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  1. Thought I'd post my recent experience of how it should be done by maufacturers and dealers. I drive a 2008 Volvo C70 which I bought locally from a independant secondhand car dealer in June last year. Recently the boot lid started unlocking itself and you could hear the catch 'cycling' as if I was holding my hand on the button. As it's one of these hard-top convertibles the boot is part of a massively complex mechanism that splits the roof into three bits, stacks them on top of one another and pops it all in the boot, I opted to bite the bullet and take the car to Volvo rather than ri
  2. Tommy, I think this really merits some proper investigation and by all accounts the health board concerns team are best placed to help with this. Getting details of exactly what was given and when, what was written in notes - it might also be worth contacting the gentleman's GP (you'll need his permission, of course) to see what info is on his file with regards to his adverse reaction to Morphine. Allergies such as these may (and should) be held on the gentleman's GP record but of course, as the initial admission was an emergency these notes may not have been available to the teams worki
  3. It's worth adding that as a controlled drug, the morphine will have to have been prescribed by a doctor and in the circumstances most likely by the operating surgeon or his team for post operative pain relief. If I was looking into this I'd be checking for parallel prescribing of some form of laxative. The obstruction in the gentlemans bowel is a worrying turn. Part of this complaint needs to look at whether any constipation was reported and what monitoring took place prior to discharge, were his bowel movements recorded I wonder? Was there any sign of impending issues prior to discharge
  4. Tommy, Complain directly to the NHS Trust involved, have a quick look on their website and you'll find details of the concerns team, they'll co-ordinate the complaint as a whole rather than having to direct different letters to different departments. Independant organisations like CAB or PALS might be worth involving too. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When it comes to the prescribing of morphine, it's normally done together with a laxative to prevent the constipation that inevitably follows. However, to end up with a blo
  5. The key thing here, as the others have said is to check your contract paperwork, it's those terms and conditions that you've signed in acceptance of.
  6. Hmm, this is just good old fashioned reactionary nonsense. Dear Mr. Volvo, I'm taking you to court because of the 230bhp you told me my car has its now suddenly dawned on me that some of this power is used to drive the alternator which, in turn powers the ECU which manages the engine. Alongside this there are other ancillary, transmission and heat losses and despite the fact that those operations are integral in the car's operation it means I'm not getting my full 230bhp to the road. So, because you 'made' me take it to be tuned I'm going to sue you... Hmm, okay.
  7. Thanks folks, yeah the website was about as non-specific as it gets. We're in an enabled area apparently but the ISP's are non the wiser and I'd be astonished if they didn't have to at least do something to the existing cabling which is in a pretty poor state in some places despite my repeated calls to report it. Not sure the main lines should just by lying on the top of the hedge...
  8. I suppose it's the fine line between encouragment and pressure and it's down to perception I guess. I'm sure your adviser will be keen for you to finish asap, and I can't see much reason for dragging it out. I'm sure that her desire for you to finish asap might be useful as leverage if/when your sign on time clashes with the PC availability, I'm sure she'd be happy to accomodate.
  9. Wow, I think you're right - electronic counter measures get fitted to fighter jets, not doctor's rooms.
  10. I wonder if anyone has any further information on the Superfast Wales roll-out. We live in a very rural part of the Isle of Anglesey and so our internet and telephone come down a good old fashioned copper wire from the local exchange, which is about 2 miles away. As you can imagine, our broadband (can't really call it that to be honest) is no faster than about 2mbps down and perhaps a 1/4 of that 'up'. The website is saying that our cabinet is connected but having spoken to Sky (our current ISP) they tell me that our max speeds are still just 1.5 to 2 mbps. Are there any more d
  11. In all honesty, complain to the JCP involved. Ask to speak with the manager and take with you all of the information you've presented here. Drop it on the desk in front of him/her and ask for an explanation as to what's happening. At least then you're not reliant on someone so disconnected as the Director for Operations.
