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  1. Okay - there’s one potential way around this. But first I need to ask something. Did you, whilst speaking to your GP actually consult over the headaches you’ve been having? Did they discuss it with you in detail and document that conversation? Did they offer any medication or other advice?
  2. It depends how far you’re moving really and if you can speak to the consultant’s secretary and explain the circumstances. I’d be tempted to stay on the list where you are currently if at all possible. In that respect it’s a little bit like swapping queues in a supermarket, you join at the back regardless of where you where previously. If you move you’re likely to find that the new surgeon will want to assess your case and then place you on their list accordingly.
  3. Aaron, you weren’t fobbed off - asking the GP to write to confirm something they know nothing of and then signing it means that they’re confirming what they’ve written. In this case all they could write is “the patient tells me...” as they’ve no history to back it up. The charge is about standard for such a letter, perhaps you can negotiate with your employer to cover some of the cost?
  4. and today I cleared the biggest obstacle in the whole process by getting my security clearances appproved by the MOD.
  5. As someone who occasionally has to smile politely as I’m handed pots of effluent by patients I can say wholeheartedly that poo isn’t the one that makes us feel queasy. It’s sputum that has us all reaching for the sick bowl.
  6. Being offered a fantastic new job after being told that although I’d passed the recruitment process there were no vacancies a couple of months ago. Today the offer arrived!!!
  7. Many moons ago I worked for DFS as an assistant sales manager and we used to come up against this on occasion. I’d suggest that you check the terms and conditions of sale which will almost certainly place ultimate responsibility for access to the property on the purchaser. This is simply because the company hasn’t surveyed your property to be able to determine if the furniture can be brought into the room you intend to have it in. See if the second delivery crew are able to get it in, fingers crossed, and take it from there. As someone mentioned above there’s perhaps the option of
  8. I’m sorry, I don’t see how you can possibly contest that. They’ve literally painted the words “No Entry” in six foot tall letters on the road. Get it paid and over and done with.
  9. Ghost1, I too wonder if your new practice has received your records yet. When you’re registered on their system it creates an automated message to your old practice to forward your notes to the new practice via what was a very well established process. Until the government outsourced it to Capita. Capita have been all over the news about the delays in collecting, storing and delivering records to new practices. If someone were to transfer from a practice in England to ours in Wales they can expect it to take over 12 months for a full record to reach us. We usually contact the old practice ours
  10. Make an appointment to go and speak with the practice manager and one of the GP partners, they’ll undoubtedly be more than happy to speak with you.
  11. I only have 3rd party professional rather than personal experience of dealing with my wonderful colleagues at nhsbsa and can confirm that they’re like a dog with a bone when it comes to collecting money.
  12. It goes without saying that this should never have happened, but unfortunately it has. One thing that you should take some comfort from is that they have noticed that there’s a breach and that they’ve informed you of it, equally it seems that they know who has received the records and I imagine as part of their investigation will be performing a full audit trail to see where your (and potentially lots of other) records went and if they were accessed. Another thing to remember is that usually anyone that works anywhere near patient records is vetted through DBS and has signed a confidenti
  13. Good, it has the potential to cause horrific consequences for a growing baby.
  14. So if I read that correctly STP get £300 million, the remainder gets shared out around 39 other places giving them a heady £11.8million each?
  15. I’d suggest you read chapter ten of the SAR code of practice from the ICO. Much of this depends on how your records are held. If they’re exclusively electronic then the maximum they can charge is £10.00 however if these letters are held in paper records then £50 is correct.
  16. With respect Mariner, if the MHRA advises users to stop immediately then people should stop immediately and seek an appropriate replacement as soon as is practicable. Their guidance is clear in the press release.
  17. Obvious question, have you specifically requested a refund and been refused?
  18. Sorry, but I totally agree with Bazza. It’s your own lack of care and observation that put you in that pole. It didn’t jump out but was deliberately placed there as a traffic calming measure as there is clearly a history of people driving irresponsibly on that road.
  19. think about it

    NHS and Capita

    Can confirm that this correspondence was. It just limited to England but affected people who were treated cross-borders also. We received several clinic letters / diagnoses / discharge letters for patients who’d been treated in England but live in Wales.
  20. We ordered ours just before Christmas - hundreds of doses for the over 65’s of the new adjuvanted ‘fluad’ vaccine and the quadrivalent one for our u65 chronically ill patients and of course the live attenuated nasal spray for the nippers. It’s almost a military operation that’s planned out 10 months before it happens.
  21. think about it

    NHS and Capita

    Hi Ford, no thankfully Capita are largely absent from the Welsh NHS. The records transfer in Wales is carried out by the shared services partnership which is a body that spans of of the Welsh health boards. So, if a patient transferred from us to another local practice there’s a remarkably efficient process: Patient registers in new practice New practice updates their clinical system with patient details This automatically notifies SSP This prompts a ‘deduction’ notice on our system Administrative staff get the message and collate / print patient records Electronic rec
  22. think about it

    NHS and Capita

    Interestingly I had a patient ask for their records recently (no problem) but in the course of the conversation it turned out they were moving to England and had been to enquire about registering at a new GP practice. They were advised to bring their own records as the English practice had seen delays nearing 12 months with Capita handling the transport of notes. Here in Wales it takes a week or sometimes two if you miss the delivery slot. We’ve also received some of the notes that were found languishing in a warehouse - some of which were years old and no longer relevant or about patien
  23. Well, if MM did indeed log her complaint when we last saw her we’re rapidly approaching the date whereby her practice will have had to have responded in order to be compliant.
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