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  1. That's just it, it doesn't matter which queue I'm in, I'm following the very clearly posted instrctions by being in either lane and merging at the head. By holding traffic back by 800 yards or so this morning by keeping level with his mate he's the one failing to comply, not me. (FWIW I was in front of him but still this is surely unacceptable). Who gives him the mandate to control that flow of traffic? No-one, that's what the signs and cones are for and as a professional driver I'm sure you appreciate the need for people to follow simple instructions, unless perhaps the HGV driver in que
  2. I am, although I'm not a clinician. I completely agree that we ought to maintain standards at the highest level, hence my encouragement to complain. It's only though patient feedback that we can learn from situations where things go wrong. It's the reason we also have our own internal reporting systems to seek out opportunities to learn and improve. I see you're in Wales, if you'd like to rattle their cage a little more, ask for the DATIX number and a copy of the report. Datix is the tool we use to notify and investigate such issues internally. Good luck with the complaint and to your dad
  3. A question rather than a rant I hope. We've some pretty disruptive roadworks in progress at the moment here, there's notice from a few miles out of a lane closure and then the usual warnings and speed restrictions. Alongside all of these signs are several that instruct people to queue in both lanes and merge at the very head of the queue. This works quite well mostly, the queue moves albeit there's the odd premium german saloon driver that refuses to let anyone in and the disruption, although annoying (taking a 3 minute drive up to a 25/30 minute one) is manageable. Until, a HGV
  4. likewise, late 30's with ten yrs ncd and a 250bhp car and I'm less than £300pa with business use. You really ought to do some serious shopping around on your next renewal, don't leave it to a broker - get on the comparison sites and on the telephones and play 'em off against each other. I've never renewed with the same company, you'll always get a better price as a new customer.
  5. It's sad, it's sad that the duty social worker (I trust you called social work at the local council) didn't pick this up from the outset. The cuts in social care are such that now it seems to take forever to get someone in to help. Purely as devil's advocate here I'm certain if it was a dressing that needed changing, or assistance with a syringe driver for a terminally ill patient that the District Nurse would have been right there but it's not her role to prepare a meal or assist with finding the toilet, and again, the cuts in funding mean that she's so fully utilised that she doesn't h
  6. There's a really interesting point there MyTurn in relation to patient accountability too. I wonder if there might ever come a point when recording is common place that a clinician can say: "Well, I told you to cut down on the fags/exercise more/eat less/use protection/brush your teeth etc etc." and turn it around onto the patient as the reason for the worsening of the condition using the recordin to say 'remember when I said this and you agreed?, listen...' I recently sat and listened to a patient who was upset that one of our clinicians had told her that her weight was negatively a
  7. Lets be frank here, it really matters not who wins each election. We carry on in a freefall towards something or other and all successive governments seem to do is make the ride more uncomfortable for the population. Is five years really long enough to make a positive difference in anything? I don't believe it is, we just seem to career from one near disaster to another and get sweet-talked for 12 months every five years into thinking that the latest etonian is capable of doing anything more than wiping his own ar$e.
  8. This is difficult and I'm sorry that you've had such a trying weekend. However from reading your post; its seems your father isn't acutely unwell. What he needs/needed was assistance in living, not medical care. Social care and the difficulties around it, ie the availability of a safe place to discharge patients to is one of the biggest issues we face in the NHS. Your father needs to recover, the best place for that is at home. Not in a hospital bed around acutely unwell patients and the infection risks that this poses. People, until recently it seems, have struggled to see the link
  9. Only in England? Not necessarily, there are slight differences in implementation across the borders but one of the few constants in all areas is the NHSBSA. My NHS experience in Scotland, Wales and England has consistently shown them to be at work.
