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  1. Have a look here, it's most definitely not just shop work http://www.volunteeringbradford.org/
  2. I think that's where the initial intention of MWA comes in, I'm not arguing that it appears to be found wanting in the way it's implemented, but in helping to expose people to new skills and environments it's a fantastic resource. For someone with limited experience, whose chances of finding similar work that's suitable are slim to none then it's an excellent opportunity to develop skills doing something new. In the case of where someone refuses to consider developing new skills it's especially challenging, lets be brutally honest, certain sections of the economy are unlikely to re-v
  3. This might help, pop your postcode in, then the postcode of the placement and it'll work it out for you. http://www.traveline-northwest.co.uk/journeyplanner/enterJourneyPlan.do?hss=r4Zbp280510022 As has been said earlier, if it's less than 90 mins then that's pretty much it.
  4. What about the CAB then? Always crying out for help, you can use the knowledge you'll gain to help yourself and others and you'll be nowhere near a shop floor or kitchen apart from getting yourself a cuppa and a bourbon cream...
  5. Gordy, Ask to speak with the practice manager, yes GP's are busy - busier than most give them credit for but there's still a reasonable expectation that things will happen without excessive delay. Explain to the reception team that you wish to complain, you'll soon be put through. I'm a PM for a small practice and dealing with a full blown complaint is far more taxing than giving a GP a gentle shove and then sending the fax yourself. If you want things to happen quickly, ask for an appointment with the Practice Manager as you wish to discuss some concerns you have... Things shou
  6. I've employed three people in the last 12 months, hardly earth shattering I know but the ONLY sources of information that I'm aware of that a prospective employer is likely to be interested in are: DBS / PVG Criminal Record Checks Previous employer references Credit ratings (in financial services) Background / Vetting (in terms of MOD / Restricted types of work) I certainly wouldn't be interested in anything that wasn't regulatory as a third party 'opinion' particularly as the holder is likely to charge for the privilege of checking their virtual 'naughty step'.
  7. Okay, you want a transparent answer - here goes. I didn't answer your question as it is based on a wildly inaccurate assumption that we don't have such a notice. We do in fact, have a notice to that effect. However the wording is slightly different as the above introduces some ambiguity around who is doing the recording. Ours simply says: You are welcome to use your mobile device / telephone to record your discussion with the Doctors or Nurse here at the practice. We do ask however that if you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment that you speak to any
  8. Sorry, I'm a little confused. Please may I ask why you think there isn't such a sign?
  9. I thought I should clarify my concern a little before anyone else thinks this is an attempt at anything other than opening discussion. I'm reliably informed, by the software developers, that the medical record would update immediately that an entry was added, such as the test results I mention above. From what I can see, the only way around this is to do it in one of a few ways: 1. Have the results shown 'warts-n-all' the moment they arrive without any interpretation as yet (normally, results are checked at the end of each clinic - so twice a day here and interpreted there and t
  10. Just a note, this is already quite possible dependent upon which clinical recording system your surgery uses. As we change from one version of our software to another in Autumn 2014 it's something we'll be looking into. Key concerns just now are the lack of interpretation on results if they're displayed instantly etc. Quick example (using me as the guinea pig): Recently I had a series of blood tests, one of which is a CRP (C-Reactive Protein). My results for that came back from the lab waving every 'abnormal' red-flag imaginable - it's one of many indicators that look for inflam
  11. This is dreadful, I can't begin to imagine what the person who sat down to write this possibly thought that they would achieve. The clue in the dreadful spelling you'd hope would be enough but I know of at least two patients of ours that called in an absolute state.
  12. I'm not for a moment suggesting that that's the way things SHOULD be, I am however saying that this is how they ARE. you're right, it is gross ineptitude and it is unacceptable but it doesn't change the way that it is. I understand that the indecision seems to be the challenging part of it and not the monetary aspect. The system is, for now, the system; and we all have to work our way through it and when it comes time use our democratic process to show the government that we're dissatisfied with almost every aspect of their leadership.
