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  1. Mr. P, thank you so much for the great answer, I will have this printed off and highlight that section in the event that she brings this up again. I can honeslty say that all we did at this supposed work programme was look through newspapers that were 3 weeks old and spent the rest of the day being treated like children and wandering around the local town centre. They are absolutely of no use to anyone apart from those looking to attend unpaid work trials and are a huge waste of taxpayers money. Thanks again
  2. Hey guys First of all I think I should fill you in on the full story, I would like answers from people who know the answer, please no guess work as that might end up getting me nowhere. So recently my Jobcentre adviser changed due to my old adviser going off to manage a different age group, I went in there this morning (having applied for 23 jobs in the last fortnight) and she asked me how my job search was going, I said "yes not bad, I've applied for 23 jobs so hoping to get lucky on one of those" and she replied with "yes, because you will be due to go off to a work programme soon"
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