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  1. Hi have been to court and it didn't go as I suspected. I gave my name to the court usher and she couldn't find me on her list so she took me to the counter and then the bailiff came out to talk to me. I was told that G.E money cancelled the eviction yesterday. I rang their solicitor who said that they were going to allow me to stay in the property until 28th Feb and then they would apply for another warrant after that date. They said this way I should be able to move into my new home without any more stress to me and my children.Cannot thank Ell-en enough for all the help and support she has g
  2. My oldest son also spoke to shelter and has told them he will pay the mortgage monthly if the court allow me to stay in the property whilst I am waiting for my council home as he is worried on the effect of the eviction on my son. Shelter have included in their statement to the court. Not sure if it will help
  3. I submitted the doctors letter,domestic abuse and council letter to the court yesterday and shelter have emailed a supporting letter to court today. I am absolutely terrified of the hearing tomorrow, is there anything else I can do to add to my case . School are giving me a supporting letter but it won't be ready till morning.
  4. I will do that thanks so much for all your help. Atm i feel all hope is lost I cannot see a judge finding in my favour tbh
  5. Already asked there isn't anyone available.
  6. I've been getting support from a charity for domestic abuse. They are doing me a letter as well
  7. Doctor just rang he has done the letter but on my sons condition
  8. Also ge money rang me to ask if I was going to file an n422 when I said I had done the woman was awful and nearly convinced me not to turn up to court
  9. I did ask and the woman said possibly not she wasn't sure. Scared whitless convinced that I haven't got a prayer
  10. i have my court date, its for the 29th of january absolutely terrified
  11. the statement is bril thank you . i have put g.e money being represented by simply law as its ays on the eviction notice
  12. it says claimant is ge money in really small lettering being represented my simply law in large lettering so was unsure
  13. is it the mortgage companies name or their solictors that i put on the form?
  14. i hope the court date is before the eviction date.. do i need to do a financial workout sheet as well sorry im a bit dim
  15. oh thank you so much, cannot believe you did this for me...fingers crossed
  16. husband works strange times n was intercepting the post
  17. yes he took resposibiliy for paying mortgage, i only paid it when he told me he couldnt, he has now left the property but has done so in the past, i am in the process of trying to get legal aid to get an injunction to keep him out. have had legal advice on it but waiting for yet another doctors letter for the legal aid.
  18. but i do have a council letter addressed to the court asking for a six week delay
  19. i have no family apart from my children, no where to stay or store belongings and my son needs familiar stuff round him, when he has been stressed in the past he has self harmed
  20. i do have proof of my sons diagnosis though , he has apergers syndrome and struggles with change if it happens too quickly..
  21. i have to ring him tomorrow but my doctors are not fast so not sure if i will have it in time. really need to get the n244 in asap
  22. thanks so much...just message me when youre online and i will log straight on, as emails get sent straight to my phone
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