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  1. Hi Sali, in one way or another I've been around the healthcare system for as long as I can remember, professionally however my first experience was in 2002 working for a national out of hours deputising service. I was there in one capacity or another for about two years before being made redundant after the new GP contract came in in 2004. Fast forward nine years and a chance application found me in my first GP Practice management post after a long stretch in the charity sector. I'll do what I can to answer your questions in turn, but if I miss one please feel free to remind me. How
  2. Buel, I'm a practice manager in Wales. I'm tied up with looking after my little one at the minute to be able to respond fully but I will over the weekend.
  3. I guess anyone would be angry with themselves if they'd made a mistake like that.
  4. I guess that I can only really address that which I know as I am one of those much maligned NHS managers. So I’ll start with that, the reason I have a job is effectively to allow my employers, the GP’s to concentrate on actually being doctors and not circumnavigating the literally mountains of administrative and legislative work that it pushed our way. So, my job is to look after the accounts, make sure we’ve got staff in the right place at the right time, deal with complaints, look after the buildings, do all of the HR stuff that comes with having staff members, negotiating with suppliers and
  5. My Volvo T5 will turn a cheap disc into a Pringle in about 1000 miles. When you do come to replace them fit either OEM or Brembo/EBC. It's made worse in automatic cars as we often then hold the car on the brakes after long braking runs meaning that they don't cool evenly. Good luck getting it sorted.
  6. I think the 'goodwill' ship sailed the moment you referred to someone as a joke. The best you can hope for is some response under the details given by Bankfodder as I'm sure that they're unlikely to want to do anything more than comply with the law and their own terms and conditions now.
  7. Interestingly, in terms of the way a Pharmacy is paid it makes more sense to try to fill the prescription in the most simple way possible by doing it in one go. It's less efficient and more expensive to have to spilt packs of medication and in terms of the uncollected amount well, they wouldn't be paid for it as they can only claim for what's actually been dispensed. In terms of keeping stock, one of my favourite complaints from a patient was that they expected us to rifle through other patients' prepared prescription bags to see if the medication they'd neglected to order on time was in
  8. It's worth saying that unless you're in a seriously rural area, and by that I mean mid wales or the highlands then the pharmacist can order just about anything in for next day delivery. If it's the back end of nowhere then it's two days. It's the responsibility of the patient to ensure they've got enough. We've thousands of people to care for and we can't be checking people's cupboards too.
  9. Yep, the removal process which is known as an FP69 involves your local health authority writing to you twice and if they get no response whatsoever then the patient is flagged to the practice when we'll write again and try several times to contact you in writing and on your registered telephone numbers. If all of that fails then we have to assume that the patient is no longer at that address. The process is months end to end so unless you're on a round-the-world cruise for six months it's not going to happen whilst you're on holiday. The process also involves checking inpatient lists and takin
  10. Ah! I actually know the answer to this one (and hopefully a BSc Homs in Geography/Geology gets me on the first rung of scientists). So, if you're referring to the rocks that seems to wander around the valley of death in America on the dry lake bed the answer is surprisingly dull. It's a combination of weather conditions, on occasion despite being a desert the valley suffers heavy icing. This turns the ground surface in to a very slippery mud and the rocks which just sit on the surface are moved by the wind. Go to google and check it out!
  11. The hurricane issue is an interesting one and certainly links in to some ancient thinking about the beat of a butterfly's wings causing a storm. I suppose with my limited understanding of energy it's very much a case of getting out what you put in and the gentle push of a breeze is just that. Otherwise we'd be Ina constant state of chaos as every action, rather than creating an equal and opposite reaction, would grow in strength and violence exponentially.
  12. Anglesey - it's only 20 miles square and surrounded by the most spectacular coastline in the U.K.
  13. What's doubly frustrating is that when owners who are struggling with their pets for whatever reason be it financially or as a result of a change in circumstances try to re-home them they're often met with a barrage of abuse from the Facebook pet brigade. Despite trying to be responsible owners and realising they can no longer offer the care required they're accused of cruelty and of being terrible people.
  14. Yeah, sod everyone else - Roaringmouse is stamping their feet and wants to play outside. Halfway through delicate surgery Mr. Smith? Sorry, but we're having to stop and wait whilst the already stretched fire service send all available firefighters to a hoax call diverting them from real life saving oh and Mrs. Jones, don't keep pushing unless baby jones fancies making an appearance in the car-park. It's just that someone wanted a McDonalds happy meal and so they disrupted the whole hospital, every emergency service for 20 miles around and put countless lives at risk. Do you want a
  15. Before you go jumping up and down too much check your annual leave policy. It probably says 'at the discretion of the manager' Not a leg to stand on I fear.
  16. There's no need (for the medication alone, you may wish to discuss your issue with a GP) to make a GP appointment for this, larger quantities can be bought over the counter at a pharmacy for just as cheap. Last year I too was using maximum dose of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen alongside other prescription meds for pain control and I found it easier to buy almost in bulk from the same chemist who dispensed my other prescriptions. The pharmacist quickly learned who I was and that I wasn't stockpiling to do something awful.
  17. http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/uk_57a4a1aae4b04ca9b5d2cb5f ASDA gets it...
  18. To get back to the original question, no - there are no rules about who can use an accessible loo and who can't. I commonly use them and outwardly look perfectly mobile. However, major spinal surgery has left me stiff and cumbersome at times. So, the extra space is appreciated. I'm not registered disabled, can walk / run / jump up and down if the mood takes me but occasionally I need the handles and space (and privacy). I've even been challenged by someone who thought I shouldn't be using them, but a quick flash of my surgical scars soon shut them up. Disabilities aren't always vis
  19. The situation itself is dreadful and I can only echo the sentiments already expressed. It raises an interesting question too, especially with Mr. Trump's proposal is that there is no way to protect ourselves from our own people, if the perpetrator of this attack is as the news suggests a French citizen (albeit dual nationality) then how do we propose to stop such atrocities? A state of emergency and heightened security doesn't prevent those intent on causing havoc from doing so, it simply limits the freedoms of those who do abide by the law. Heaven forbid someone here was intent on doing
  20. Knowing how much security exists around the IT side of things, I'm perfectly happy where they are - and there are worse things to lose than a bunch of relatively meaningless to anyone else notes. We already get profiled with our Tesco points cards / bank cards etc so it's unlikely that my medical notes would add anything of value. It's far more advantageous to go after my 'identity' than it is my history. Besides, I already get hassled by just about every charity / company selling something at the moment, so an increase in background noise is more of an inconvenience to my spam filter than it
  21. Interesting that this thread should be resurrected after I read this a few days ago: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2013/aug/01/patient-legal-battle-medical-records It got me thinking about my own records and how in reality, there's lots of distressing things on there from cancer scares to the loss of a child and two brothers, major surgery and a catalogue of medication used to make my conditions manageable. None of it is particularly happy or easy to think about but the truth is that it forms part of a record of my mental and physical wellbeing which may one day be of use to someone
  22. and this is how well the 'name fraud' position works in court:
  23. Sorry OP, besides painting it bright neon colours and putting a flashing light on it I don't see how you could have seen the wall and not that. Either way you'd have hit the wall or perhaps mounted the grass had it have not been there. I'd write this down to experience and improved observation. As for potential for injuries, I'm not sure a brick wall would be any more forgiving.
  24. As is the Flu but at least you can vaccinate against the worst strains I keep seeing startling displays of utter nonsense, my most favourite being a police officer dragging one such idiot out of his car whilst he screams 'I don't consent' repeatedly like some magic incantation to make the nasty policeman disappear. Of course, it didn't work...
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