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  1. Can I ask what your preferred outcome is in making the complaint?
  2. Well, here it is confirmed - the recent influx of letters with regards to prescription charges and dental work is part of a crackdown on fraud that costs over £1bn. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-41824180
  3. Incidentally, Stu - as a PM I would have only referred back to the pharmacy and nhsbsa. Regardless of how the script got to it’s destination the responsibility to ensure it’s correctly processed and dispensed lies with both the pharmacy and the patient who needs to tick the appropriate box. However, the sooner NHS England catches up with the devolved nations and makes prescriptions free, the better. Here in sunny wales we don’t have the same issues and the NHSBSA only tend to chase dental patients when they’re not making our lives difficult in practice.
  4. Dear The Tig, I hate to be so blunt but people who read your posts may not necessarily be the best people to answer them, and there’s nothing worse than a thread full of mournful platitudes about how terrible it must be, especially in just 14 hours between your op and proclamation of going it alone. Unfortunately NHSBSA are seemingly in the midst of a crackdown and as you’ve undoubtedly seen by browsing the page yourself there are a few people in similar situations at the moment. The truth is that in reality it seems you have two options, either pay the fine or fight it and r
  5. It’s challenging in that you’re likely to be reliant upon the complaints process of the provider. As that provider was not the NHS you’d be best doing some research on their process and then engaging with that. In some respects though they key thing is that even when paying to go private you’re first and foremost paying for the opinions of a qualified person. Difference in clinical opinion and preferences in investigation and treatment aren’t just confined to the NHS and above all else, if a clinician does not feel that a certain test or procedure is in the patient’s best interest then t
  6. I for one am actually looking forward to reading the outcome of this. Please do keep us informed.
  7. I’ve decided you ought to give it a rest rather than dragging out some protracted argument based on your misunderstanding of what’s been written.
  8. The bottomless pit that is the Consultants out-tray...
  9. Eric’s Brother, I can tell you from first hand experience that electronic notes aren’t easily edited. On the odd occasion I’ve had to do this because of an incorrect entry (details added onto a patient they don’t relate to etc) the process and audit trail is a mile wide. The entry itself remains and is marked and discounted from further usage. In reality a paper record would be far more likely to be edited without any evidence being left. OP, if you’re concerned about potential edits then ask for the audit trails to be provided too. They’ll show every interaction with the records i
  10. How did you receive your response?
  11. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a monster; Layla, you've been drafting this letter for 984 days. You've received several different views on how to do this and all you really need do is copy/paste from this thread onto a word document. When I'm dealing with a patient's complaint I don't sit and score the grammar or syntax, I don't really care if there are spelling mistakes or the dates aren't exact because I can get those later from our records. Please, decide what it is you want to do and what outcome you're seeking and then act on it. You're perfectly capable of explaining the pro
  12. Always great to see an update, hope you're feeling better every day.
  13. The NHS did not, as you put it, 'engineer' anything. No one sat in an office with the sole intent of creating a gap of a few days in which you had been identified as being likely to collect your medication and thereby commit fraud. Instead, they operated within their publicly available terms and conditions. Your ignorance of these and any defence based on the same is meaningless the moment you signed the prescription to indicate your acceptance and understanding of those very conditions. If this were the consumer contract section of CAG the first question anyone would ask is 'what did you sign
  14. So, to summarise: You signed to say that you had something which you did not, despite the fact that the very thing you signed explains that it is your responsibility to check and in an act of petulant revenge you're going to somehow 'punish' the NHS for following the terms you had explicitly signed your acceptance of in collecting your medication because your financial arrangements aren't sufficiently well organised? How wonderfully public spirited of you...
  15. So, correct me if I'm wrong but they didn't cancel an existing card they just prevented it from being renewed as you were turning 60 within days of the expiry of the card?
  16. very rarely does the GP actually diagnose cancer. They suspect it, refer the patient to the hospital for tests. We don't have a CT or MRI machine here, nor are we able to carry out extensive pathological testing. No, our GP's use their clinical judgment and NICE guidance to steer their decision making and where they feel that a patient may be at risk will refer them appropriately.
  17. Do you know what really works well for me? I ask them politely not to come back, that's it.
  18. I've seen it done before where you and buyer go to your nearest bank branch and they pay in to your account over the counter. You then get the added benefit of it all being on CCTV and the buyer can use their debit card in the bank. Hand over the keys and V5c slip / receipt and pull a tenner out of the hole in the wall for a taxi home.
  19. Okay, so the appointments were booked because they're a finite resource, once those in three days are booked then there's no magic involved just simple supply and demand. We can't offer a patient an appointment that's already booked by someone else, I'm certain that British Airways allow me to book in advance too but once those seats are full the website's general statements of 'Book Now' or something similar are pretty useless. It's no secret whatsoever that GP services all over the UK are under exceptional demand and in suggesting that you call at 8am the receptionist was offering their advi
  20. Totally agree, Bazza. There's a line between firmly sticking to the policies and processes in place and being rude. However, not getting what you want doesn't automatically mean that the receptionist is rude or unprofessional. If my colleagues have in to every request for slightly different treatment then the whole system would disintegrate. We do allow patients with specific needs to use our system to the best of their abilities but I'm afraid that I would have never have considered a slightly inconvenient commute timing as a specific need. I'd just expect the patient to do what I and tens of
  21. There’s a good few points to address here so I’ll try to do it in order but if I get sidetracked bear with me. I’ve read your message a few times over the weekend so hopefully I can have a relatively good understanding of what’s happened / happening. I’ll start with what seemed to be the original issue – online booking / availability. Online booking systems take a few different forms but they’re actually all quite similar. It would seem that you’d had difficulty finding an available appointment and the receptionist had asked that you either call or try online from a certain time. That wil
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