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  1. The fact is though that when a counter argument degenerates into personal attack then it's beyond blowing off steam. State your case, counter any points that are made that don't align with yours and move on. Unfortunately it's gone beyond that recently with people nipping at each other's heels to try to add weight to their points. It's at that point the threads ought to be heavily moderated or closed because this isn't a 'banter' forum but one for serious, adult, mature debate. Lose that maturity and we might as well be 4chan.
  2. Just re-visiting this after a bit of thought and an interestingly similar part of a discussion with a patient this morning. They weren't happy with who they were seeing for whatever reason which they wouldn't elaborate on and like you, said 'well I'll just wait to be seen by x'. Unfortunately, X was completely fully booked already, was running 15 mins behind and had two extras put in to avoid having to do some home visits. I simply couldn't get this person in front of X in anything like a reasonable time. General Practice is, for want of a better phrase, running on fumes sometimes when i
  3. No, no. You didn't upset me. You just helped put words to feelings and that's what poetry is for. It's an excellent poem that captures it all very well indeed so there's never any need for an apology of any sorts.
  4. Snowdragon, that's lovely. We lost a little one last year and that's just broken the very thin shell of composure I keep up for the sake of others. Time to put my office phone on DND and lock the door for five minutes while I gather myself up again. I can't begin to explain how it feels but, you've come very close and putting her down for the last time broke me in two.
  5. Sadly it's what happens when people think they need an automatic assault rifle for 'protection' from a tyrannical government... Who are they going to shoot? Oh wait, they go hunting with it... If you've ever had the displeasure of seeing what an automatic weapon does to 'meat' then you certainly wouldn't use it for hunting for food. It's beyond sad and the only person over there speaking any sense on the matter is Obama. You can see the look of astonishment in his eyes as he has to stand up again and again to repeat himself.
  6. It's great to read something with a positive outcome, stay strong and keep going! In terms of support, perhaps contact your local council's social work department and ask for a carer's assessment for your husband. They'll be able to sit down with you both and discuss your needs and how they can help. Good Luck!
  7. Jim, I'm a Practice Manager, this is a difficult one to be fair. I agree with what's been said before, although there's no need to make your written complaint a masterpiece, I'd accept a concern on a crumpled up serviette if the patient felt strongly enough to put pen to paper. Conniff has asked the key question, know what you'd like as a resolution when you go in, explain your concerns and then let the PM speak to those involved. I understand the sensitivity of any procedure, but when you deal in it all day every day it can lose it's edge a little bit. We talk openly and freel
  8. Hence the reason why I've never fully understood why they wouldn't / won't do the easiest security measure in the history of man, and unplug the network cable...
  9. Obviously not, but I don't think for a moment that they thought we'd obliterate our own land in the name of saving face and the morality of bombing another country is an interesting one. I think it increasingly unlikely that they'll ever be used again (at least I hope...) but in the spirit of international willy-waving, being suitably equipped is not really a bad thing.
  10. Do you know what? Corbyn has acheived exactly what he set out to do. Regardless of your opinions of him and his views he's opened the discussion. He's put one of the biggest existential questions on the table and we're talking about it, even if only on the level of whether or not we agree with or even understand his viewpoint. It raises a bigger question, are we so single minded as to wipe out mankind in an act of retaliation? If 'everyone' pushed that metaphorical button then mankind as it exists now would be in ruins. Are we going to perpetuate that by adding fuel to the literal fi
  11. Not so much crafts as such but I'm a model engineer I suppose. My special interest is in Radio Controlled models and for many moons have built and raced / flown models of all sorts. At the moment I'm enjoying the challenge of building and flying 'drones' or more accurately - multi-copters. Since the mid-eighties I've built RC Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Boats and a few creepy halloween 'toys' from childrens dolls. The halloween ones are usually the most fun when they unexpectedly start moving, waving their arms and legs and the favourite bit is when the head starts spinning rapidly. A
  12. We only noticed it because there's nothing more obvious than someone trying to be inconspicuous. As long as it tastes good I don't care about the label on the bag. However it was postulated that the money saved by convincing Mr. that the shopping was £x in M&S but in reality much less in Aldi that they could go to the bingo/salon/pub or wherever they wanted for that matter with the difference. Fair play to them.
