the airlines to announce that only the most experienced and qualified instructors will be flying your aircraft on Tuesday and Wednesday. You wouldn't have an issue with that I take it? So when the consultants, who fully support their junior colleagues, provide cover you can be assured that it's of the absolute highest standard. Emergencies will still be dealt with, babies will still be born and no-one is turning off the life support machines and ushering the visitors out of the door of ICU. If the SoSFH and Keogh were so concerned t
  19. It all makes me laugh a little - it's like the 'illuminati' stuff you see floating around facebook and the likes. It's good fun to bait conspiracy theorists and watch them disappear up their own bottom trying to explain/justify their assertions in the face of reason. My personal favorite is 'Chem-trails'...
  20. An interesting study that - they compare apples to oranges and claim one is safer than the other. Or course a paper towel won't aerosolise a fluid... But let's remember that the intention of the airblade is to dry hands that have been cleaned and not to airblast the bits of excrement from underneath someone's fingernails. The hygeine case spreads a little further when poor design of public toilets see insufficient bins/too long between cleans meaning a carpet of paper towels and most annoyingly, 'Pull' handles on the doors to get out of the facility. Pointless almost washing your own hand
  21. As someone who lives on a working farm, I can only second the advice to let your dog off the lead if approached by cattle. Please don't go down the route of so many people before who feel the need to try to protect their dogs from several tonnes of running meat. Letting your dog go will shift the cows attention to the undoubtedly far more nimble now off the leash dog offering you the chance to walk quickly to the edge of the field and to escape. Cows are curious at best and fiercely protective of their young at worst, Bulls on the other hand are an unpredictable law unto themselves and sh
  22. It's always astonished me that someone would choose to try to rob a farm - they're about the only places in the UK where you're likely to find a legally owned firearm, hundreds of acres of empty space and access to heavy plant machinery... Mind you, our border collie is an excellent deterrent for anyone trying to get onto our farm...
  23. Interesting isn't it then that they're so widely supported by their senior colleagues that it could be argued that the standard of care and safeguarding could well be higher on those days as the consultants themselves do the 'leg work' normally done by a JD. Scaremongering nonsense...
  24. Exactly why I asked what evidence he had that it had been moved by the council and not a third party? No reply though...
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