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  1. Hello, A few years ago a company called Loancheck and a firm of solicitors, Watson's from Llandudno, carried out an audit on my mortgage. as probably many on here already know, those two organisations are no longer in existence. Recently I dug my file out on this old mortgage (redeemed in 2007) to try and piece it all together from the information I have. I have some paperwork but not all documents from the file Watson's had created for my case. One of the key documents missing from my files is the actual mortgage agreement. I'm not sure if it is in the
  2. Thanks slick132. Yes there will be statements available for the last six years. Is that as far back as the claim can go though? Ideally it would have been handy if he had electronic downloads instead of hard copies, but as mentioned he does not have (or know how to get) internet access and is also a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers generally (hence my involvement and offer of help). He is aware that there are no guarantees, but as I said to him, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  3. Hello, A few questions regarding the hardship "Letter For Consideration" if I may. Firstly, is it best to preclude this edited letter template with a Subject Access Request (ie, request all transaction data under the Data Protection Act?). The reason being, as far as I am aware, not all hard copy bank statements are available and as the account is still active, how far back can the claim go? Also, in the "Letter For Consideration," reference is made to providing an income and expenditure statement. I take it this refers to the business I&E. Is it also worth providing a schedule o
  4. Hi Slick132, Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet and yes I can open it. Regards Frank
  5. Hello, My first post on here so just finding my way round. I have tried to click the link above but I am being blocked from doing so. The message is saying that I do not have permission to access this page. Hopefully the access issue will be sorted soon. That being the case, are there template letters available for the various stages that may be required to negotiate, or is the link to the letter above the only letter required? I am actually looking into the possibility of reclaiming some Barclays business account charges for a colleague of mine who does not have internet access. He
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