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  1. Thank you.. Thats really useful. Ive posted off the SAR so just got to wait to see what comes back
  2. Thank you. Your thread is very interesting, youve battled hard by the sounds of it. I really hope you win your case.. Youve made me loads more determined to do this
  3. Oh lovely thanks. Will get onto that first thing tomorrow? Is that what I send to the Bradford address you have on your thread?
  4. Hi Sorry for the delay in reply its taken me a while to figure out how to attach the document. Hope you can read it. This is the only paperwork I have. When you say statements what do you mean and where will I get them from Thanks for your help Katherine
  5. Thanks for your response. I've been having a read of your thread for past few days. . It's scared me abit as all seems very complicated. Was looking for abit of advice for where I should go first? Was going to try DAF address in horesham do you know if that's the correct address and what info should I give them?
  6. Hi Everyone Im new to this site so bare with me. Im just about to embark on attempting to reclaim the PPI from Yes car credit which was on a car I purchased in May 2005. Can anyone give me any hints on what I should do first. I have an original copy of the credit agreement but not sure who or where I should turn to first. Any help greatly appreciated Thanks K
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