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  1. Terrifying, the very reason that even though it wasn't being rolled out here in Wales we put the posters up advising people that we could add the opt out codes now if they wished. It's certainly on all of my family's records. I've not scrolled back to see if they're already listed but I'm happy to post the codes that need to be added if you like.
  2. If it were discrimination based on one of the protected characteristics like gender or race then it'd carry weight. In our case at least, and as it seems with yours it was a general feeling that the person involved was not right for the team and that their presence was unhelpful and unhealthy. The entire recruitment process is by its very definition one of discrimination as you eliminate all but the successful candidate based on suitability for the role. There's so much more to it than 'they can do the job'. All recruiting decisions I've ever made and ever seen made have been the result of eve
  3. I faced a similar thing at a previous employer when recruiting for a new member of staff. A previous employee that had left before I had arrived applied for the job, I had shortlisted her based on her application and when discussing my choices with a member of senior management was told emphatically no. The reasons were many and varied, none of which amounted to very much but the overriding theme was that given the choice, they would not re-employ her. It seems you're in a similar position here and even if it's only a difference in personality it may well be enough to keep your applicat
  4. I understand that some of my answers to Sali's post mace have prompted more questions about locality differences and additional services with associated payments. If you scratch the surface of General Practice you'll see several different funding streams aimed at providing care to patients in a number of different ways. The most common beyond the Main GMS contract is the 'Enhanced Services'. The following link explains them as well as I can: http://www.thursohalkirkmp.co.uk/enhanced_services.php Therefore different practices might offer different services based on the skill set of their
  5. I've just caught sight of this getting back of holiday and I thought it best to perhaps try to clarify a few things. So, being signed up for a DNACPR? No, having an end of life plan. Yes. Can we in our locality claim for doing them? No. Do we still do them? Yes. That plan might be that, like me, you want to be made as comfortable as possible and pass away peacefully, or it might be that you want every possible intervention before being declared. That's just it, it's a plan. Those questions need to be asked earlier rather than later, quite often when it really matters you're not
  6. Before your LBA it's most definitely worth getting very familiar with the terms and conditions of your contract. In the very dim and distant past I worked for O2 as a customer services manager and these things are most likely to be well documented in the ts and cs of your agreement. Perhaps ask that a full copy be sent to you first (or Google them) and see what provision is made therein for temporary loss of service.
  7. Trebor, it seems that the purpose of the inverted commas is a bit lost on you. My advice to anyone dealing with an issue that they find overwhelming would be to seek help so that they can continue to live as normal a life as possible. As p3t3r says treatment already exists and provided that the individual seeks help then it's for the clinician to treat the symptoms. In all of my time working in the NHS I have come across people who want to be treated, not labelled. There are already clinical classification codes for almost everything, I'll check for you later this morning exac
  8. Thanks for the details, I'm just about to take on a new team and this could be useful.
  9. and sell the bike before something else breaks.
  10. I think what's interesting about this is that there are millions of people across the world who live with phobias every day and do 'get on with it'. I'm terrified of heights but know that if I don't face it head on then I'll spend my life wasting opportunities. Likewise those scared of dogs, spiders, birds and people with beards. You can't live a life avoiding things, you can develop strategies and techniques to cope with even the most debilitating of phobias and as someone alluded to earlier, part of that is down to exposure to to learn that not every high bridge is going to collapse, n
  11. think about it

    fit note

    Is this the one your partner altered? A few things came up reading your other post, was this a handwritten or electronic Med3? When you say pre dated by 10 months do you mean it was supposed to be dated (for example) 01/02/15 and was sent in saying 01/12/15? It's not normal for that to happen but could just be an error in dating it (if it's handwritten), if it's electronic then a copy will be held on your GP notes on the day of the consultation.
  12. Then surely it'd come under IDS's 'you must get treatment to claim' category of illnesses.
  13. There's a few really good points there, the staff are acting like they are for a reason so to understand that from their point of view is key to resolving it. Getting them together to acknowledge there's an issue and giving them the space to air it out will hopefully stop the huddles. There may well be an issue of trust there too as their experience of the restructuring was potentially very different if their previous manager didn't handle it well. There's certainly no harm in even using an external mediator or facilitator who is entirely neutral to get all of the issues out into t
  14. In some respects they had to go to great lengths in the past to try to find people but now we routinely tell the world where we are, what we're doing and potentially like some of my friends what we're eating at every given opportunity. Putting it out there makes it fair game, it's not like they've parked a photographer outside your window, people do a great job of keeping the world informed all by themselves now. It's perhaps a salutary tale to those who don't want to be traced to not use social media or to ensure that the information that they do post is sufficiently well protected by t
  15. I came across something similar in my last job. Get the team together, in a neutral space, and clear the air. Restate the authority of the new supervisor and facilitate any action that the group wish to take on the understanding that this is the end of the matter. I've always wondered why companies insist on putting new/inexperienced supervisors with the most challenging teams.
  16. Nothing unlawful here I shouldn't think, as everyone else has said using information in the public domain is no different to using this site for information.
  17. think about it

    fit note

    Here's a copy of the guidelines we use in General Practice. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/399837/fit-note-gps-guidance-jan-15.pdf
  18. That's just it Sabre, you see more Audi / Merc / BMW on the road in daily use with old style plates let alone a '54/04 than you do other models. Hence my lusting after an A5 as a car I can keep and run into the ground. I suppose so much of it is down to luck and down to the fact that owners of higher end cars are more likely to use warranties as they value their car more than say an 11 year old Fiat Punto.
  19. Just typical, I start to have a look at a new Merc / Audi as a treat for my new job and this comes out... I think I'll stick with the Volvo for a while (the new Civic Type R looks exciting!)
  20. I've recently resigned due to a new job and was offered a 30% pay increase to stay (declined as the new job is a 62% increase). I think it's very much down to your relationship with your employers and the industry you're in. More specialised types of work are likely to garner offers, I guess more accessible roles are much less likely as often it's cheaper to recruit and train than it is to retain at a higher cost.
  21. I'll pop my neck on the block here, it's no secret that I was an Adviser, many moons ago, with Ingeus. I can't agree with Matt enough. There is NO point whatsoever in firing out 100 generic applications to jobs and hoping that one will 'hit'. By spending time on your application, making sure it addresses all of the requirements in the person spec and job description you VASTLY improve your chances of being selected. Unfortunately, some of my former colleagues seem to think that the scatter gun approach is better. It's not. As Matt says, do your 'click to apply' effort to get you
  22. Easy to solve from the GP point of view, obtain a brief summary of your records (speak to the receptionists / practice manager) and the dates added on those forms ought to be embedded in your medical records, you could also ask for a letter to confirm the error on the part of the practice to absolve you of responsibility.
  23. Just looking for the contradictions here and struggling a bit to be honest. [ATTACH=CONFIG]56470[/ATTACH]
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