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  1. It's hilarious, what's less considerate; having the conversation or stopping someone from having it because YOU don't like them doing it? For some people the commute to/from work is the only downtime they get all day and I'll be damned if we should expect everyone to sit in moribund silence because someone finds it a little uncomfortable or banal. Let people live their own lives and concentrate on your own, please...
  2. Do you know what? I really couldn't care less if someone can see what I do online - honestly... My internet banking, fine - I'm sure the police could access my accounts if needed. My browsing history, also fine - I'm not doing anything I shouldn't. My facetime chats - mostly with a four year old talking about what toy they want next. If you're doing something worth hiding then fine, that's your lookout but for 99.9999999999999% of the population it really doesn't matter does it - it's not like they weren't doing it already.
  3. Provides parents of young children with leverage to encourage good behaviour
  4. Seen an interesting one recently where there was a video taken on a mobile phone of a young 'lady' explaining which drugs she'd taken to some people she'd met on a night out, as you'd expect her eyes told the whole story as they darted about like two swivel-mounted dinner plates. It's fair to say that she, and her parents can't have been happy with what they saw and it seems they set about asking everyone they could find who had posted it to take it down, now that may have been on a goodwill basis or with payment or indeed under the threat of legal action but seemingly it's worked. Mind y
  5. I don't see any harm in it, really it's a bit of fun and a chance for a local community to come out from behind their computers and televisions and actually speak to one-another for a few seconds at the door. We're in a very rural area so don't get kids coming down the farm track to the house in the dark but instead we invite the kids from our son's class and his neices and nephews and associated parents and have a bit of a get together. It's a great excuse just to sit down, have a coffee and a bite to eat and let the kids have fun with each other for a couple of hours as well as build l
  6. Did you not say that the automated checkouts were new? Does someone not need to be exposed to something in order to learn how to use it? Might the manager/trainer have had to attend to something urgently and leave someone for a while? Do systems not need to be trialled to see whether or not they do actually work in their current form or require further development? There's no doubt that everyone's time is valuable to some extent but it's still only a tin of paint... Might a good man have been supportive of the member of staff who was clearly in a bit of distress and not raise their blood
  7. What about your local hospital / befriending service / Citizens Advice Bureau etc, as mentioned earlier it needn't be physically active work if you've something else to offer. Perhaps you've a local church group (if that's acceptable to you) or cadet force who are always looking for responsible adult instructors. If you're in/near a city/large town try typing in London Volunteer Centre (replace the london as appropriate) into google and seeing what they have. Undoubtedly there'll be a whole host of places in need of a helping hand.
  8. Raises the question how so we judge the individual(s) whose labour (I deeply dislike the simplification of 'American' English, even if it was Lincoln) creates the robots that save the effort of others. Likewise those with the specialist skills to operate the robots. We can only judge the robots on their ability to carry out the instructions of the individuals and therefore that which is created is by the hands of the operator. Only in true AI circumstances can you remove responsibility from, surely? The concept of the fruits of our labour is skewed, after all the 'robot' I hold in my han
  9. I think there's a bit of a gulf between the existence of the technology and the desire for its use. Look back at the fanciful images from the 1950's proclaiming the future of personal transport, the flying cars and hovering motorbikes. Does the technology exist now? Yes, of course - but the desire to utilise it in that manner is limited. There's a point of diminishing return where the cost to fully develop an automation outweighs the money saved by automating the process. There's the Back to the Future 'anniversary' today which is all over the news, have we fully lived up to the imag
  10. people with unrealistic expectations and a chronic inability to listen to reason...
  11. Me too... It's paint, furniture and largely overpriced tools; nothing worth getting stressed or stressing others about it.
