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  1. Yep, it's a Doppler/Ultrasound - personal experience of countless scans following spinal surgery.
  2. A GP lead for prescribing isn’t unusual, in fact it’d be more worrying if they didn’t have one. You say in an earlier post that your GP was continuing to prescribe until you’d seen an NHS consultant, whilst I can understand that you’d want the security of the private appointment but it seems in hindsight a bit unnecessary as your post of 12th March says that the consultant had told the GP practice to keep prescribing anyway. I do however totally understand your frustration, it can be frightening when medication you’re reliant on changes, I’ve personal experience of this and it’s not nice.
  3. Dear HMRC, recently I tried - albeit in vain to help someone realise that your automated processes for chasing up outstanding amounts are just that, and to explain that their ire was misdirected. As it now seems that the person I tried to help has accused me of working for you I'm directing my invoice to you. If you don't pay it I'm going to write increasingly strongly worded letters which will undoubtedly end up being discussed at your staff training days as an example of how to deal with a difficult customer. Yours sincerely, TAI.
  4. It's worth remembering that an adjustment for disability needs to be reasonable. Anyone could argue that an extra day's sick leave is reasonable when the employee won't engage in the employers attempts to establish what reasonable is. The employer doesn't know how the condition affects the employee without some sort of professional advice and guidance. OP, your daughter needs to be reasonable in this process too in order to get the most acceptable outcome.
  5. Sorry but you're shouting at an automated letter. If you do indeed work with huge amounts of data then you'll understand that almost all of the processes that deal with it are automated. For all intents and purposes Mrs. C Graham has never seen the letter, least of all committed some sort of defamatory act on your character.
  6. I agree with HB, I've seen a few IPFR's and whenever they have been declined it's been on the basis of an equivalent service being available through the normal channels. I'd imagine that if your GP was concerned he could refer you through the normal channel to a neurologist anyway.
  7. Write to your CCG asking under FOIA for their BRAG list and the minutes of the drugs and therapeutics group meetings.
  8. I agree with Grumpy and Pixel, to use a crude analogy it's like visiting a certain part of Amsterdam without a 'raincoat' because you know the signs, symptoms and transmission routes of STI's and think that the knowledge itself protects you. You've just been charged £30 to find out the hard way that your expert status offers no more protection from cyber crime than a cotton tshirt does during a storm.
  9. I think it's worth noting that this organisation appears to be a mass mailer, they just print , stuff the envelope and post the letter. They're not processing beyond that and companies such as these are used by NHS Trusts, utilities suppliers and the government. It's basically an extension of the print function on the HR bod's PC that takes care of the physical act of printing, stuffing and posting usually at a much lower cost than doing it in-house.
  10. So, go and speak with them. Write down what you need/when and ask them to reschedule things for you.
  11. Go and speak to the practice manager. There's a strong likelihood that they're yet to receive your medical records so are still trying to get things settled in. This can be challenging especially with Stoma supplies as the companies are experts at taking the pee in more ways than you can imagine. This should be an easy one to sort out but may take a bit of fiddling to get it right.
  12. There’s potentially a few things at play here when it comes to the meds you don’t order very often. So, in order of likelihood these are the possible issues: 1. It’s not actually on your repeat meds, instead it’s issued as an acute script each time it’s requested. 2. It’s an ‘as required’ medication so there’s likely to be no clear dosage/time/usage guidance on the system regarding the meds. 3. It could be showing as being overused on their system and not allow them to print the script without GP approval 4. It could be on your repeats but be limited by the n
  13. I think it's important here to separate the making of a complaint and seeking compensation. If your preferred outcome is some sort of financial redress then speak to a solicitor to see if they'll take on your case. Lodging a complaint with the health board is unlikely to realise a financial outcome.
  14. I had mine cancelled three times for the same reason.
  15. It is shocking, and it's playing out all over the UK. I'm going to stay off my political soapbox but this is what happens when systematic underfunding and rot sets in.
  16. Okay, this is the official definition and reasoning for a drug being categorised as red. The Red List is an advisory list where it is considered by the Drugs & Therapeutics Group which drugs should remain completely under the prescribing responsibility of the consultant or specialist clinician. It is recommended that the supply of these specialist medicines should be organised via the hospital pharmacy, this may include arranging for the supply via a home care company. However, there may be circumstances where supply may be made using prescriptions and in such circumstances liai
  17. Sorry, I’ve had one of ‘those’ weeks where one day seems to blend into another and one issue seems to grow legs and run off just as another rears its head. Okay – so just a quick response, please forgive me. There really is no need to track anyone down, your experience ought to be enough without needing to validate it with another person. I wonder if the dispenser would call out ‘Okay Mr. X, your Sildenafil is ready?’ – no, this is unacceptable although I’ve probably been guilty of saying something similar before, especially ‘Oh hello Mrs. X, you here for your flu jab?’ it’s cha
  18. Not necessarily, nhsbsa just wanted you to pay for your own treatment.
  19. Bazza is quite right, yes. Although the same principle applies, call the hospital and ask to speak to one of the department secretaries and explain what you need, they're normally really helpful.
  20. Speak to your GP surgery, the clinical letters will be in your notes and will detail who carried out the procedure. No need to go to the lengths of FOI requests.
  21. I think there's a few sides to this, the call handling team aren't clinically qualified so don't have any discretion over what is relevant and what isn't even though their inner common sense alarm is howling. What's an annoyance for patients is even more so for the staff as they're doing it on every call they receive. The consequences of not doing so however are probably a short cut to a p45. I'd go and have a chat with the GP if you're son is experiencing breakthrough pain so severely. I was given a small bottle of oramorph for my post operative recovery after having my back done. I onl
  22. I think the key thing in all of this is to tell the truth. If the WP worker raised the doubt 15 mins before you arrived just how late were you? Being late for an appointment is perhaps quite distinct from missing it altogether. I wonder if you're able to demonstrate having contacted the office to advise that you weren't going to be on time? As Lapsed says, it's about showing that there can be no doubt about your engagement in the program. Had the adviser raised the doubt within moments of the start of your appointment I'd agree that it was unreasonable however if it was done when the appointme
  23. Okay then, sorry for the delay in responding. First things first, a complaint doesn’t need to be made in writing in order to be taken seriously. I’m dealing with a serious one at the moment that came to me in a telephone call, I then took lots of notes and wrote back to the person to ensure that I had fully grasped the nature of their concerns by summarising what I understood. Once they confirmed that I was on the right track, job done. Secondly, the ‘board’ don’t need to know about complaints when they happen (unless they’re especially serious and yours isn’t), we do however send an
  24. Thanks all for your kind words, they're much appreciated. Ford, to be absolutely honest I've only skimmed over the bill as it's 'English' and the Welsh NHS is devolved so we're separated from it in a number of ways. That said, on the face of it it seems like a good idea but I really need to sit down with it and pull it to pieces to fully understand it all and tonne able to comment fairly on it. It's always with interest that I read about de-marketisation, of course General Practice is and forever has been the acceptable face of privatisation in the NHS with it's GP partner model an
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