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  1. Hello CodJA thank you for your time and reply. I made the payment on the 4th march i called few solicitors and they said they will call back and none of them called. I called passenger focus and london travelwatch but they said its legal matter they cannot handle it. But i have to say i called swt prosecutors and told them i can only manage £1525 coz thats the maximum i have left aside £100 for my gmdaughter. I literally begged but they were very cold. Their reply was we have reduced the amount considerably, pay or we will take you to court. Funally i made the payment after borowwing from frie
  2. Ni i did not...but they asked me what impact criminal conviction will have on your job... and i said i might lose my job as i work in a financial insititution.
  3. I am on work visa and she is on dependant visa...we dont know if it makes any issues on our visa applictions because the info on UKBA website is not clear. Also we spoke to SWtrains cust services and they were shocked after hearing the fine of £2322 they kept us n brief hold and the came back saying we have nothing to do with this speak to prosecutors...
  4. You are right on word this is politically correct way of blackmailing people to force them into paying huge fines but the thing is im on a visa so a criminal conviction means i will have complications with my visa...and even if i go to a solicitor now i will be paying the solicitor plus taking a risk of getting convicted because i have accepted it was my fault even if it was unintentional. Its our savings of 4 months that they are asking for..i cant risk with a conviction i have been working in this country for 7 years now and cannot take any chances.
  5. Hello People, Just to update SWT declined our offer of lower amount and want full amount of £2322 from us so i guess we have no option but to pay. They also confirmed if we pay this amount we will not be prosecuted. Thank you all for helping us out.
  6. I think that might be it and because im in the wrong i have nothing to fight for...they are right on their part. I have given them a lower amount lets see if they will accept it because i dont have enough money to pay the amount of £2300+
  7. Yes they did gave the breakdown...for my wife its £800 interview fee £500 prosecutor fee and £322 southwest trains lost earnings and for me its £800 interview fee £500 prosecutor fee but after 'discount' according to them they will settle in £2322. Im worried coz i cannot afford that much and i believe this is exploitation.
  8. Yeah thats right 'wow' even we are shocked. May be when they took our interview they asked us what effect it will have on our jobs if we get ciminal record and i said we will lose ours jobs coz we work in financial institution. I think because of this they know whatever fine they give us we will accept. Can you beilieve the charges for the interview they took they have charged £800 each just for the interview.
  9. I have never been involved in anything before..infact in the email they sent they mentioned because we dont have previous bad history they are letting us go away with just this fine.
  10. Thanks for the reply Bazzas. We already admitted guilty in the interview so even if im being taken to court i dont have anything to fight for. But the amount they have asked for is extortionate. Also this is out if court settlement and they are not taking us to court.
  11. Hello Guys, i attended an interview and they have offered me an out of court settlement for me and my wife. Heres the cost, ready its £322 fine for my wife and £1000 admin cost for her and £1000 admin cost for me ie total of £2322 out of court settlement. What do you people think i should do. We cannot afford this amount of money do you people think i should somehow pay this and avoid or wait for court summons. Please Help. Thanks
  12. Thanx for the reply dx. I am going to be honest at the interview the only thing worrying me is if they decide to prosecute will i end up with criminal conviction as im in middle of applying for mortgage and also need to apply for my visa extension in 3 years time not sure if it affects me...having sleepless nights at the moment.
  13. Hello Sailor Sam, Thanks for the quick reply. I agree i should have checked the T&C's, ignorance is not my defence. But in the letter it gives a mobile number and says please call us on the day you arrive at the station for the interview should i still write a letter or just go for the interview. As per the previous threads one gets a letter for prosecution and then the defendant writes a letter for forgiveness but i got a letter straight away for an interview. Please shed some light if you can. Many Thanks
  14. Hello People First of all thanks to admin for creating this platform for people to ask their questions. To begin with me and my wife worked full time and had our own individual train pass but she went on maternity in sept 2012 and joined work in jul 2013. We both work for same company and we work flexible hours now so i work 4 days a week and she works remaining of the 3 days so that we can look after our daughter ourselves. We thought it was obvious that we take one monthly pass as only one of us will be at work at a time, which i know now is not allowed and did a
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