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  1. I'd also go and get someone on your side, contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau/ advice services and get them involved early on in the process.
  2. I've been following this with interest and will continue to do so, I've yet to have any dealings with the PHSO either professionally or personally so it's intere to get an insight into people's opinion of the service. I can't help but wonder what qualifications would be appropriate for dealing with such a broad base of problems, you don't necessarily want someone clinical for and administrative error and likewise vice versa but then staffing and paying for a specialist team is likely to be even more expensive than training lay people. Just as I and most of my colleagues come from jus
  3. As you wish, good luck with your job search and indeed everything else.
  4. Chuks, I'm fully aware of some of the less than favourable ways that job coaches / advisers might work, I've seen it myself. In saying that I can't understand why discussing what you actually want to do with someone is 'difficult' I am thinking of what they could actually 'do' with that information. If we take it to worst case scenario; they 'may' go online, find jobs that match your preferences and mandate you to apply for them. Meaning that if you fail to do so you may be subject to a sanction. Of course, these are jobs that you want, so there's no reason not to apply besides
  5. I'm sorry, perhaps this is me not understanding but would I be right in thinking that you'll have at least one 'Job Goal' on your Job Seekers agreement, and that yes, this 'should' have been sent to the WP provider with your other information. Now, it's possible that this goal was set perhaps two years ago now (a year on JSA before your referral to WP in most cases). So is it entirely unreasonable for your adviser to want to re-visit this? No. What's potentially more frightening is that for some reason they don't have it and you've made it through the first half of your time on
  6. Sali / Gem77, the OP's OH will most definitely have a full pre-operative assessment before anything is done, the anaesthetists will need to know exactly how well the patient can tolerate the surgery before he/she would dream of proceeding, likewise the operating consultant. The COPD review from a GP / Primary Care perspective is just that, a review into the patient and how well they're doing and a chance to discuss medication / lifestyle etc. Only under the most extreme circumstances such as trauma would an operation be carried out without a thorough pre-op. I last had some 'work'
  7. In all honesty, if there wasn't an appointment, I'd have made one. There really is no need for a fight, believe me we're never immune to hearing that people are unwell. We do get better at dealing with it but hearing that someone is ill or worse always has an effect on us all. It wouldn't be the first time for me to go home feeling upset or shocked at learning of someone's diagnosis.
  8. Gem77, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You’ve already been given some excellent advice in respect of writing to the PM and, for the time being at least, concentrating on you and your OH. With regards to his COPD / Pre Operative assessment I can’t begin to think of a reason why the PM wouldn’t agree to bringing that forward besides perhaps the equipment not working or something similar. When you go in today ask to speak with the PM and, if they’re not already offering (and they should) ask to go somewhere private. Now, it’s possible that the PM may not be th
  9. Gem77, firstly I'm so very sorry to read of your OH's diagnosis. I am, what some people on here would call 'one of them' and work as a GP practice manager. You absolutely should complain. If, for whatever reason your OH's referral took months to be sent then there's a serious breakdown somewhere. You can initiate the complaint and handle it on your OH behalf, all I would ask in the circumstances is that he sign a consent form to signify that he is happy for us to deal with you in respect of his confidentiality. If this were me, knowing the way things work as I do, I'd first a
  10. Completely agree, we occasionally have to re-synchronise people's prescriptions so that they aren't asking for a repeat every week as they progress through the year with uneven amounts in each box. It's a little thing but definitely adds to our workload and proves frustrating for patients. Brigadier, I think that as we're a smaller dispensing practice it's easier to keep a close eye on things however the possibility of issues arising in practices with many more patients, especially those with high numbers of temporary residents such as Uni students must be an additional worry. We're rural
  11. They're free here... The inhaler issue is in part no real joke for the NHS however. Ventolin inhalers are relatively inexpensive and that was back in 2004... One present issue is with genuine users of steroid inhalers, at over £60 each from the supplier (that's with bulk purchasing discounts) we find that people stockpile them. I'm absolutely all for people ensuring that they have one close to hand; perhaps one in a drawer at home, another in your bag / at your desk at work. But we find that people order them every month (who are we to say that they're not using them) only to find t
  12. It seems that on the basis of it being exempt from the safe custody requirements of other drugs in the same class, a significant part of the shift to controlled status is to act as a deterrent to clinicians for prescribing it where it's not fully clinically indicated. You're right in what you're saying Silverfox, there are many drugs that are liable to abuse that are not on the controlled drugs register and I'd imagine that it's just a matter of time before that scope is expanded to include other commonly misused medication. The one that surprised me particularly was the good old ventolin
  13. Hi CitizenB, it was back in June that it became a controlled drug. http://www.prescriber.org.uk/2014/06/update-to-controlled-drugs-legislation/ In the case of Tramadol it seems it was due to it's likelihood of being abused / sold and it's one of a number of drugs that GP's are actively monitored on the amount we prescribe.