  12. Thanks for the definition, I'll be sure to check with you next time
  13. I thought I'd pop some details on here of a successful appeal I've just won. I was given a PCN in a local carpark despite having an annual local authority permit on the basis that I didn't display a parking 'clock' (one of those cardboard 'wheels') to show how long I'd been there. Now, in reality, they were right. I didn't have a clock, much less display one, and I'd only put the car there temporarily to move stuff from my car to the office which was just around the corner. The difference between this car-park and my regular one is that due to the fact that it's a designated short-stay on
  14. The more I think on this the more I see how it could actually work. I see so often that one of people's gripes with the WP is that they feel perfectly capable and equipped to seek work themselves, I've lost count of the numbers of times I've seen: and, it's a good point. So perhaps for those who feel capable and equipped to do so after an initial meeting an arrangement can be made to say have electronic / in absentia signing for say 6 months at a time without the need for face to face review based on agreed activity types and levels. This gives someone who perhaps is just out o
  15. If you want an interesting take on how technology becomes part of what we do have a read of 'Blind Faith' by Ben Elton... It's remarkably accurate.
  16. You raise an interesting point there, Trebor. I believe that you're right, we will see an increasing level of automation but that seems at odds with what people want. The groundswell of opinion on here, even in this thread, is that people don't want to use digital services for whatever reason but also don't like their other evidence being looked at critically either. So, where you'd at least hope that people like Flumps can offer some flexibility and discretion the alternative is a logarithm that outputs either 'pay' or 'sanction'. I fear that we'll never get it both ways but foresee the
  17. Here’s the rub, if you want to cut costs then you have to change the services offered. Pooling x-ray as an example, notwithstanding the location / accessibility issue is the then added reliance on technology and people to ensure that the right result gets to the right person at the right time. In local hospitals you have local people (not wanting to sound too much like Mark Gatiss) who can quickly relay information and if needs be find a fax machine (still a staple of NHS communication) and get the results to us now. However, centralise it and there’s a potential added expense of admini
  18. This is the part of the argument that for me bears no sense whatsoever. The 2004 contract shifted responsibility for the provision of OOH care to the then PCT's / Healthboards. Your GP still has OOH cover, it's actually become safer and no less prolific. The increase in demand is across the set-piece, not just in Accident and Emergency and I'd sooner go to see a GP at 9am on a Monday morning when they haven't been up all weekend with a poorly palliative patient when there's a well organised resource already there to provide that care. Personal experience shows that GP's did have the
  19. I really hoped it was an isolated thing, thankfully it seems it was.
  20. Sali, I hasten to add this is well over 15 years ago, however you're right to assume that I never did get any feedback. Being told "I'm not allowed to call an ambulance, they have to be seen by a dr..." by someone in charge of someone else's care scared me, as I said, it still does. However, I'm happy to say that in the many dealings that I've had with them since I've never had such a cause for concern. My role doesn't carry any more influence, it's just a job, albeit a very rewarding one 99.9999% of the time even though it's getting more and more challenging.
  21. Care homes scare me slightly, I've seen an excellent one - a relative was a resident for many years and it always got good feedback from her and then I took on managing the practice that served it and our team sung equally high praises. If it comes to it, I'd go there. Then in the dim and distant past with an out of hours service I saw another side. A reluctance to have patients admitted to hospital as they'd not get paid, an unwillingness to call an ambulance for someone without a DNACPR who was gravely ill for apparently the same reason. It bothered me then and it bothers me now even t
  22. IT'S A BAG!!! Take one/ask for one/pick one of the millions of 'bags for life' that'll undoubtedly be on the end of every isle while people get used to being vaguely self sufficient in the supermarket. It's not the end of the world, just a change in habit. You'll be fine, honestly. Stop panicking and realise that England is behind the rest of the UK on this matter and society hasn't broken down here and we've been using our own bags for years.
  23. Why would you not be emotionally upset by men facing hardship regardless of where they're from? Honest question. The notion that they're showing women and children to increase your feeling of guilt is interesting...
  24. This is hysterically funny, we've managed it in Wales for years - there weren't any riots in Scotland from what I remember and Northern Ireland is positively peachy when it comes to remembering their bags. Arguments? Really? If you argue over a 5p carrier bag you need a long, hard look in the mirror...
  25. I agree that some threads are closed before they're at a natural end but the issue, as you quite rightly point out, is those that choose to troll through a thread and openly mock and abuse others. In my most humble of opinion, it's the rooting out of those few users that will prevent any such ban or need for excessive moderation. Some of the other forums I use utilise a warning system (which CAG may also, I've not seen it) and then pre-moderation of posts for persistent offenders. You're also right on the number of contributors, the one thing that always strikes me is the number of visit
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