  12. There is, speak with your GP practice manager. I've spoken to two patients today and called the consultant on their behalf to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of a wait. Likewise we also get quarterly stats on average wait times. Good luck with your op
  13. Just out of interest, I ended up having to attend our local A&E yesterday following an injury that having been checked by a GP, required a more specialist opinion. You know what; yes it was busy, yes I had to wait for a few hours but when I was called through everyone I spoke with was courteous and polite, I was treated with care and precision and in the matter of 4.5 hours in total, I had been seen and treated by a specialist consultant and suitably dosed up and sent on my way. The best of it was, that all I owed those people at the end was a smile and a handshake. The very thought o
  14. Can't speak to the exact rulings but my understanding of this has always been that the first / last journeys were private as your commute to and from work. In all honesty, 5 miles seems quite reasonable, in the instance where we had to travel further than our usual commute to a meeting as a 'first' journey then we would have to subtract the usual commute distance (one-way) from our claim. My daily commute was 84 miles, and so as a rule mileage in excess of 420 a week could be claimed, everything else was down to me (my own fault for getting a job so far away!).
  15. Having been vocal as she has makes her an ideal person to shape the claimant / customer experience. Regardless of your take on it, Maximus are only ever going to administer the contract that they've got. They're not in a position to change or potentially even influence the government set criteria, simply measure claimants against that criteria.
  16. It's clear from her blog that she's a very articulate, intelligent person - finding a role that takes account of that rather than her physical abilities albeit unlikely for most ought to be celebrated, not criticised. I've said before how I've worked with people with debilitating illnesses who've been just as good at their job as anyone else, can an office worker now work remotely from home during flare-ups - of course, the difficult bit is finding the job that lets you. Potentially, this lady will take in to the meetings and organisation the voice and message that this forum and so
  17. Another +1, interviewed for the job I'm currently doing in a hotel, once before also over two days in another hotel with a room and evening meal provided - previously in Starbucks too although the most unusual had to be the one I had sat in a retail store in the display area with potential customers walking past. It was difficult to look smart on a big comfy sofa... I would never discount wherever a potential employer chooses to interview their staff and certainly not write it off before I'd got there and spoken to the interviewers. Not all organisations have suitable facilities available
  18. Thanks Sali, it's been a challenging yet interesting time in seeing all that the NHS has to offer from both perspectives. I also your year year brings peace and all that you wish for. nolegion, you are of course right, £60 and a handful of Quality Street is in the grand scheme of things just small change in comparison to some of the shocking footage that's been obtained like this. I hope that the regulators and courts keep the level of perspective over such recordings that they have in the past, no part of ensuring the well-being of your family, even in your absence ought to be frowned up
  19. TJ, they'll ust be using the JCP offices as a space to do the interviews. Quite common and no reason for anything more than an introduction "Hi, this is TJ - your 10 o'clock"...
  20. You're right, we operate under such scrutiny and regulation that you can't expect clinical staff to stay abreast of the CQC's latest hair-brained plan to regulate the type of seats in the waiting area or the colour of the single-use curtains around beds on wards. The NHS has changed, significantly. We only tick boxes the government tell us that we have to tick, we only push our pens over paperwork that yet again requires hours of work to claim a small slice of funding that's absolutely crucial to maintain patient services. The government and regulators have created a self-serving monster that
  21. Sali, I'm afraid to say that I know of at least one person who was caught with their 'hand in the cookie jar' by a camera concealed in a teddy bear by rightly suspicious relatives. The woman involved, who I went to a youth club with back in the early 90's was caring for (I use that term loosely) a terminally ill elderly lady and decided to help herself to whatever cash was in her purse. The family suspected this and placed 3 £20 notes in mums purse having taken note of the serial numbers and let teddy-cam catch her in the act. Thankfully the police responded appropriately, as did the courts an
  22. That's the bit that terrifies me, I'd hate to think over the last 5 years what sort of a bill we'd have at home right now: 1 live birth 1 Still birth 1 Emergency Gall Bladder removal 1 Colonoscopy 1 Post Mortem Countless GP / Midwife / Consultant appointments 1 Funeral - NHS provide a basic funeral service for bereaved parents of still born children 3 full genetic analysis (as a part of the investigation into the still birth) 3 Emergency Department visits 6 Items of medication on repeat each month I'm honestly guessing we'd have topped a £million by USA standards..
  23. It's well known that they store details of getting repeated quotes, I've always found that either using 'Private Browsing' or clearing all cookies and cached info before starting works well but then buy there and then and don't rely on coming back to it.
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