  13. The wrong stuff, the reason people aren’t replying is largely that you’re answering your own questions or simply making statements about your dissatisfaction. In some respects it seems that your dissatisfaction is with the way that the UK handles its affairs in general and, if I read your post correctly it seems that you've gone part of the way to remove yourself from the UK. However, if you are dependant upon the state to support your needs in one way or another then it means being subject to the rules and regulations that guide this support. A lot of people here are caught in the
  14. I wouldn't have any reservations about a patient recording their consultation in my practice but I can perhaps go some way to explaining why it's not done routinely. In terms of cost and logistics it would be completely prohibitive. Let's put some scale on this, in primary care alone (so GP's and practice nurses) there are over 340,000,000 individual consultations every year. Each of those, on very broad average, lasts for around 10 minutes (some are less, some are significantly longer). Then of course, the NHS would need to store that information for a period of time, now as i
  15. Margaret, Thanks for the link to the article in Pulse, it’s a really useful resource and one we use a lot. There’s always been a bit of a ‘gap’ when it comes to Doctors’ opinion on work related matters. In fact the introduction of the fit-note was similar as GP’s were not equipped to make decisions on what aspects of someone’s role were / were not likely to worsen their condition and so in all of the notes we produce I don’t think I’ve seen more than a handful that say that ‘You may be fit for work taking into account the following advice:’ GP’s are, oddly enough, just GP’s th
  16. Why involve CAB? Because they're a free experienced and trained resource with the sole purpose of getting the best possible outcome for you. I'm talking holistically when I say get them involved in the whole appeals process and make use of their expertise. This may depend on the clinical system used in your practice but ours (called EMIS ) produces a summary of all of the patient's health concerns and medications in the first few pages before it shows individual consultations, test results, letters and so on. So it's very easy indeed to gather an excellent overview of the patient's conditions
  17. I'd better start this by explaining that I'm a Practice Manager in a rural practice. There's a number of things at play here as to why your GP might be unwilling to write a speculative supporting letter. I say speculative as there's no result from the WCA either way as yet. GP's do indeed have almost insurmountable workloads and so in the absence of a decision from the DWP I can see why they might be reluctant at the moment. Equally without specific questions the GP is left to guess at what the aim of the letter is, hence the reason why they prefer to respond to questions relat
  18. Without being short about it, you're absolutely right. Companies tend only to recruit entry level jobs in large numbers and unfortunately entry level jobs attract salaries around NMW. I don't necessarily believe that this is right or proper and that some roles, like those in the care industry, don't reflect the level of responsibility and work in the salaries that they offer. If the JCP or a WP provider knew about these jobs and did nothing to raise awareness then they'd be criticised too. So, yes - all to often the roles advertised are entry level and the salaries offered reflect
  19. It's just a chemical at the end of the day I suppose and some people are more prone to reactions than others. For some reason I need about twice the dose of anesthetic at the dentist's but in hospital the dose of 'conscious sedation' I was given before a procedure knocked me into next week, literally - I lost a day and was off my feet for another 3 days...
  20. The key is to put the emphasis on what you are doing. "I'm busy looking for work near my new home in Yorkshire" sounds a lot better than "I don't want to look for jobs around here" and is less likely to get a reaction from an adviser. The adviser wants you to be looking for work, so to put it on a plate in front of them makes everyone's life easy. I'd recommend throwing a million questions at them: "I want to do ......, how do I get that info across?" "I prefer to work outside/indoors/with people/whatever, what roles do you recommend?" "Can you tell me how to answer ..... q
  21. I was the complete opposite - I had to take it sitting in bed and then 10 mins later it was lights out for 12 hours... Then the most incredible tiredness for the rest of the day. As you say though it did ease off after about a month but I was in the habit then of it being the last thing I did before going to bed.
  22. These info sessions are generally just that, an information session held either by or on behalf of an employer in the area that is undertaking a big recruitment drive. Normally people will be selected to go on them so you wouldn't send someone who was only interested in retail / office work to a construction session and vice-versa. The session will normally consist of some information about the jobs on offer, the recruitment process and what to expect. From there you're hopefully able to make a decision on if it's right for you and be better prepared for the next steps. We did a
  23. Just tell your GP how you're feeling and ask them for more time. Citalopram isn't a 'nice' medication to take and can have some pretty difficult to deal with side-effects.
  24. Sorry, managed to submit that without finishing it… Speak to some of the volunteering places that might interest you and see what they can offer at the moment. Try to remember that whilst it might be an office like environment at first sight many such places I’ve visited are very relaxed and accepting. Even if the first few times is just a 5 or 10 minute visit to say hello and have a cuppa, then maybe 20 mins or half an hour keeping busy with something and trying to build it up from there.
  25. Hi Telemark, I don’t profess to be an expert on this so please bear with me, I used to work for a big charity that used volunteers extensively and for a while we did contemplate offering home based volunteering. We ran into a few problems, the first was being able to offer training to people either at their home or gathering people together in groups to do the same. As you describe in your post you may find that getting to a training session with other people quite challenging at the moment. The alternative of sending someone out to people’s homes fell victim to the difficulties arou
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