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  1. Just had an hour and ten minutes on the phone and now I need to get ready for a meeting at work. PCWorld have a policy that they can't give out the names or positions of staff they speak to. Two 'managers' have ruled that nothing can be done as I didn't notify them within 48 hours. Apparently that is written somewhere but first time it has come up. KnowHow engineer seems to have ruled that the laptop was picked up by the lower bezel. There is a gap of maybe 2mm between the top part of the laptop and the keyboard so I'm not sure what kind of hands they think thei
  2. Thanks for the replies. I paid with a debit card so I don't think I can get a charge back. I'll try calling the CAA again today and see. At a certain point it just isn't worth it. I see Ryanair expect me to write to them in Ireland. Beyond belief. Incidentally I wouldn't have told Ryanair about the alcohol but they specifically asked and I was foolish enough to be honest. The whiskey was 42% and the rum was 40% so both significantly under 70%. I am certain I am right here it is just remarkable how difficult it is to get a refund. There comes a point when this is just fraud/theft righ
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone. Porkypig1g - that really is my point. I know in this case the laptop was not physically damaged, as far as I know they have just looked at the screen and said 'crack - physical damage'. Acer twice said they would repair it without hesitation and I really explained what happened which makes me think there could be a problem with the line. One of the people at KnowHow I spoke to on the phone said 99% of screen cracks are physical damage, that means 1% are not. I keep hearing allusions to 'tests' that can be done to see if the da
  4. I was flying back from Treviso, Italy to London Stansted wtih Ryanair. I was given as gifts one bottle of Whiskey and one bottle of Rum, both 40% ABV. Total volume was 1.5 litres. I knew that I wouldn't be able to take them in my bag as security don't let you take liquids so I bought a packed luggage for £30 the day of my flight. I got to the airport early and went to check in my bag at the bag drop-off. A ryanair staff member asked what was in the bag and I told her. She said I can't check in alcohol as it will explode in the flight. I told her I had bought the checked bag only for
  5. I bought an Acer Aspire V5-552 from PCWorld in December as a Christmas present. The laptop was opened and worked fine on Christmas day. The next day when it was opened up the screen was cracked. The crack quickly spread across the screen. Please note that this laptop was not dropped or in any way physically damaged. The crack was spontaneous and a result of a defective screen. The only fault I can find without taking it apart (which would void the warranty) is a slight ridge on the bottom bezel where the crack seems to start from. Presumably this was there when the lapto
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