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  1. Twinkle, a few things to do maybe: Get back in touch with your GP, by phone is probably best (it's an exceptionally busy time of year for GP practices and I'm certain she'll appreciate your patience) and find out a little more about your original referral. Was it direct to Liverpool Royal and their dental hospital or was it to Max Fax? Under what premise was the referral made? Was it a matter of cosmetic dentistry or functional problems? Ask if she's willing to call and speak to the department before re-referring you so that she can impress on them the importance of having this done and t
  2. I can only draw from my own experience I guess, I wonder which department you were referred to by your GP and under what premise. As daft as it might seem a referral to the maxillo facial surgeons because of difficulties in eating perhaps might carry more clinical weight than a referral to the plastics team. It is of course bureaucratic nonsense but I'd love to find a way around this. The best point of 'attack' I wou think would be the source of this decision made by the dentist and working the way up through the department. Ultimately they will be NHS trust and a letter to the department conc
  3. Chris, let's make a few things clear. Freedom of speech and expression is bi-directional so if you're unwilling to have other people respond to your posts then a blog might suit you better than an open forum. The only person making any reference to social class thus far has been you. I have no interest in your or indeed anyone else's perceived position in society and as just another member here I'm sure that no one has enquired yet as to my own perception of status. Although you might not find posts that do anything other than agree with your point of view of value, those oth
  4. Chris, I'm sorry but I've rented places worse than that and had to spend time and money getting them to a point where I'm happy with them. There's no social engineering here just a lack of resources to make every local authority property something you'd see on the property pages of a broadsheet paper. You come across as a well educated, well versed person and yet when it came to the crunch you made a decision (albeit through inaction) without first checking what the implications were. I found that policy I posted in 30 seconds of Google-fu. Everyone, regardless of our own experience can empath
  5. I wish I could offer something more constructive but it seems that your only course of action is to direct your complaint to the head of the department where this decision was made. It might be useful to have your GP and perhaps your MP endorse your letter and to be willing to take the issue as far up the 'chain of command' as you're able to. Good luck.
  6. How about a print out of your summary page from your medical records with your GP?
  7. Chris, look here: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/20054/council_and_housing_association_homes/352/find_a_home , in particular the link to download the council's letting policy and take your attention to: 3.8 Refused PropertiesPeople with priority who refuse a property unreasonably may lose their priority status. I'd study the policy and any scope for appeals over their definition of reasonable refusal. I think, in all honesty that somewhere needing a clean-up and carpets meets the letting standards and you may struggle to demonstrate how your definition of reasonable/unreasonable
  8. Can I please be brutally honest as someone who isn't on the site team? The rules of the forum are really straightforward and then slinging mud and making accusations of bias in separate threads doesn't add any weight to an argument of perceived mis-treatment. Doing that in any online forum is likely to end in a pretty swift ban and moderation of threads. We discuss, openly, some very contentious subjects but occasionally someone starts to take honest discussion as personal attack, it is not. When threads are no longer productive they should be locked. If I wanted to argue online I'd
  9. Chris, this isn't about gods or being demeaning. If you're asking for opions and advice sometimes you might not always agree with what comes back. We're not seeking to do anything other than be objective. It's pointless blindly agreeing or sympathising with people when, in reality, it doesn't help. I'm sure someone with the answers to your questions will help - but it seems that you might be best contacting the council and hearing it from them.
  10. Sorry Chris, absolute none issue. You were asked to comply with a published dress code. It doesn't matter what other people are doing as the guard(s) can't speak to everyone all at once (without then being accused of shouting). It's good manners if nothing else to remove headwear when you enter a building and there's nothing new about people's reticence around hooded tops. Go to any major shopping centre (Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow if you'd like an example) and you'll see exactly the same notices. Hooded sweatshirts are very different to religious headwear.
  11. If I remember rightly the contract isn't with Samsung but with John Lewis leaving them responsible for resolving the issue. As with anything like this a letter to the CEO normally gets people moving quite quickly.
