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  1. I am very stressed about the whole situation. I have worked for this company for many years and have always Been loyal and reliable. My work record is exemplary. The remark he made he said was aimed at 9 people of which I wasn't one of them but that he tars us all with the same brush. His words not mine. It is a male dominated environment with only a handful of female employees and my heads in bits over it. I feel that because he is very high up in the company if I speak out about it they will look for ways to get rid of me even though I am very good at my job. I don't want to give them
  2. Hi all I am contracted to work 40 hours per week and only get paid 40 hours regardless how many hours I work. I did not have an issue with this until the new boss started. It has always been give and take, we work long days usually without a break but we also got shorter days which made up for it. Since the new boss started everyday is getting longer and the shorter days are few and far between. My issue is that once a month my boss is holding compulsory meetings which last for a minimum of 3 hours they are always held late afternoon after my shift. Due to the nature of the business I
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