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  1. Just an update. Finally they admitted they were wrong and the hotel IS open, and our booking is confirmed. Thanks for everyones help. I'll definitely be taking this further with them. Looks like they messed up the price and rather than admit it they made out that the place was closed! Not good.
  2. That is a good idea - I just checked on booking.com as bizarrely sunmaster do not list the alternative accommodation on their site - the price on booking.com came up as £480 for the 11 days, so it looks like they are making around an extra £3-400 from us.
  3. Thank you for your help! The reviews are the 2 most recent, one from 2 weeks ago and one from November. The alternative offered is called Riad Dar Ftouma (sorry i'm unable to post the tripadvisor links). This is the original accommodation we were going to, Riad Alkaderi. Really appreciate you taking the time to look at this for me.
  4. Good Morning All, I'm just looking for a bit of advice. Myself and my partner booked our honeymoon in Marrakech from Sunmaster.co.uk, found a really good deal in a nice little Riad, a suite over two floors, adults only, perfect. I logged onto my e-mails yesterday and had an e-mail from Sunmaster. "Unfortunately the Riad has been closed until further notice" and giving us alternative accommodation. The alternative is terrible, big complex of apartments, small pokey apartment, and the first 5 reviews I read on it were far from good - complaints about bed bugs, debris falling through ceiling etc. So not how we imagined spending our honeymoon. I spent the whole day arguing with them that this is not an "alternative" as it is not comparable to where we were staying, and the said that was the only option available. I asked for a refund and was told we would not qualify for one as this isn't a substantial change to booking terms. Out of interest I contacted the Riad direct to see whether they were in fact closed, and couldn't believe I had a reply from them within a few hours saying they have rooms available on the dates we wanted (one of which is the suite which should be booked in our name). Does anybody have any ideas what I should do? Getting v.stressful as we are getting married on 6th April and due to fly on honeymoon on the 7th April. Thanks, Adam
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