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  1. Hi did not have an email reply from Restons but cc'd in Cabot and seems they are taking back the account and have agreed to £1 per month. To be honest when I reread some of my posts I'd forgotten all about what I'd previously done. Think I lost a lot of stuff due to bad backup via Virgin so will have to search. Don't think Ace is involved at all now, so would this make any difference re PPI?
  2. Thanks for your help. I have emailed as i prefer to have things in writing.
  3. would this still be relevant as I've admitted i owe them? Also I've just noticed another £55 was added from the initial 'Claim form' to the 'Judgement for Claimant', so i have to repay £462.96
  4. I find it hard to believe that any judge would expect me to pay £100+ out of my £740 wages when my rent is £322 per month, my council tax around £80 per month, my travel costs £40 per month and considering this would leave me below the minimum that the government says I need to live on £316 per month (which would not include paying full rent and council tax with SPD) Also, procedure was not followed properly e.g. informing me of the date, time etc of Hearing.
  5. Hi How much was the judgment for ? A total of £407.96 including fees/costs What date was the judgment ? First issued 19.01.2017 Is the debt in your name only? Yes Are you employed ? Yes Do you own your own property or renting? Renting, my name only
  6. Hi yes, I sent back the N9A admitance and offer of payment. I requested a redetermination via email, after seeking advice on this from the court - they wanted me to pay over £100. I received a letter back from that court saying that it had transferred to county court Chelmsford for redetermination and that I would be sent notice of the time, date and place of hearing. I never received this notification so was unable to give evidence re income/attend etc . They sent back the dismissal on the grounds that it would take over 38 years to clear the indebtedness
  7. I came on here seeking help with my current situation as it stands. Guess i shouldn't have bothered. I guess it's also easy for people who have the knowledge to follow these things through - especially when they don't have to be asking questions every time another issue crops up.
  8. When you get papers through and you have to admit or dispute to a court/judge then it gets a bit scary. I'd never had anything like this before and became very stressed about the whole thing. Guess i was hoping they'd accept the £1 so i could move on from it.
  9. Hi All looking for advice on what to do next. Debt was originally with Ace gifts and cards, now Cabot/Restons. I r'cd paperwork re CCJ from the CCBC. They wanted £100+ each month and my earnings are only £740+ each month. (i offered to pay £1.00 with the income/expense form i originally sent back). After they refused this I emailed to ask for re-determination based on earnings (sent evidence of payslips). I had not heard re hearing date/place and just assumed this was taking time to come through . . . until i r'cd the 'application for re-determination be dismiss
  10. finally had a reply from ACE 'Unfortunately it is outside our record keeping timescales to be able to supply a copy of the order form used to accept the policy.' I've emailed back re this - I feel a SAR coming on. The underwriters - The policy is underwritten by Bankers Insurance Company Limited number 2341082 and Bankers Life Assurance Company Limited number 3264844. Both companies are member companies of Assurant Solutions whose registered office in England is Assurant House, 6-12 Victoria Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1EN.
  11. Barclays have now passed this on to Buchanan Clark & Wells as their 'client' have informed them, 'that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non-payment'. I informed Barclays that I was unemployed, which I still am. I have not replied to any letter or answered any of the (several) phone calls that I have received from these people. R'cd the SAR package quite a while ago but was at a loss as there was SO much to look at.
  12. thanks, will get an email off to them today, followed by a letter.
  13. thanks ims21 - would I need to SAR them for this, or should they just send on my request?
  14. reply from ACE today see attached. complaint not upheld. not sure what I should do now? any ideas? perhaps a SAR to see this 'written order' that I apparently submitted on 06.08.2002? thanks
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