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  1. Thankyou for the ideas! I've been wracking my brain for a reason they might contact me, other than the obvious, This could work so thanks. When you say you know from experience were you under similar circumstances? Was there markings on the envelope?
  2. I am over 18 and I understand there is nothing they can do if I dont pay. But my issue is that I am at university and the letter is coming to my home address. My parents wouldn't open my mail but if it says "retail loss prevention" on the front (as I have heard it does say on a few posts) they will ask questions and I do not want them to find out as I believe this is unnecessary. Do you have any idea of any markings that are on the envelope?
  3. I wont be paying but I'm just trying to be prepared for hiding the letters from my parents. I have read in other threads though that they have had markings with the return address printed on the envelope but these threads were quite old and wanted find more recent sources
  4. Hi Danny, I was wondering if you could help my out. Ive been asking a few recent posts as to what the envelopes looked like that RLP are currently using. As I have heard that some have a greay "RLP" waterwark whilst others have "retail loss prevention" written in red on the envelope. I would really appreciate your feedback if you have a second to reply. Thanks
  5. Hi I was wondering if you could help me out. my thread is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?415192-Primark-RLP
  6. Hi I was wondering if you could help me out. I am in a similar situation to you and am currently awaiting my RLP letter in the post. I am just wondering if the envelope was recognizable? I have heard that some have a grey RLP watermark, whilst others have "retail loss prevention" written in red on the front. Obviously I'd prefer the first but as yours is quite a current post I was wondering if you could share what was on yours so I have an idea of what envelopes are in current circulation. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am in a reasonably similar situation to you and would appreciate if you shared your experience. I am also dealing with Primark and awaiting my RLP. I understand that everyone on this site says not to pay it but for the time being I'm just dreading the letter. I just wanted to know how long it took for your RLP letter to come through the post as I've read that some people have waited nearly a year before theirs came through the post? Also is it the sort of letter my parents might get suspicious about if they pick it up first? If you could help that would be great, thanks
  8. Just so I understand how this works, I dont think Ive read this in any threads.. Once you ignore all the letters do RLP then contact the client store and try and encourage them to take you to court.
  9. Oh okay that's reassuring. Having spoken to many people who have had similar situations with Boots/Primark has anyone had any trouble with them getting involved over the top of RLP? Ha I've heard such wonderful things about this Jackie and all her croonies!
  10. With respect to Boots if the police had passed on my details are Boots then able to pass on my information to RLP without informing me first?
  11. Okay, well thank you for your quick responses. I will wait to see what letters come through as see where to go from there and try to be brave and ignore.
  12. I have another question. I am really ashamed to say that when the police were called I admitted to them that I had taken a nail varnish from Boots and gave it to them. They said that they would not count it as a second account of theft, and said they would return it to Boots. Am I likely to receive a second letter from RLP? Im unsure of the procedure Boots would take as I did not take up any of their time but the label from the nail varnish had been removed so I am unsure as to if it is still sellable.
  13. Thank you, I'm still quite scared about the who process as I feel like if I pay now I can put my mind at rest and I wont even have to think about court. When you say it rarely goes to court Im just thinking itll be my luck that I get selected
  14. I was caught shoplifting a £10 top in Primark and was taken back into a room by security where he informed the police. All he did was take my information from my ID card and tell me I will get a RLP letter. I probably took up an hour of the security mans time by waiting for the police and then going through a few things with the police man when he was there. After that I walked to the station with the police man and went into an interview room where he went through a few things. I'm not sure if it was classed as a caution or just a warning but I haven't done anything like this before and I was not asked to pay the £80 fine people have mentioned about. I know I have done wrong and I am over 18 so should know better. I know for certain that I wont be this stupid again. But I wanted advice on this RLP business. I am still awaiting my letter in the post but I have read on a lot of threads that I shouldn't pay. I'm a bit scared by it all and really really don't want this to go any further. Part of me just wants to pay it and get it over with and I am worried that if I ignore the letters I will be taken to court which I definitely do not want to happen, also people have mentioned some Debt collection thing that I'm confused about. I would appreciate any help for my situation.
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