  14. Yes, absolutely. The best person to speak to initially is the Practice Manager. Please be aware that most of us PM's work part-time and so might not be there when you call. However, when you do ask to make an appointment to see them with regards to a complaint. Generally, they'll bring you in as soon as possible. There are stringent regulations in place that govern how we deal with complaints and they should be discussed with you so that you know what to expect. The rules tend to differ by health board area but not by much, so what you might like to do is find out which is your local health bo
  15. Just an observation from reading the first page and the tone of the OP's replies. It's clear that you were drunk, acting silly and the police got involved for the sake of the staff and the rest of the passengers on that train. Accept your slap on the wrist and move on.
  16. I think, and have said before, that it is, for the time being at least, entirely impractical to impose recording consultations on a national basis. I would dread to think that a video of me having an intimate examination carried out was sat somewhere, out of my control. However, even from personal experience, I fully understand that it only takes one less than perfect encounter with a healthcare professional to destroy the trust between that patient and all other practitioners. Recording is, I suppose, likely to be contentious for quite a while yet. We're happy for patients to record here
  17. There's nothing I've come across that would work quite like that (although I'd happily be proved wrong). However, it may be the case that you could claim for damages if there were any and offset the cost. But, I'm not a legally qualified person and I'd strongly suggest that you seek qualified advice before proceeding. I wonder if it's just your GP that's not referring you or if the consultant has decided not to scan and on what basis. If the results of a scan may not necessarily change your treatment then they may err on the side of clinical judgement before exposing you to the scann
  18. Maybe it's also worth asking for a copy of your records (ask for a 'brief summary', it's not that brief and generally contains the narrative from the most recent consultations) and sight of the letters from the specialists. Sometimes seeing for yourself what's written can help a little bit. I'm not medically qualified in any way however I am utterly surrounded by those that are and can pick up some of the more common themes. If you have a specific diagnosis that you want to exclude then please do be specific in your complaint / meeting about it. Be prepared for the fact that there m
  19. I think it may well be time to pop a complaint in, part of the process for us as PM's here at least is to offer a face to face meeting. This could be a great opportunity to discuss each of your concerns, ask what the plan is going forward and to ask what they've done to exclude the diagnoses that you feel they are ignoring.
  20. Well, based on the weather we've had over the last few weeks I reckon that there's quite likely going to be some hot men and hot women. He can check here: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/ Seriously though, it's two people having a conversation in work. They're not likely to want to discuss the likelihood of a peace deal being brokered in the middle east nor the merits of petrol vs diesel vehicles. They're just passing the time with each other in the exact same way that happens in every workplace.
  21. I think that for many people the 'just curious' checking is largely unacceptable and the suggestion that everyone is at it doesn't necessarily mean that it's right. I can imagine the outrage on here if someone saw an advisor checking their profile or indeed posting on w2w forums about what they had seen.
  22. Silly question, have your sinuses and perhaps even your teeth been checked?
  23. Please do consider attending a fear of flying course. I did so a few years back and it really did help. http://www.flyingwithoutfear.co.uk/ http://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/information/special-assistance/flying-with-confidence?utm_source=TwitterButton&utm_medium=UK&utm_campaign=FearOfFlying http://fearlessflyer.easyjet.com/ and loads of others, it'll give you back weeks of your life spent on the train / coach / bus if you make the journey a few times. (and as I found out, the aircraft has more than one air conditioning system...)
  24. At least by taking control of the situation you avoid the inevitable. Choose where, when, how with whom and get genuinely beneficial experience or let someone choose for you and mandate your attendance to boot. Hardly equates to a trip to the gallows.
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