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  1. Thank you for forwarding the information to your customer services dept Linzi. Helpful. I think the thread is still spot on. Does carCraft sell quality cars/what do they do to ensure they sell quality cars, which is entirely linked to my specific issue of did it sell me a car of reasonable/fair quality?
  2. Linzi are you able to confirm what exactly is covered in the 120pt checks as it is my understanding that these type of checks are rather like a basic safety check rather than anything else i.e would not cover all major service items and would not look for quality issues only basic safety. Are you also able to confirm that this was carried out for my specific vehicle and provide evidence it was carried out and the findings/works carried out post the check? Re other posts above it does look like, despite being a huge retailer of cars, you place all the risk on the buyers, why not just
  3. As a quick update to this forum CarCraft have today issued a further rejection of this claim. The letter states that the car was in good condition at the time of sale, aux belts can go at any time and that the servicing garage (had a service in between purchase and breakdown) has confirmed to CarCraft that the aux belt was checked at the time of service and no defect was found. However, in my call to the garage in question (local garage of a chain) suggested they have not spoken to car craft or that their head office has not spoken to them in relation to a carcraft letter/question. To be clear
  4. Thanks. I will send the service history this evening. But to point out that following the logic in your post above, that if it is correct that any belt fault would have been identiftied by your 120 point inspection pre sale then, since the engine still failed in such a significant way, there must have been a more substantial/different fault that was not picked up.Perhaps that is covered by the guarantee??? The auxillary belt was not due to be changed according to any schedule so it is not reasonable to say that is simply wear and tear on that post sale. I think it is clear that it would not
  5. APologies, I missed the email address you have already put above Linzi. That is helpful. Thanks
  6. Linzi, since you have basically just said the service history wont make any difference can you just tell me an email address to send it to rather than post and at least I will get your confirmation quickly and move onto next steps. Please also confirm that the documentation you hold on the repair, as per the above, is sufficient as your previous post suggests it is not.As an aside, are you honestly saying that car craft does not check service history before a sale? I know you do not service the car before sale but you would have though that a company as big as CarCraft would at least give the
  7. Linzi there was no mention that you required further information on the service history in the letter from the review manager. This is easy to send and i would be more than happy to send it. As I had sent carcraft the service history since I bought the car from you (in line with the manufactuere warrenty) I had assumed that this would be sufficient since the presumption is that CarCraft would know if a car had not been serviced properly before sale and would have made me aware of it, hence sending the service history post sale? I presume that CarCraft does not sell cars without a full service
  8. Linzi, thanks for responding to this quickly. Appreciated. Purchase date was Dec 2012. Just had the reply/decline from the review manager.Sailor sam, thanks for the post. The car has been repaired and is back on the road. We just had to max a credit card to pay for it. I will check on whether the car was serviced by volkswagen pre purchase from CarCraft, certainly I did'nt use volkswagen for the service after we bought it. Will come back.So is it unlikely that the aux belt failure would normaly cause the damage?
  9. Re the above i meant to also add that the car craft reply letter states that they will not overturn the claims rejection as 1) the auxillary drive belt is not covered but also 2) even though the car has been serviced according to manufacturer schedule we did not put it in for a minor service with carcraft within 6 months (part of the guarantee apparently). We had a major service done between purchase and the breakdown but that was 8 months from purchase and not with carcraft.? I still cant get past the fact that the car should not have failed so badly in such a short time frame. Repairs garage
  10. Thanks all for replies. In answer to some of the questions the mileage at breakdown was 54k according to the repair garage (and Volkswagen who looked at the car but didn't do the repair) was that the an 'auxiliary drive belt' failed but the way it failed disrupted the cam belt which through out the timing. I think basically that resulted in the engine eating itself somewhat. In the breakdown itself the engine simply shut off on the Mway, no noises, just quiet, zero power, coasted to the hardshoulder and stopped. No smoke etc. Towed to repair garage. Cam belt was not due to be chan
  11. Like many users on this forum we have experienced very poor and unfair practice from CarCraft and wondered if anyone had advice on how to proceed against CarCraft. We purchased a 59 plate Volkswagen Passat from the Lakeside branch for 10k, 45k miles on the clock. 10 months later in early November last year the car broke down on the m25 with my 5 year old daughter in the car. The car needed almost a complete new engine (after many investigations) to repair at a cost of £3600. We had serviced the car according to Volkswagen schedule between the purchase and the breakdown.
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