  12. I worked, albeit only for a few months, with a learning disability charity that provided support for adults with all levels of learning disabilities. When I read about the bus journey something came to mind that might help, of course you'll know him better and what works for him but here goes. It was a means of training people to perform repeatable tasks like preparing a meal or indeed catching a bus through step by step instruction, using flash cards for every step, no matter how small. Perhaps for us, the instruction to get the number 45 bus at 08:30 is enough. But, that instruct
  13. If the deductions are within your terms and conditions, then as I understand it, yes - it's perfectly legal. An employer running payroll isn't likely to want to break hourly rates down into minute rates to work out the 7 mins or so that you may be 'owed' as you'd increased their workload already by having to amend your pay, I won't split down any further than 15 minutes/quarter of an hour when arranging pay purely because of the increased complexity of doing so for a large number of staff.
  14. I think it might be worth seeing your GP in general to ask for their support in also making representations to the school with regards to his educational needs as well as the special circumstances for a family break. I'd ask how the paeds referral is moving along too, it only takes a phonecall from one of the practice staff for them to check where your son is up-to. Sorry - had to add the red text as an edit as it didn't read very well...
  15. Not necessarily, the dispensing fee is a per item payment rather than a per script payment so as far as the surgery is concerned it makes good sense to provide as much as they can to you, equally that's what our health board expect us to do to provide as good a service as possible. Like I say, we see the 'Script for Chemist' as a bit of a last resort. It results in more work (at least two seperate scripts) and mainly is a pain for patients to have to go into town to get it filled. In all honesty, the wholesalers buying experience is a lot like amazon. You search on their site for what you
  16. Is this a dispensing surgery or one with an attached pharmacy? We're a dispensing surgery and so have our own trained staff and stock/wholesalers, on the other hand a colleague of mine in another surgery has an attached pharmacy over which she has no control. Here we ask for 48 hours notice for a repeat prescription, this is regardless of whether it's a dispensed script or just a signed one to go to a chemist, the reason being that pinning a GP down to sign 50/60 of them often involves some tea and biscuit related bribery... Especially as they'll be in clinics all day it often happen
  17. Joe, I'm not sure we can say that just yet. Layla, did you put your request in as a formal written request or an informal verbal enquiry? If it was written and framed as a request for flexible working then we could say that the TL's response of 'making a fuss' is quite inadequate but if it was an informal enquiry then the TL's reluctance might be quite justifiable if for one of many reasons, having someone change shifts is challenging.
  18. It may be that the evening shift is fully staffed, in which case it might be worth finding someone who wants to swap from the evening to the morning and going to your TL with that as a proposal.
  19. HIUTH, Good luck with getting this all sorted out, please do keep us updated. I hope your good lady makes a speedy recovery. Tai
  20. HIUTH, It might be worth penning (well, typing anyway ) an official complaint first to the Health Board, I see you've got Lancashire as your location so here's the link. They'll go directly to the practice concerned and give them very little truck if they're not playing ball. http://www.lancashirecare.nhs.uk/contact-us/Complaints.php Going to the PHSO as we know can take months, so the 25 day limit cited on the linked page won't really affect things too much. Keep the complaint factual, you want reasons for all of the errors listed above (I'd bullet point them), and also detai
  21. Mr P, if they're unlikely to provide a full contract via Whatdotheyknow, might it be worth just asking the question posed by the OP via the same channel. Might be more likely to get a response.
  22. HIUTH, Just a thought with regards to the mysterious PM, do they have a practice website? I know I'm certainly named on ours (although I can't think why then patients think it's okay to try to add me on Facebook... Cue the world's most locked-down profile) Have you engaged with the Health Board at all?
  23. Tommy, can't think why you'd go directly to the CQC. Start with Health Board if you don't wish to write to each place and then if you're unhappy with the response escalate to the PHSO.
  24. Just a quick addition, it's unusual but not unknown for GP's to also act as PM, they may well share the duties.
  25. Okay, wow - lots of info to try and get into order. I'll try to cover registrations initially, now I can only speak accurately for the procedure here in our practice and we're more West than North so local health board procedures might also be different. But, I can change someone's registration status from temp to regular in less time than it's taken to type this sentence. It's a matter of about 6 clicks. What is correct is that we too register someone as temporary until we've recieved their files from their old surgery (now, these come via the health board and we don't normally have any
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