  13. More importantly why can't they engineer salad to taste like a 1/4 pounder with cheese, brocolli to taste like chocolate and water to taste like full fat pepsi. It's 2015, it's time we used science for positive things lol.
  14. I was lucky enough to have spent some time in the company of a very insightful man who'd served in WW2 as I grew up. We talked a lot but one sentence he said when I was probably about 14 years old stays with me. "Beware of anyone with extreme views, they're the dangerous ones. Doesn't matter if they're an extreme florist, son; their lack of outlook makes them single minded to the exclusion of all common decency. But, when it gets really dangerous is when the normally tolerant, common man is forced to adopt those views. That's when wars happen." I didn't really know what that meant th
  15. Honestly, what does it matter who anyone is a fan of? I dare say that if the Foo Fighter's email distribution list gets leaked then I'll be on there, hell I'm pretty sure SwopShop will have my phone number somewhere too. Are the Kardashian's doing any harm? No, perhaps it's better to concern ourselves more with people who openly follow far-right white supremacist groups or any radical or fundamentalist religeous views. They're the scary ones, not someone with a big bum.
  16. Agreed, there's initiation ceremonies and then there's being up to the hinge-end in a freshly cooked pig. I'll take my skiddy runs around/across airfields at daft o'clock.
  17. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/sep/08/tsb-returns-high-street
  18. Probably a bit more like the Milgram Experiment.
  19. I remember seeing the web for the first time when I started uni in '97. I knew of it but at that point it was expensive to access and had pretty limited use. Nevertheless I'm lucky to have seen it develop to what it is now and can't wait to see what's coming. If it were to disappear. Okay. I'd lose contact with a good few Uni friends, ex colleagues. Perhaps it's time to get their addresses for 'christmas cards'. Work wise, the NHS is as reliant on the web as any other big company. We'd lose access to patient's electronic records which were recently centralised. Sure enough, th
  20. I think it is, for some, a rite of passage. It loses it's actual significance as an act of, in this case, humiliation rather than some sort of sexual thing and becomes something to prove commitment or willingness. It's rife in our armed forces, where it's generally an early 'offering' of submission to command. I've taken part in a few 'ceremonies' and found them to be a bit of a beer fuelled laugh that normally involved doing something slightly outrageous. From my experience a group jog around the perimeter track of an RAF airfield carrying a couple of pints of bitter/lager in varying sta
  21. An interesting read, I'll give him/her that. Some of it I agree with, some I don't. At the very foot of it all someone only applies to become an adviser/coach/whatever-they're-called-today because they want to help. What the training and organisational procedures then do to that person is the tough bit about doing the job. You can see from the link that the person who wrote that isn't alone in their concerns or opinions. I read quite often here about how people's appointments are well, unpleasant. All very well for 30 mins every couple of weeks, but for 9 hours a day, 5 hours a week
  22. haha, reminds me of working opposite an Aldi store not long after they started in the UK, you'd see ladies coming out and transplanting their shopping into M&S bags before getting the bus home. We called them the S.A.S - Secret Aldi Shoppers...
  23. They're also excellent if you've a coal / log fire. Fill the shabby bag with coal and a few firelighters and then you can put the whole thing in the grate and light the paper without getting covered in splinters/coal dust.
  24. I remember many moons ago when my younger brother was still alive taking him, shortly after his 18th birthday, to one such meeting which they insisted he must attend. My brother was completely dependant upon our family for every aspect of his care, could only vocalise his approval or disapproval of his immediate surroundings by laughing loudly or crying and was unable to support his own head, let alone fill in a form. After trying to explain this to the lady over the telephone and being told that he MUST attend himself and fill out his own form regardless of how well we explained his circ
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