  10. Similar thread here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?442493-Dentist-NHS-Penalty-charge-of-£300!-Dentist-at-fault&p=4704757#post4704757
  11. Unfortunately the NHSBSA don’t agree that it’s their responsibility. On the signature page of each of the forms that we sign to indicate our eligibility for free treatment there’s often a passage to the effect of: False information may lead to civil or criminal action. We expect the person signing this form to take reasonable care to make sure the information given is correct. Anyone found to have wrongly claimed help with NHS health costs will have to pay a penalty charge or may face prosecution. If a change in the rules surrounding eligibility have occurred and, in truth I
  12. I love the assumption that in a situation like that there's a choice on behalf of the person pulling the trigger as to just how badly you injure someone. Now there are of course sitations like Jean Charles' where you can be pretty certain that if you hold your weapon to the head of the target and repeatedly pull the trigger that there's going to be only one likely outcome. However, at anything like a distance the training and reaction of the 'operator' is to aim for centre-mass of the target. Unless you're an SAS level shooter it's more dangerous to attempt the all too fabled 'head shot'
  13. "Mohammed Emwazi was born in Kuwait in 1988 and came to the UK in 1994 when he was six years old" Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31641569 "The family are of Bedoon ethnicity - a group that is marginalised in Kuwaiti society." Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31641569 As happy as I am that he was, in the words of the press, eviscerated by the strike I do not beleive that he is in some way typical of immigrants. Indeed, even if we could have known that he was to become the monster he was at the age of Six (my boy is 5 and all he cares for is farming machinery, I'm not sur
  14. You're right - it's absolutely awful. I remember watching something on Norovirus (ironically while up all night suffering from it) that had said that it's so contagious that if it were more serious it has the potential to wipe out mankind. Scary stuff indeed, it's the one I dread more than the other common things that our patients love to share with us and one of the reasons why I'm so militant about keeping staff and patient toilets seperate. A dose of norovirus amongst the staff could close our surgery for days if it hit at the right (or should I say wrong) time, that's nothing to do w
  15. Just get some paracetamol and ibuprofen down you (yes, you can take both at the same time) and crack on... Yes, there's a cold going around - there always is one of some sorts making the rounds, we've seen a couple of patients struggle to shake this one we have here for a few weeks but do what you can to eat and drink normally, use plenty of analgesia to keep your temperature down and the swelling at bay and you'll be fine. If the stuffy nose is a bother speak to a pharmacist who can recommend a nasal spray or decongestant.
  16. @smellyjim69 any chance of an update? How did you get on?
  17. North Korean justice techniques aside I take no issue with anyone who wants to protest in a peaceful and constructive manner. Of course, there's a flip-side to that; I do take issue with those who use a protest as an excuse to carry out criminal acts of damage and violence. That goes for the police as well as those protesting. A million mask march? Hmmm, I'm not sure myself but refer to my first point - no problem if somehow you feel aggrieved. The problem we face is that there is an element that will go out, buy a mask, and with no real concept of what the actual protest is about, take p
  18. There's another option, of course, lock 'em up until they're reported missing...
  19. It's a matter of cultural acceptability and norms really, I've eaten horse in France before (and REALLY enjoyed it) but I know that our horse loving neigbours would have an anuerism at the thought of doing so. Likewise with other 'unusual' meats it's down to what's palatable in the conscience of the person doing the chewing. I've been to a few restaurants that served different meats like zebra, crocodile, wild boar, kangaroo etc and in fairness they're all just 'meat', I'm sure I've been to a few dodgy takeaways too and probably eaten something domesticated in the process. I personally do
  20. In a skip probably, Think of the refund amount as a proportion of the cost of the item over time. We've already established that 6 years is a fair lifespan so take the £1350, divide it by six and times it by two to get the amount you ought to expect. In effect you've already had two thirds of the expected enjoyment of the set and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect to have paid in some way for that. (and no, I don't work for Curry's either)
  21. Jasta, pardon my ignorance but where does the DPA come into it? Thanks. Edit Sorry - just re-read the ICO response... Cheers.
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